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It is much better to keep IMEI remembered are noted somewhere else where you can find it anytime later either in your email box or on notebook.
But if you didn’t noted down your phone IMEI and you have also lost the box or the purchasing receipt then you can also track it down. In the dashboard expand Android tab and you will see all of your devices registered here with IMEI detials. This method is usually helpful if the phone does not switch on and the user cannot use the two methods given above. If you know any other method of finding the IMEI number on Android phone, make sure to let us know in the comments!
For more cell phone tips, news and updates follow us on twitter or facebook or stay tuned to our Blog by subscribing to it. In this post I will let you know that how to check the IMEI number of Samsung, Nokia, I phone. Lost your phone and don’t know its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number so that you can report it to concerned authorities.

When you report about your lost phone to concerned authorities, they track your lost smartphone by IMEI Number. The IMEI number is used by a GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) network to identify valid devices and can be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing that network. Remove the battery too and  on the label underneath the battery, the IMEI number will be printed.
If you’re I phone, I Pad, or other mobile device is stolen and the Person who stole it takes it to different countries in the world can be blacklist the IMEI or MEID so that the thief won’t be able to use the phone in any capacity and condition. In all these cases we need an IMEI number to report the incident to Telecom operators or law enforcement agencies. You can also find International Mobile Equipment Identity number by simply dialing *#06# from your phone dialer. In addition, if you will submit a police complain some police forces must require the IMEI number in addition to the phone model for the complaint. Some police forces will add the IMEI number to a stolen devices database and if recovered from stolen property, they could be able to return it to you Instead they keep it with them.

IMEI is a unique serial of numbers which is assigned to every digital GSM phone in the world. So this tells us that knowing your mobile phone’s IMEI number can be helpful any time.
This is a number you should keep with you always and you should write it on an copy or a secure place for you to use in a bad time when your phone might be lost or stolen,. Here on our site we will show you a few tips on how to do this in steps.For checking the IMEI number of Samsung, Nokia, I phone there are lot of way but here in our post I will tell you the easier way of check the IMEI number of Samsung, Nokia, I phone you do not have to do a difficult task or to do many steps to check the IMEI number of Samsung, Nokia, I phone instead it is so easy to check the IMEI number of Samsung, Nokia, I phone.

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