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I Can't Find My Phone - This works bestif you think the phone is under something in your office or home. Where's My Cell Phone - Works like the above site, but you can specify when, within the next five minutes, the search call will take place. At any rate, these high tech solutions are better than turning over all the furniture, then phoning everyone in town. Martha LindbergMankato Frugal Living ExaminerMartha Lindberg has what it takes to bring you news on frugal living – lots of experience and constant research for new ideas. Mother's Day experience gifts that mom will cherishChoosing the best gift for Mother’s Day can sometimes be a challenge. Cinco de Mayo must-have cocktails and fun factsCinco de Mayo is right around the corner and in anticipation of this festive holiday, we thought it would be interesting to share a few fun facts. There's nothing worse than losing your phone—except losing your phone when the ringer is silent. Play Really Loud MusicThis sounds a little counterintuitive until you learn how it works.All you need is a set of speakers. Smartphone AppsIf you have a smartphone, there are a number of apps you can use to find it.

In just a few quick steps, customize your own box of Crayola Crayons, create an Art Case, or draw your own Stuffed Animal. Service AreasSchaumburg, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Hoffman Estates, Barrington, Elk Grove Village, Palatine. I think that probably somebody is now working on an app for this, since everybody wants this! If you're alone, it can be excruciatingly hard to find your lost device even if the ringer is on, considering most of us don't have landlines anymore. McAfee's WaveSecure app lets you to track your device online via GPS or text message, and allows you to remote lock or wipe your phone, even if the SIM card is changed. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. If you lose your phone, you can report it online and arrange for Blue Retriever to put a wallpaper on the phone that advertises a reward.
With a degree in home economics, experience raising children, and many projects (writing, travel, non-profit management), she is full of ideas and wants to hear your thoughts as well. So, the next time you find yourself hunting for your phone, don't tear your house apart until you've tried some of these quick tips.

If you have an account, enter any phone number and Google Voice will call your phone first before calling the number you entered. That annoying white noise you sometimes hear when you make a phone call works to your benefit here. Last known location will be shown as well as active location if available (the battery must be charged and there must be an active data connection). When someone finds your phone, they can log in to Blue Retriever to arrange for the reward (in the denomination of your choosing). As Lifehacker pointed out, it will still call the other number if you don't find your phone and answer before voicemail takes over, so be sure to choose wisely. If you can get close to where the phone is hiding, the speakers can pick up the interference.
Due to the low battery life of a cell phone, this app was designed not to use battery or consume memory when it is inactive.

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