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How to find address with phone number, or finding phone numbers of businesses or private persons? If you are still a user of the paper directories, then it’s now time to work more efficiently and make use of the Internet by using search engines or on-line phone directories.
The easiest way to find what you are looking for, is typing the information in a search engine, such as Google or DuchDuckGo. If this doesn’t give you the desired effect, you can try the following links to websites on which you can find phone numbers, find cell phone numbers, or a free reverse phone number directory. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, make use of your social network and ask others (by phone, e-mail, social media) what you are looking for. Copyright © 2006 - 2016 Professional Secretarial Services - secretarial coach and helpful guide and tools. Sometimes you know only part of the information, such as the telephone number, the address or postal code, but not the name.

The latter can be handy in case you were called by someone new, and you forgot to write down the address. See my pages business phone etiquette and guide for phone etiquette for tips on how to handle professional phone calls.
We are going to see how graph technologies can be used to analyse these records in order to find potential criminals. That article has been written with the assistance of Ashley Englefield, Detective in California and instructor at Police Technical.
In a residential neighborhood, a store robbery is committed during the day by a group of 4 criminals.
A witness noticed that one of the criminal used his phone to make a call minutes before the crime. Trying to identify unique phone numbers and their relationships in tabular data is very hard.

A single phone call connects together 4 entities : 2 phone owners, a location (the cell site the caller was next to when he initiated the call), a state and a city. We simply have to type the suspect names in the search bar and then visually query their relationships.
If we want to see the persons our suspects are in contact with, we have to display the persons connected to the calls. Click below to get your free copy of O’Reilly’s Graph Databases ebook and discover how to use graph technologies for your application today.

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