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So, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are already on the shelves and in people's pockets, and we reckon they're among the best phones you can get right now. TouchWiz has always been a treasure trove of features, and while the current version is way toned-down in comparison with previous versions of the UI, it is still one of the most feature-rich manufacturer skins. Multitasking has always been one of the more important bullet points in Samsung's vast feature arsenal, and it's no surprise that the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge both allow you to use two apps side by side.
As the S7 marks the return of a beloved feature, the microSD card slot, users can now make use of expanded storage. In order to make use of the fast charging feature of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, you have to make sure that it is enabled. In order to edit your lockscreen shortcuts, simply head to "Lock screen and security" in Settings, then "Info and app shortcuts", and then navigate to "App shortcuts". If you don't like the edge panels of the Galaxy S7 edge, you can easily enable or disable them. The nifty handle that allows you to open the edge panel on your S7 edge is pretty customizable.
This undoubtedly handy (no pun intended) feature allows you scale down the UI in a window and move it around for easier interaction.
The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge also come with Motion Photo, a feature that captures several seconds of video right before and after a shot, similar to HTC's Zoe and Apple's Live Photos. One of the small yet totally convenient features introduced with the Galaxy S6 has also made the cut on the Galaxy S7, too a€” you can launch the camera by simply quickly tapping the home button twice. Previously, Samsung's phones featured the Flipboard magazine, but last year, Samsung announced it will be making its own curated news app for its phones - Upday.
If the stock TouchWiz launcher tickles your fancy, then you should know that you can change the home screen grid. The Samsung line of smartphones has been hit with a vulnerability that should have you shutting off the Find My Mobile service. If you happen to be the owner of a Samsung smartphone, and you use their Find My Phone service, stop immediately. On your Samsung device, open up Settings Tap the Accounts tab Look for a Samsung account listed under My accounts (Figure A) Figure A An enabled Samsung account on a Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy S4.
Next, open up the Application Manager (from within Settings) and search for Find My Mobile. If you are one of the millions of people active on Twitter then there is also a good chance that you may be creating content elsewhere on the interweb and committing your thoughts more fully to the blogosphere. Twitter allows you to embed your tweets fairly easily by copying and pasting some HTML into your blog. TwitStamp is very much in the same vein as the standard Twitter widget in that it speedily offers you a choice of funky badges that displays your latest tweets. This writing prompt (and somewhat unusually named) website offers hundreds of widgets that you can select by size, colour and style. Tweetizen is a slightly more complex widget as it incorporates tweets from particular groups.
In common with a lot of Twitter tools and apps, the best ones are often created by small teams of developers elsewhere. The beauty of opening up your API is that the crowd can take it on, change it and ultimately make it better.
Originally posted on Forbes.As I write this column it's the morning after the long Memorial Day weekend and the web is brimming with activity. All of these are disconnected events; a Polaroid snapshot of our psychology at a single moment in time.
Situational awareness, according to Wikipedia, is "the practice of being aware of what is happening around you to understand how information, events, and your own actions will impact your goals and objectives, both now and in the near future”.
One of my favorite situational awareness tools is Seesmic Web, which only requires a browser to run and can sync with mobile device clients that the company has created for every platform. While it doesn't have the same ecosystem of tools that Twitter supports, as Facebook slowly opens up its data it's ushering in all kinds of new tools. I've long believed that the most talented and effective marketers instinctively had high situational awareness.
Since it's inception, Facebook has been a poster child of agility, demonstrating practices often associated with the agile software design movement.
If Facebook can keep the experience addictive, we as users are likely to happily follow their rapid iteration. M-commerce saw a boost in consumer activity during the first third of 2010, with 35% of U.S. With the popularity of location-based mobile games like Foursquare and Gowalla growing exponentially over the last year, the market was wide open for an app that helped businesses capitalize on the trend. Latino social networking platform Quepasa has reach more than 14 million users on the strength of 9.6 million unique visits, a 55% increase over April.
PSFK, a global digital trend-spotting site, recently released their Future of Retail report.  The 80+ page document has a lot of great insights, all supporting conjecture that digital tactics (related to retail and beyond) are extending far beyond the online space. A new wave of sophisticated mobile apps put price shopping and product comparisons in the palm of a person’s hand. Friends are still an important part of purchase decisions (by many studies, the most important) but they aren’t weighing in from the other side of a dressing room door anymore. Mobile couponing has to be one of the most exciting things to happen for businesses within this digital retail revolution. Directional mobile apps will tell you exactly how to get from Point A to Point B in the shortest amount of time.  In some cases, they may even recommend a pretzel place along the way.
