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Before you can begin decoding your snowmobile VIN you need to find it and with Polaris snowmobiles that’s not too difficult. Snowmobile identification is found on the tunnel decal and usually has a model number, VIN number as well as a manufacturing date clearly visible. The model information and VIN number for Polaris snowmobiles is located on the front right side of the tunnel.
If you need to decode your Polaris VIN simply leave a comment and I will do my best to help you figure it out. This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Wayne's new book, 101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3 Series.
The Bosch Motronic Engine Management system is what controls the ignition, timing and emissions controls of the later-model 3-series cars. First, if you are having problems with your car, you should check to see if the computer is giving out any fault codes.
Many people I have spoken to have had problems with the relay that controls the DME computer itself.
On E36 BMWs manufactured prior to July of 1994, there is a design problem with the car that has caused a lot of problems with the main DME computer. If you are not fortunate enough to have read this article before your DME got toasted, you may still have a chance to revive it. Some DMEs stop working for reasons that don't seem obvious (like being submerged in water). To repair a cracked solder joint, simply get out your solder arm and reflow the solder (Figure 4). Finally, if you've tried all of the approaches outlined above, and your DME unit still doesn't work, then you will probably have to replace it.
Since vehicles started to be mass produced, every automaker out there started using VIN codes (Vehicle Identification Number) on each of their cars. The VIN is a string of 17 characters made out of both letters and numbers, all printed or stamped on a single line in some key locations on your car. Usually, every manufacturer puts the VIN in very accessible locations so you can easily find it. Here comes the tricky part as every letter and number in the VIN has a certain meaning depending on its position in the string.
OK, now that you have a general idea of what they mean, lets see what other combinations can be found in the string. Well, first of all by reading the VIN and checking the rest of the components of a second hand car, you can tell if its the original build or it has been modified from the initial setup. Another important feature is that the VIN makes it harder for thieves to sell a stolen car. Thank you for explanation but still I am confused.Most of our Toyota Land Cruisers have letter z or number 0 at digit 10.So why ours is different?Could you please explain?
They can take the passport to travel anywhere across the globe but sometimes there is visa required to travel to other countries.
Verification: Your passport is the only number that helps the state department to confirm your identity.
Booking International Flights: In order to book an international flight a valid passport number is required. Locating your Passport: You must have a copy of your passport or have vital info noted down on paper for future reference including your passport number so that if your passport gets stolen replacing it will be a lot simpler if you have that unique number. General Harley Davidson Chat Forum to discuss general Harley Davidson issues, topics, and experiences. Driver stated on scene he "never saw him 'til it was too late," and I'm glad to say my husband is alive and not a vegetable.
I have an attorney for the bodily injury claim, which is a fiasco in and of itself - Health insurance will not cover bills because it was a motor vehicle accident, thus vehicle insurance is to pay, and they won't pay until the claim is settled, and I'm officially paying for follow ups and meds out of pocket.
I've spent the better portion of the morning browsing your forums here for answers I've yet to find - They're lovely, BTW - And as a last resort I'm posting this little plea for help.
My husband always wanted a bigger bike than his 96 HD 1200 XL, but we have 3 sons to feed, a wife that hijacks his paycheck and always has something better to do than buy another bike. I called BS on that, ran a CarFax on the VIN, then re-faxed them the title and CarFax check. I'm not a biker chick, but I can tell you this: If I was going to attempt to snowball an insurance company with a fake VIN, bet your bottom dollar it would be for something more to my advantage than a 96 Sportster! I was given some jive from the adjuster's boss about her having to get inspectors in from HD to properly establish the bike is the make and model we claim it is, they'll find a way to disprove or maybe prove the VIN, and they will not budge without solid evidence of what they're paying on.
3.) I'm under the impression the engine can read hieroglyphics for a VIN - Here in NC, the VIN on the frame is the only one that matters.

