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Every issue also contains a comprehensive reviews section, inspiring ideas for heritage visits, breaking history news and the historical background behind current events.
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In 1895, a professor by the name of Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discovered a source of invisible rays which were capable of penetrating materials not normally translucent to ordinary light.
These sessions became so popular that some retailers even began to stock items related to this type of service. At this time it was usually the private radiographer’s duty to assess the fluoroscopic images and report back to the doctor with the news.
In 1897 Beclere created the first in-house radiology laboratory in Hopital Tenon, where x-rays were usually performed by Richard Chauvin and Felix Allard. Later that same year, of interest in their effect on skin, x-rays were used upon the head of a child for 1 hour at a time, where “within 21 days after the experiment, the hair began to fall at the site of penetration over a diameter of about two inches, and the skin is healthy and the patient feels no pain. The first man to die as a direct result of x-ray exposure is likely Clarence Madison Dally, an assistant to Thomas Edison. Somewhat ironically, he eventually developed a serious cancer of the hands, and succumbs to Dally’s fate in 1910. By now, some are beginning to understand the dangers of x-rays and steps are taken to ensure radiographers are safe.
For some time they were even viewed as a new form of artistic photography, and journalists were encouraged to use them as such. Much like radio communication, radiography even became a fun hobby for those who could afford the necessary equipment.
By far though, their most common non-medical use was the x-ray’s use as a sales gimmick in shoe stores.

Circa 1917, thousands of women were working in shops to paint the dials of watches with radium-containing luminescent paint. Many women eventually died of radium jaw; a disease of the bone that often results in the jaw literally falling off. Can you tell me where you found the information about Lumiere and Melies assisting x-ray demonstrations? If the recipient has no need to view the whole document or edit it anyway, just use the text of the document as part of your E-Mail body. Please tick here if you’d like to receive regular newsletters, special offers and promotions from BBC Worldwide by email. Each month we explore a wide range of historical topics - from ancient civilisations to the two world wars. Similar shows of this nature were held by the Lumiere brothers; the men who presented the first film in the history of cinema. Often these objects were skeletons or items of a similar deathly nature, and fortunes were told to those who paid their sum. Despite some initial opposition, x-rays find their place almost instantaneously in the world of medicine and surgery. Leopold Freund of Vienna, where his first patient was a five year old girl with a hairy beauty mark on her back. In December 1896 she underwent an x-ray treatment 2 hours per day for 16 days, where after 12 days the hair began to fall out, but her back became horribly inflamed.
In June 1896, the famed Thomas Edison developed a Calcium Tungstate flouoscope which allowed for bright, real-time observation of a patient’s body. Clarence tested every x-ray tube he produced on his hands, which, over the course of several years caused him to develop a cancer of the hand. Mihran Kassabian began to share his concerns regarding the x-ray as a possible irritant after noticing burns developing on his hands. Lead glass bowls are placed around x-ray tubes to shield excess radiation, and the invention of the coolidge tube helps to make exposures faster and safer for all parties involved. For millions, the mysterious ray offered the promise of pain relief, disease therapy, addiction curing; even treatment of skin blemishes.

Rather, it was the mishaps of the similar novelty of the time, Radium, which put an end to most of the nonsense. As such, it was added to everything from wristbands to drinking water and was bought by the public en masse. Ideally, this wouldn’t have been anything special, but unfortunately paintbrushes lose their shape after a few strokes.
Attachments can be very heavy and have the potential to send an E-Mail system crawling on its knees. Our historians tackle the key events and personalities of the past, as well as shining a light on lesser-known areas and explaining how the latest research changes our understanding. Edison clearly instructs that the success of this method depends on the power of the Crookes tube used, that is to say, the voltage used across the tube. In 1900, despite several futile amputations he died of  mediastinal cancer; an event that reportedly caused edison to abandon all experimentation with x-rays. Over the years, he becomes increasingly weary of x-rays and urges for more caution and regulation in their use as a therapeutic technique. Also make sure to have effective anti-virus so that the documents you send are not infected. Thus, nearly 90% of these x-rays  make it to the face of the unfortunate doctor  preforming the procedure.
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