Click-to-buy from the TV remote in response to both targeted ads and related peer recommendations in social spaces will seriously tear down barriers to purchasing. Later today Klout, an influence tracking tool, is going to launch a new Facebook app called Facebird that helps you understand overlaps in influence between your Twitter and Facebook friends. In Facebird, we get interests from Facebook and then user our data on what topics Twitter users are influential on to find people you should follow.
Phil Gomes, Tom Chernaik and I recently sat down to discuss the growing need to disclose and identify involvement in social media programs.

Both seemingly have it all: speedy internals, head-turning design, very good cameras, curved functional display, and lots of other features that make them a compelling package.
We compiled a short pick with some essential tips and tricks that will help those not-so-advanced users get more familiar with Samsung's UI. To do so, open your recent apps menu and look for those ones that can work in split screen by seeing. You can't install apps on the microSD card you pop inside the phone, but at least you get to save the photos you make on it.
To do so, just head to the battery menu in the phone's settings and make sure that the corresponding setting is turned on. Just navigate yourself to Settings, then look for Edge screen, and you will see a couple of menu items that allow you to enable or disable the edge panels, disable the news feeds that appear when you flick them open. In order to do so, flick from either the top left or right corner to the inside of the screen and continue to slide your finger until the UI window suits your liking. Correct, Wi-Fi and LTE working together to cater your downloads straight to your internal storage. This works from any screen or app, but make sure that you have actually enabled the feature in Settings.
Well, it comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, where you can find it by flicking to the leftmost home screen.
Dubbed "Easy screen turn on", it leaves nothing to the imagination and allows you to easily wake your device by waving your hand over its upper front, where the proximity sensor is situated.
A zero-day exploit has been discovered that can lead to attackers ringing, locking, and even wiping your device. If that is the case then you ought to consider using one of the many widgets available that enable your tweets to appear on your blog (or website for that matter). If you’re just starting out in the blogging game, I would recommend you use this widget as it creates the code in a matter of seconds. This app scores higher when it comes to personalisation in comparison to the Twitter widget, whilst retaining its user friendly feel. If you are looking for something unusual that other people (probably) won't have, then this site should be your first port of call. This is ideal for blogs with several authors or companies who have their employees tweeting for them.
Tweet is another fine example of just that. This unobtrusive piece of JavaScript code enables you to do lots of things, way above and beyond just embedding your latest tweets. Google searches are spiking for Ted Koppel, who's 40-year-old son was tragically found dead. I keep the site open in a tab in my browser with various lists of people who serve as my window into the online world.
Some of these are invaluable for helping us shape aggregated insights into the mindset of those who have elected to live more public lives on Facebook.
The free site data mines Facebook for the most popular links, images, news stories and videos on an array of topics. What's key, however, is to find the right tools and package them into your workflow so that you have a gut feel for the various online environments you are engaging in daily and how the macro themes can play a role in success or failure. Agile software isn't new, but the idea of a business as hugely influential as Facebook applying agile principles to its platform (and maybe to its business model) is new.
This recent privacy kerfuffle is in some ways just a repeat of Facebook Beacon which was introduced then quickly killed due to privacy concerns.
It changes so fast it feels as if everything is "beta." One day you'll log-in and notice a different layout, a new button, a new feature or some entirely new integration.
As Facebook tends to push aggressively, then scale back based on user feedback the larger question is do we as human beings want this type of non-stop cyclical change?
Loopt Star combines the competitive aspect of the aforementioned applications while allowing businesses to easily reward or offer deals to all frequent customers, not just the “mayor” (Loopt Star does allow the most frequent patron to earn the title of “Boss”). Given that liking and reblogging are cornerstones of short-form blogging services like Tumblr and Posterous, making these features available to the massive WordPress community brings social blogging to a whole new, more mainstream audience.
The company cites the addition of rich media content, social tools and interactive games as primary factors in the bump in traffic and membership.
Today’s Friday Five highlights three key learnings but we’d strongly urge you to check the full report out for yourself.
A quick barcode scan using an app like Stripey Lines or ShopSavvy empowers a consumer to gather reviews and competitive data instantly, a game-changer for bricks and mortar retailers. Go Try It On is an online community where users are encouraged to post a picture of their purchase consideration and other users then vote. Getting it right has not been without growing pains but customer response is strong and apps like CellFire are only growing more sophisticated. Fast Mall and Point Inside both offer turn by turn instructions while Google’s new Places section shows snapshots of a store’s interior. We definitely do let you connect to all influential users not just the ones registered with Klout.
Once you put a microSD card in your phone and launch the camera app, a prompt will ask you if you want to use it as default location for all future single shots.
You can also stop the edge from your Galaxy S7 edge from lighting up when you receive a call. Navigate to Settings, then look for More connection settings, and finally, enable the nifty Download booster feature by tapping the corresponding option at the bottom of the menu. It's under the "Advanced features" menu category in Settings and flicking the corresponding switch in the menu.
