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IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, you can think of IMEI like a serial number in that every iPhone, or other mobile phone for that matter, has a unique IMEI number used to identify it with carriers, manufacturers, and providers. Before trying anything else, you can try simply dialing *#06# on your iPhone (or any mobile phone), this should retrieve the IMEI number.
If that doesn’t work for whatever reason, or if the phone is turned off, has a dead battery, or whatever, you can use one of these other methods to retrieve the IMEI. With iPhone 4S and older, the IMEI is printed on the actual SIM card slot, so just eject the card holder and read the printed numbers. Permanent iPhone unlock services: these require the use of your iPhone IMEI number, which is then added to an unlock database at a carrier. Know of any other methods of obtaining an iPhone IMEI, or another usage for the iPhone IMEI once you have found it? Just a thought, but if providers blacklist phones by IMEI, chances are that is exactly what is going to happen to anyone who uses the IMEI unlock services.
My iPhone 3G is stolen and I have no IMEI number so, I am in deeply trouble with my stolen iphone. I really appreciate your help in my problem.Please send me an email when my requirements will be accepted.
Your IMEI is used to identify your phone from all the others out there, and knowing it can be very useful. Find your IMEI in your Settings menu If you prefer to navigate helpfully worded menus than enter cryptic codes into your number pad, don't worry.

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Find lost android device android device manager, Find lost android device android device manager. Use any method that is appropriate for your situation, the IMEI returned will always be the same. Give it a moment and the IMEI will appear on the screen – this little number dial trick actually works to retrieve the IMEI on other cell phones too, not just the iPhone.
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If you don't know what your HTC's IMEI number is and you need to find out, we've got you covered!

We've got you covered with this additional guide to finding your IMEI number, this time through your HTC's Settings menu! We’ll show you four different ways to get this info, either directly on the device itself, or with iTunes. Please let me know the process how i can get the IMEI no without iphone.Please find the necessary information of my iphone cellular. FInd your IMEI from your call screen This is a quick and easy way to find your phone's IMEI number from your number pad.
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Follow the short steps below to find your IMEI using this method: From your home screen, press the phone icon to bring up your number pad or dialling screen. Once you hit the last character in the code, the screen will update and a pop-up will appear with your phone's IMEI written inside.
For other devices, you'll often find the IMEI number printed on or near your SIM card tray However, there's a much simpler way - if your phone switches on, all you need to do to find your IMEI number is: * Open your phone dialler * Dial *#06# * Your phone's IMEI number will be displayed on your screen.

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