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This tutorial will help you find the MAC address for your ethernet and wireless cards quickly. In the details shown in the command prompt, the number listed under Physical Address, next to \Device\Tcipip_….
If you find more than one MAC address, see the detailed method below to lookup MAC address for specific devices (like ethernet or wireless network). Several details will be listed below – you should first locate the device for which you need MAC address.
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To diagnose network issues, CUS may ask you for your computer's MAC (Media Access Control) Address--a unique identifier for every wired and wireless network adapter.

Within Applications, navigate to the folder labeled "Utilities" and open the application named "".
If you are using an Ethernet cable to connect to the network, type ifconfig en0 (for wireless, type ifconfig en1) in the Terminal window and press Enter. Look for the line starting with "ether" and then followed by a series of 12 hexadecimal digits separated by colons.
If you're using an Ethernet cable, look under the header "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" or "Ethernet adaptor Ethernet" (for wireless, look under "Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection" or "Wireless LAN adaptor Wi-Fi").
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This can be done easily by typing cmd in the search bar of the Start menu (or Start > Run).
You should see a line labeled "Physical Address" followed by a series of 12 hexadecimal digits separated by dashes.

For example, if you need MAC address of Wireless LAN, you should take the number next to physical address under Wireless LAN adapter.
Tambien compartimos informacion sobre la manera en que usa nuestro sitio con nuestros socios de redes sociales, publicidad y analisis. Pues, por ejemplo, para acceder a alguna red que ha vetado tu direccion MAC por los motivos que sean. Utilizar Win 7 MAC Address Changer es sencillisimo. Ademas de no necesitar instalacion, bastara con que ejecutes Win 7 MAC Address Changer, selecciones tu adaptador de Red en el menu desplegable, indiques el sistema operativo que utilizas y escribas la nueva direccion MAC. Si haces clic en el boton Randomize, Win 7 MAC Address Changer escogera una aleatoria por ti. Si necesitas cambiar la direccion MAC de tu equipo, no hay manera mas facil de hacerlo que con Win 7 MAC Address Changer.

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