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Our Free Online Newspaper Classifieds are an Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Print Newspaper Classified Advertising. T-Mobile USA was formed in 2002, after the carrier's parent company Deutsche Telekom, brought out Voicestream Wireless and PowerTel in 2001.T-Mobile USA operates on the GSM network and has nationwide based coverage. To receive a free cell phone with T-Mobile USA, the carrier requires the customer to sign a 2 year contractual agreement of service. As an authorized agent of cell phone services, we will provide a full refund within 10 days.

The GSM technology allows for end users to switch their phone, by placing an activated GSM Clip, called a SIM card, into a phone for the network. If the customer cancels their service before the two-year expiration date an Early Termination Fee will apply. T-Mobile USA offers both family and individual plans that allow the end user to sign up for service, without being required to sign a contractual agreement of service, but end users will have to pay full retail price of the phone they choose.
We have a great variety of unique and useful items for sale by our sellers in all 50 states.

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