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We've added a new option to [paperwork settings][1] to change the formatting of dates on your generated PDF documents. We will be taking WOAH SALES offline for 9pm this Saturday 12th December for some scheduled database migrations. We're glad to announce that it's now possible to add, remove and rename sizes on an existing product, even if that product has been added to orders. Users of our [Xero Accounting integration][1] can now set the nominal account codes assigned to each line item of your Xero synced invoices. As a much requested feature, we're pleased to announce that it's now possible to specify a "credit card fee" for any given invoice as a percentage of the original invoice total. We've added two new inventory reports that should help with valuing your inventory at hand.
This report shows you the wholesale value of each of your products held in stock in your home currency. This report shows you the total material and manufacturing cost of each product help in stock in your home currency. When a season is over and you have completed your sales orders, you'll probably want to have that season's products and sales hidden by default.
You can now manually enter and edit warehouse locations via the Inventory tab on product details pages. There is an option under Settings → Paperwork to include warehouse locations on packing list PDFs.
When changing channel, you will have the option of repricing the sale with that channel's pricing.
You'll find a button at the top of inventory reports that, when clicked, will filter out all the rows that contain only zero values.
Customs fields can now be included on the pro-forma invoice PDF by enabling this new setting. When adding a freeform item to a credit note, you can now specify a tax (or VAT) level for the freeform amount. You can now choose the default shipping and billing address for a customer within WOAH SALES. Previously, in WOAH SALES, it was only possible to create a credit note pertaining to certain styles in an order. When building a credit note in WOAH, you'll now see a section labelled "Freeform credit note line item".
In addition, you can optionally add product quantities and values to the credit note as normal. Because it is now required to associate a customer with their agency (or they won't be visible to your agents), we've turned a new setting on for existing organisations that gives agency associated user logins access to all customers within your WOAH organisation.
You'll find this setting on the _Settings → Agencies_ labelled "Agents see all customers".
In addition to our single invoice, shipment, and consignment invoicing workflows, we're happy to announce that it's now possible to create a deposit invoice for a proportion of the sale, and later issue a closing balance invoice. To follow this new invoicing workflow, just choose "DEPOSIT & BALANCE" when confirming your sales order. Please note that in the past, creating a credit note had the effect of reducing the outstanding quantity to ship.
We're happy to announce that users can now export their credit notes in CSV format from the Sales page. WOAH now displays the product variation's manufacturer for each line item when you build a new pick ticket.

When you edit a customer record in WOAH SALES you can now specify default payment terms and tax (or VAT) level for new sales orders. If you are an EU based company, you will be happy to know that we have added a customer VAT number field to the customer database. You can add your own VAT registration number to paperwork by adding it to the "Paperwork footer" text accessible under Settings -> Paperwork.
When selecting products to add to customer orders, production orders, or stock operations, products are now sorted by name. We've added more options for restricting what data your additional users can see when logged in and what actions they can perform. To get started, simply log into your account, click the "Inventory" tab and hit the "Enable inventory features" button. The new "Manufacture" tab is the place to create and manage your production orders and record deliveries as they arrive.
WOAH keeps track of what quantities you already have in production and you can view excess inventory in the "Available to sell" report. When you're ready to start shipping, our pick & pack interface makes it easy for your shipping staff to efficiently and accurately process outgoing shipments, print delivery notes, make adjustments etc. Create your pick tickets for individual sales and they will instantly show up on the Pick & Pack page. When your invoice is settled early, you'll have a small outstanding amount left open on the invoice. You can export contact and product data in the new WOAH SALES format from your WOAH Classic account. You may want to use this option to make it easier for your stockists to receive and process your goods. Payments terms that include multiple lines of text are now formatted correctly on generated PDFs.
We fixed an issue whereby total quantity was sometimes missing from order confirmation PDFs.
Devising and implementing a warehouse location numbering system is one of the best things that you can do to increase efficiency and reduce errors during your pick and pack process. You can do this by clicking the 'edit' link next to the channel name on the sale details page. If turned on, commercial invoice PDFs will feature a signature box at the bottom of the document for the shipper (usually you) to certify that the information in the commercial invoice is true and correct.
This can be useful if, for some reason, a customer sends you a payment before you create and send them a real invoice (although if you take a deposit, we recommend that you use our "deposit and balance" invoicing workflow). Simply locate the "Payments" list on the sale details page and click the 'plus' icon to bring up payment entry form. The chosen address will then be the default selection when entering a new sales order for the customer.
We're happy to announce that's it's now possible to create a credit note including an arbitrary value, for example, to refund shipping fees or provide a discount on an already invoiced order.
User logins associated with an agency will now only ever see report and dashboard data that relates to the sales they have entered. After manually associating your customers with their respective Agency, you'll want to turn this setting off so that your agency associated user logins only have access to their own customers.
In fact, this is now the recommended way to manually manipulate inventory levels within WOAH. Many jurisdictions require that business issue real (VAT in the EU) invoices when taking deposits and you can now do that right within WOAH.

You can create a "cancellation" in much the same way as you create a credit note, or shipment for a sale. It will also decrease the calculation for required production and, if resulting in surplus inventory, increase the quantities in the "available to sell" report. Filter your sales accordingly and then look for the "Credit Note CSV" export link at the bottom of the page. If present, VAT Numbers will show on sale paperwork PDFs such as order confirmations, invoices and pro-formas. There is also the option to hide cost pricing on production order PDFs (available from Settings → Paperwork). Navigate to Settings → Users & Permissions and click to edit a user login to manage their permissions. Inventory tracking, production order, and "pick & pack" features are now available on all WOAH SALES accounts. WOAH keeps a tally of confirmed sales and can automatically populate your production orders with quantities required to cover your sales. You can also build "in-season" orders with quantities limited to available inventory and production.
Simply log into your account, click the "Inventory" tab and hit the "Enable inventory features" button. You can now quickly enter your product variation colors, one per line, rather than clicking for each new variation.
Those charging VAT will be happy to know that VAT is calculated on the net subtotal according to standard VAT regulations.
Clicking the "+ Settlement Discount" button will result in the remaining balance being cleared and a settlement discount being recorded against the invoice. This is the number of units in confirmed sales orders that haven't yet been added to pick tickets or shipments. If you try to remove a size that is in use, WOAH will prevent you from doing so and tell you why. This allows the creation of one-off private client sales or other such sales that need to be completed at a retail price. When you connect your WOAH account to Xero, WOAH will read your nominal account codes from Xero and you can set up the desired account codes from your [Xero integration settings][2] in WOAH.
Please note that after order confirmation, you will only be able to switch to a channel of the same currency. Just navigate to the "Cancellations" area at the right side of the sale details page and click the "+" button to bring up the Create Cancellation dialog. This change allows WOAH to correctly record an overpayment of an invoice for which a settlement discount was taken. It's well worth researching the best existing approaches you might take to location numbering. If you have already invoiced for the sale, you'll probably want to create a corresponding credit note after cancellation, and apply credit note to the open invoice.

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