I know for a fact that there are at least several attorney's on the forum, and hopefully one of them will pitch some advice your way.
The partial VIN on the engine should be on the left hand side of the engine case right about where the two cylindars come together in the middle of the top part of the case.
In this picture you can see the flat silver area on the case just below the center of the V where the engine VIN should be stamped. I'm dealing with insurance as well on my accident and while I wasn't as banged up as your husband I feel your pain for having to go through this. Could you please help me to decode the VIN of my Scorpio VLX it has reached the dealers yard? Is there some way to also know the VIN details (date of manufacture) of high end bikes like the Bajaj Kawasaki Ninja 650 that Bajaj is selling in India? The VIN number is usually permanently stamped into the tunnel while the model number is simply embossed onto the decal. The book contains 272 pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to timing the camshafts. It's not uncommon for the main relay to have its contacts become corroded and fail to work 100% of the time. The water relief channels of the car are not beefy enough to withstand a significant influx of water onto the car, or the windshield. The DME compartment is located right next to the intake plenum cowl for the heating and air conditioning system. Open the DME compartment and remove the DME unit (see the Pelican Technical Article on Chip Upgrades for more details). If you borrow a DME computer from a friend and your car works perfectly, then you have indeed isolated the problem to the DME circuit board. In a unit that I am repairing, I usually like to reflow the solder on all the joints that are pretty large, and particularly the ones that look like they are attached to heat sinks. A little known secret is that many of the DME units are exactly the same across different automotive manufacturers. Every car has its unique number which is used for different purposes but mostly for keeping track of each one of them on the road. But each automaker has its own rules regarding what each letter and number mean, so here’s how Toyota VINs can be deciphered. So you should check on the lower part of the windshield on the driver’s side where there should be a small window showing the VIN printed on the dash. They are usually used to show literally the unit’s number as it went out the assembly line.
Moreover, for a certain amount of cash, commercial services allow you to enter the VIN code and see the records on the respective car, which will show you how many owners it had as well as if it was stolen or crashed.
If you have a new passport issued for use in countries between Canada, the United States, Caribbean and Mexico, it will have the same number as you have in your passport book.
Though all the airlines don’t require this information at the time of booking but it would be better if you provide them. If you look in the very upper left hand corner of the photo you will see the coil where the spark plug wires start and run to the plugs. If you find that the decal has been removed or is no longer readable you will still be able to verify the sled with its VIN number. With more than 650+ full-color glossy photos accompanying extensive step-by-step procedures, this book is required reading in any 3 Series owner's collection.
The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) will cause the engine to run poorly or to stop running altogether if it becomes damaged.
If the code readers are having trouble connecting to the unit, then you need to look further. Even if the relay is intermittent, it might show up as the engine running rough, or stalling, or any other number of failures. While perfectly adequate for anything that nature may throw at the car, the channels are woefully inadequate for a car wash. The BMW factory bulletin that describes this repair is 41 03 93 (3914), and is dated July 1994.
Behind the firewall material, there is a circular area pre-stamped in the firewall just above and to the right of the original drain location. You have a good shot at repairing these joints by simply reflowing the solder at large solder connections that seem like they may be attached to components that give off heat.
If your car is older, the VIN can be found either on the sticker or plate on the inside of the driver’s side door or the frame sill, or the glove compartment, under the spare tire, on the engine block or stamped somewhere in the engine bay. If you are also a bit smarter and look at the whole picture the VIN provides, you can sometimes tell if the odometer has been rolled back or if it reached the maximum miles and started from zero again.

Simply meeting with a stranger, giving him the money and taking the car without having much of its history at hand will get you nowhere and if you manage to end up with a stolen car it will be a bit too late for the cops to catch the thief. That exclusive number is very important and used to find the passport holder, check the travel plans and to register them at the foreign embassies.
In this tech article, we'll talk a little about the DME, how to troubleshoot its problems, prevent damage to the unit, and repair or replace the unit. One of the first steps I would take is to identify this relay (on E36 BMWs, it's relay number two, the white one, next to the fuel pump). If too much water is used, or if the water channels are clogged with leaves or debris, the water will overflow and leak into the compartment where the DME is stored (see the Pelican Technical Article on DME Chip Replacements for the location of the DME in the engine compartment). Begin by removing the plastic screen covering the plenum, the portion of the plenum that covers the firewall, and move the wiring harness out of the way on the left side of the engine compartment. The heat causes the crack to enlarge and then may separate, causing an intermittent failure. If the DME unit is the same version of Motronic, has the same connector on the unit, and has a removable chip, then chances are it can be a good replacement for your failed unit.
A legal resident of the United States is not allowed to enter or exit the United States without a valid passport of U.S. HOWEVER, while two plugs are in the traditional position the other two are "inside" the head underneath the backbone of the frame.
Try swapping it out with a known good one if you have one, or swap it with another one on the board (like the one for the fog lamps). I have heard stories of owners who have opened this compartment, only to have a gallon of water or more come flowing out. However, if the volume of water is too great, or the channels become clogged with leaves or other debris, this plenum will overflow directly into the DME compartment. Then remove the cylinder head valve cover - you will need to do this to gain clearance for working (see the Pelican Technical Article on Valve Cover Gasket Replacement).
BMW specifically recommends against using a hole saw here - the metal shavings are too likely to contaminate either the engine or the plenum area.
Although I have not used it myself, I have had several Pelican Parts customers tell me that spraying the board with WD-40 helps to dispel any water, dries the board, and sometimes works. This means that a $10 DME from a Volkswagen in a junk yard may work in place of the $650 one that a BMW used parts dealer wants to sell you.
The image below is a newer example of where to find the VIN on the frame and your's probably won't be in white like this one. Count the number of plug wires going to the engine and if you still only have two then have someone visually check to make sure the plugs are not there.
Needless to say, having the main computer for the car submerged in water is not a good thing.
If enough water fills this chamber, it may also leak into the passenger side foot well, although this often goes unnoticed, as the water will leak under the passenger floor mat. Cover the top of the engine with a drop cloth or plastic garbage bag to prevent anything from falling in.
If you wiggled the plug one way, you could hear, but if you let go of the plug it would stop working? A few customers have experimented with this by swapping BMW DME computers with the ones used on the Porsche 944 and 911, and they have experienced good results.
Take the DME boards and place them in an oven set at about 100 degrees, and let it sit for a few hours. File off the edges, paint with a small bit of primer, and then reinstall the firewall insulation.
The main thing to remember is that you have to have the same software version of Motronic, the connector must be the same, and you must swap the chip from your DME to the new one. Drill a corresponding hole in the installation, and install your two new drain hoses (part number 51-73-8-144-152), slightly angled 30 degrees towards the center of the car. If it does, then you will probably have to replace the unit with another one (see this topic later in this article). Figure 2 shows the area where you need to drill (yellow arrow), and also points to the oil drain hose (green arrow) that should be pulled out and replaced (behind the cylinder head, which in this photo is covered by plastic).

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