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Once you've completed this, there will be a prompt asking you if you want to sign up for "Find My iPhone." Again, you do. If your iPhone is lost, and you think you're in the room with it, you can make it sound an alarm.
The bottom two features -- "Remote Lock" and "Remote Wipe" -- are security features for when you leave your Apple device in a public place or somewhere that a stranger could get his or her hands on it.
Apple debuted the Siri virtual assistant, a voice-controlled interface designed exclusively for the iPhone 4S. You've got five icons to choose from, and clearly we want "Find My iPhone," the old-school RADAR looking one. In that black rectangle that shows where your iPhone is, there is a little letter 'i' inside a blue circle. With Remote Lock, you can set a numerical password from afar that will prevent others from using your phone or tablet without the code; Remote Wipe, meanwhile, erases all of the data, information and media on your device, if you're concerned about privacy.
Siri lets the user schedule calendar events and reminders, set alarms, find information about local businesses--just by asking.

Once the software has been successfully downloaded to your device (and this could take hours, depending on the crunch on Apple's servers), it will automatically reboot. How do you find your iPhone when it is lost in the quagmire of your living room or basement?
When you click that RADAR icon, you'll be taken to a map that should show where your iPhone is. It works well, it's free and you should probably download it before you lose that Apple device of yours.
Though you may not see a need to back up your address book, iCloud is worth its zero dollar price tag for Find My iPhone alone, for the time, money and frustration it could save you in the future. No more tearing apart couch cushions, no more begging a friend or loved one to call your phone for you: Find My iPhone takes care of that instantly, and it doesn't make fun of you for having lost your phone again. Select "Use iCloud" and sign in with your Apple ID (the email address and password you use for the iTunes store). I use this more times than I care to admit to find my iPhone in my own home.If your device is truly lost or stolen, you can place it into Lost Mode.

It can even lock data remotely, erase said data to keep it from falling into the wrong hands or keeping it secure.
From here you can play a sound or send a message, lock the device remotely or wipe it clean through the Internet. Slide the button next to Play Sound to On or Off to enable or disable sound being played at full volume.
After you send this, an alert will be displayed on your device and will remain there until the screen is unlocked.?

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