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The IMEI number is used by your mobile phone company to match the phone to the networks, so it can figure out who is making calls. It is very important to know how to find the IMEI number, especially when you want to buy a Second-hand iPhone.
Network operators sometimes need to know your IMEI number in order to activate your phone on their network. October 3, 2012 By Jaden Easton-Ellett 1 Comment Your IMEI number is a digital code that is unique to every mobile phone being used on a mobile network.
There are actually quite a few methods for finding your iPhone’s IMEI number, but in this how to guide we will cover two.
Step 1) – The first thing you will need to do is simply launch the Settings app from your SpringBoard (home screen). Step 1) – The first thing you will need to do is simply launch the Phone app from your SpringBoard (home screen).
Step 3) – After you enter *#06# a transparent window should automatically pop up displaying your IMEI number.
The IMEI (GSM) and MEID (CDMA) numbers in some cases can also be found engraved on the back case of your iPhone and also on the SIM card tray.

The letters IMEI stand for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, and the number is used to identify each mobile phone. Dialling a code is the most commonly described method of finding the IMEI number, but we don't think it's the best because you can't copy the number. Flip the iPhone over and look for the long number engraved at the end of the text (the bit starting with "Designed by Apple in California"). Using the iPhone Settings is the best option because it enables you to copy and paste the number.
It is very common (in ebay or craigslist or other similar online shops) to find very good prices to old iPhone models. And you should make note of your IMEI in case your iPhone gets stolen or lost - it's one of the details you would tell police when reporting the theft, and your operator should be able to disable the phone remotely using the IMEI. The IMEI number can be useful in a number of ways such as preventing a stolen mobile phone from connecting to a mobile network, and it must also be known if you want to IMEI unlock your phone.
In the UK a database is publicly maintained by a charity so stolen phones cannot be moved from one network to another. There are several different ways to find the IMEI of an iPhone; here are the four most useful techniques to know.

Instead of being able to copy and paste the code you have to write it down (and it's long enough - 15 digits - for this to be annoying). Whatever the reason you want to know your IMEI is, you will be glad to know this is exactly what we will be covering in this tutorial. By knowing how to find the IMEI number (Or the methods to find it), you can run a few checks on that IMEI number and find out if it locked or blacklisted.
Hopefully I checked the IMEI number, and not only it was locked (At softbank japan network, which is expensive to unlock) but it was also blacklisted!Sorry for the long comment, but I find it very important and useful to know how to retrieve the IMEI number of an iPhone, so very good post there!!
The battery life on the iPhone 4 has been outstanding thus far, exceeding our expectations for longevity during testing. We’re talking calls, some gaming, lots of push email and calendar invites, playing music over Bluetooth in the car, and just general testing (like downloading new apps, rearranging icons, tweaking settings).

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