If it doesn't tickle your fancy, you can disable it by pressing and holding an empty space on your home screen, then swipe left to the Upday screen and turn it off by flicking the switcher up top.
Just head to Settings > Accessibility, then get inside "Answering and ending calls", and then enable whichever option you desire. To do this, tap on the account, tap on the associated email address, and then tap the Remove account button.

Not only is this aesthetically pleasing and gets readers involved in your tweets, it also helps strengthen your personal social media ecosystem - by this, I mean using one platform on which you are active to sign post traffic to another.
Whilst, the Twitter option is functional, easy to use and offers some personalisation, it is perhaps less visually pleasing than its cooler rivals. There are some other great features that let you play around with the badge’s size and background, as well as a handy TwitCard feature you should check out that incorporates your name, avatar, bio, latest tweet and number of followers. Whilst, there are many, many widgets which are not to my taste, the sheer breadth of designs is worthy of your attention. It's fairly straightforward and produces a piece of embed code that you can add anywhere on your blog or website.
For instance, you can display tweets from a particular Twitter search, incorporate tweets from other accounts, as well as the automatic linking of #hashtags. Twitter, meanwhile, is abuzz over WGM - short for the primetime Korean reality show "We Got Married”. It all needs to happen in a focused way, at every level and in both client and agency organizations.
While Twitter's audience pales in comparison to Google or Facebook, there's no doubt it's a critical treasure trove of information for what's top of mind among opinion elites like the media, celebrities and influencers. Over time, this helps me build a deeper understanding of what makes this entire network and its micro communities tick.
Several visits a day are all you need to develop a deeper sense for how Facebook themes and memes can impact your programs. The next day the company changes the entire social ecosystem by opening up its social graph to third parties.
Where platforms such as MySpace evolved more slowly, Facebook evolves in real time and we've rewarded them for this by signing up by the millions. Blippy keeps track of what your friends are buying and Svpply is a retail bookmarking and recommendation service. provides bloggers and advertisers simple disclosure solutions, even if you are limited to only 140 characters.
By tapping on it, you will launch the corresponding app in split screen, and a list of other compatible apps will appear at the bottom.
Have in mind that this feature will charge your battery faster, but will also raise the temperature of the battery. Baset, that demonstrates exploiting Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities in the Find My Mobile service. So there you have it - this post was borne out of necessity to highlight some of the tools available that allow you to make your tweets show up on your blog. However, simplicity is not necessarily a bad thing and for someone with an urge to create content, rather than get bogged down in the intricacies of code, you could do a lot worse than using the standardised Twitter widget. In addition, you can even customize the look and feel of it by adding an extra stylesheet to override the default CSS stylings.
Whilst, this code enables you to do all sorts of creative things, a decent understanding of coding basics is required.
However, our success as marketers increasingly hinges on having a deep, real-time understanding of our networked environment and how these themes can impact our programs. By the way, my former colleague and good friend, Nolan Haims, is working with you at Edelman. Facebook has produced a highly addictive and constantly evolving social platform that keeps users coming back for more despite regular complaints about not just privacy, but the user experience itself. After you have two apps running simultaneously alongside one another, you can resize, minimize, or maximize each window. The problem is that the Find My Mobile service doesn't bother to validate the lock code information it receives, so an attacker need only flood the device with network traffic to gain control. To get this quick bit of code, simply visit the Twitter Goodies site and choose from a profile widget, search widget, faves widget or list widget. Again this site guides you through an easy step-by-step process and gives you some code at the end. Finally, over on Facebook word is spreading of a scam featuring what's deemed as a "hilarious video”.
Enter situational awareness - an essential skill every CMO-level executive and their staff must build and evolve. The bad news is that very few people have created the daily systems or habits required to succeed.
If Facebook were a city, it might be my hometown of Chicago, where they say "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes." If you don't like the latest Facebook feature, wait 5 minutes, or days or weeks but not much more than that, for some type of significant tweak or new feature rollout. Why is a BlackBerry product (disclaimer, Edelman client) endearingly referred to as a CrackBerry? And, much the same, day in and day out it can tell us a ton about what we're thinking as a society.
The key takeaway is that the desire to shop m-commerce is present but most brands and retailers are not providing users with the option to buy on the go.
In the meantime, however, your best bet is to avoid the issue at all costs by removing the app and account from your device. The Google Trends home page is about as good a barometer as any for what the US and the world is thinking about right now.
Do you think Google should even allow the inclusion of redundant services, such as Find My Mobile — or is the Android Device Manager enough? If you haven't registered for a Samsung account, chances are that this service is not turned on and you're safe.
If you haven't signed up for an account, but you've tapped the launcher for Galaxy Apps, then Find My Mobile is most likely on your device.

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