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GPS tracking, these kinds of apps provide a web interface from where you can remotely push notifications to the device, take a picture or even you can play alarm tones using the forward- facing a camera. However, prey is a freemium of web service mainly used for monitoring as well as tracking smartphone, electronic gadgets, computer, and Laptops, commonly used when the device is theft. The host signals the agent, improving it to send replay without data regarding its current locations as well as triggers on other actions.
Now, click” Prey”, an icon on your iPhone device on a home screen and choose “New user”, enter your user account details and then click on” create my account”. Click “Ok” button to allow Prey apps to use your iPhone location and then now click “OK” to permit Prey to send you notifications. Now, Navigate to Prey project homepage and sign in by using an account on credentials you configured in the app. Finally, track your iPhone by choosing it from the “Devices” list, now setting the status slider as “Missing” and then now click” Run Prey”. Now, click on “GadgetTrack” icon your iPhone home screen and choose” Create an Account” enter your account details and click “Submit” button. Open, your email inbox, select the messages you receive from GadgetTrack, and then click the verification link in the message to finish the registration process.
Tap, “Enable Tracking “button to enable device tracking for your iPhone.  A map displaying the recently locations of your iPhone will display on the screen. Search for “Device Tracker Pro “in the official App Store, click on “Install” to start the installation process of Device Tracker Pro on your iPhone device. Navigate the Device Tracker Pro homepage, click” Track” and then login by using your Google account credentials. Note these methods, so that it will be helpful for you when your iPhone or else iPad device is lost or else stolen.
If you want to know the geographical location of an email sender that your not familiar with then keep on reading this post.
Browsing through the web, you find so many beautiful, magical locations, you want to visit. In search bar drag the image or paste URL from any site, you want to search location on, if image is present on your system then click on the camera icon in the search bar and select the image.

If you got stranded in the woods and had to build an emergency shelter, would you know what to do or even how to get started?
While you don’t want to build your shelter right beside a river, creek or pond, you do want to choose a location that is only a short walk from a water source. Caves and trees make great natural shelters from the elements, however, you should use some caution when selecting one of these natural sites. When you are building your shelter, you want to also consider the direction you are facing.
In this method, Prey application software used to find the correct location of an iPhone or else iPad. You can log into the official site of Prey, when you wish to track your iPhone device when it’s stolen or theft or some other reasons. After finding the proper versions, and then click on “Install” to start installing Prey software apps on your iPhone. Follow the steps one-by-one and don’t change the order of the steps and do the process step-wise.
However, to view the current location of your iPhone device, just choose it from the device listing. Each email you receive has email header and you can use the information on it to research the location of the sender. If you think this site is helpful and want to contribute to keep the site running, you can. You could get caught in a rainstorm, a snow storm, or even in rocky or uneven terrain, and would need to find a way to protect yourself from the elements.
If you don’t have another choice than to build right next to a body of water, do elevate your shelter as best you can to keep water from seeping in at night. First, make sure no other inhabitants, like bears or snakes, are taking up residence there. Of course, wild animals are one of them, and you should definitely be on your guard against those.
It could mean you will wake up at dawn with the sun streaming in, or depending on conditions, you could be downstream from a creek that could easily flood.

In case, if you do not have a Google account, then you are new and have to register your account for free from a web browser.
Message header of an email contains information of the originator's IP address, you can use this IP to trace route the server used on sending the email. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, or be something professional, it just has to keep you sheltered.
It’s probably not a bad idea to keep trash bags or a lightweight plastic tarp in your bug out or camping gear to lay down first as a barrier between you and potentially wet ground. Pay attention to the current wind direction, too, as that could affect whether your shelter can stay in place.
Luckily, the App store features numbers of application that offer some additional features on tracking functionality when augmenting iCloud tracking at the instance of your iPhone device is stolen or else lost. You can either use Windows DOS command called tracert or better use a visual tracert which we will use for this post.
Exif info is associated with images have the information like time-stamp, date and time, focal length, resolution, image dimensions, GPS altitude and longitude info, etc. A blessing because it will help keep the rain off, but a curse should limbs start falling on the shelter in the middle of the night. Make your resting place closer to the entrance than toward the back and you’ll be able to get plenty of fresh air and still be sheltered. If the camera doesn’t have a GPS feature then you will find GPS data blank in exif info.
Paste the IP address you copied earlier to the Remote Address textbox and hit Proxy Trace button.4. This will visually show you the geographical location of the email sender from your location.To stay up-to-date on Useful Websites, subscribe now.
If you build a fire close to a tree, do try to make it far enough away that you don’t risk catching the branches or the roots on fire.

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