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For many years, the low-income citizens of the US have been granted a chance to participate in the assistantship programs provided by the federal government.
The providing companies which participate in Life Line help program have been created by the big wireless carriers such as Tracfone, Nextel, and Nexus.
Since there are restrictions that limit the number of phones with free plan per household (it can not be greater than one), another option is available. Free government cell phones are helping low income people at federal poverty guidelines get assistance to voice phone lines and the web. The US government made a government assistance program to help people receive phone calls with free cell phones. Low income people who are at federal poverty guidelines may qualify for free government cell phones by making application in their state. However, there are cell phone requirements that people must meet to qualify for this government program.
There are various websites available to learn about eligibility requirements such as cell phone provider websites.
When you see Safelink’s wireless website, you will find the links to learn about your eligibility to receive discounted or free government cell phones and service.
The Safelink wireless main page will start you with common qualification and eligibility questions for the free government cell phone program.
You already participate in other State or Federal assistance programs such as Federal Public Housing Assistance, Food Stamps and Medicaid. No one in your household currently receives Lifeline Service through another cell phone provider. You must also provide a proof of participation in an assistance program or proof of your poverty income level to qualify. The Safelink wireless website provides all the information you need to apply for the free government cell phone program. Please note that your eligibility and requirements are determined by the state in which you live. Reachout wireless also offers services for checking if you are eligible for Free Government Cell Phones. Like the other two websites–Reachout and Safelink wireless, Assurance wireless has government assistance services for those who are qualified for the government free cell phone program. Congress must throttle this back so, at the most, it is a lifeline, 911-type, service for those who are truly poor.
They aren’t bashful about this program, advertising it far and wide (seemingly) to every home in the U.
That will probably happen if (and almost surely when) Romney walks off with the presidency.
Saw a chart several days ago showing how welfare has grown to $700 billion dollars per year. Trying to sell welfare cuts on that basis in an economy where few jobs go begging for long probably won’t be very successful. Multiple trillion dollars later, our welfare expenditures have grown to nearly three quarters of a trillion dollars PER YEAR. Any employment agency will be glad to make or take calls from a prospective employer on your behalf, and charge you a portion of your new earnings for the favor. 2Th 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. If you get them independent, who knows who they may vote for or if they’ll even vote at all. That the (any) president gets to seize control of one’s mobile devices and impose himself by phone, TV and a plethora of privately owned media devices is disgusting.
September 4, 2013Lifeline Assistance, the program that’s become famous for giving out free government cell phones and infamous for handing out ObamaPhones, is expanding and upgrading. Step Two: As you read this, a pilot program is underway in which the leading Lifeline cell phone companies are testing free smartphones and free to very low-cost internet programs in test markets.
Critics say the program grew so quickly that it outstripped the FCC’s ability to prevent fraud and waste. That’s where the FCC had a stroke of genius (something critics of government would call an oxymoron).
Allow us to summarize: Root out waste and fraud in the current Lifeline cell phone program. The $13.8 million pilot project has been officially dubbed the Lifeline Broadband Pilot Program. The goal of the program is to test different programs in different markets to determine the most efficient, most effective way to bring cheap high-speed internet to low-income Americans. The way we see it, the simplest way to provide high-speed internet smartphones to needy Americans is to work with companies that already know the cell phone business, already know the market, already know the customers, and most importantly, already have the infrastructure in place to roll the program out quickly.
When we look into our crystal ball, we foresee a day in the not too distant future when America’s needy are given free government internet-capable smartphones and mobile internet service.
We don’t expect the government internet smartphone landscape to look much different than the current free government cell phone landscape.
I’ve been waiting for a lifeline INTERNET smartphone for several years, but still nothing! Please be aware that most companies distribute a variety of cell phones and that they distribute them randomly.
I heard from my friend that safelink is doing away with this older cell phone and upgrading to a touch screen phone.
I am a Qlink wireless customer and was wondering if we are allowed to trade in our current phone for an upgraded model? The free phones Q Link Wireless provides depend upon availability, and models shipped may vary.
Most free government cell phone companies offer smartphones, Kathleen, but many of them only offer them as upgrades for a pretty reasonable price. Yes iam disabled I get either medicare or meicade my freind has a free government smartphone phone her phone does everything my smartphone does for free or a small lot cheaper. Most of the free government cell phone companies offer smart phones, but there’s no guarantee that the one you receive when you sign up will be a smart model.
Is there now or will there be a free cell phone that my grandchild would be eligible for, for his own protection, he has been permanently removed from his mothers care, for his safty, I worry about him walking to the bus stop all alone at 6:00 am.
Im not sure about the smart phones, but they do give phones in front of the dhs building in both prov, & woonsocket (also seen them in warwick). The phones you get from outside the DHS building in Woonsocket are Vooz Vext phones, which are not smart phones.
These usually include Food Stamps, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Low Income Home Energy assistance program, Medicaid, Supplemental Security income, etc. Local governments with the help of phone service providing companies established a LifeLine assistance program. These established subdivision that now serve in different states providing top-notch services across the country in the field of free government smartphones and cell phones for financially disadvantaged people. Safelink Wireless.A  It is a special service given by TracFone Wireless, for eligible income households. Reach Out has non-government supported prepaid cell phone plans that can be used by other members of the same household. This government program offers free government cell phones to all people who meet the requirements. The site states all the information on how to participate and qualify for a free cell phone.

The free Obama phone is a program that is meant to help the financially unstable who cannot afford access to a cell phone. If you’re already accepted into one of a myriad of other government handout programs, you instantly qualify. It does have a color LCD screen, but that’s occupied by icons and menus, and has no picture video capability. It is about pumping taxpayer dollars to an Obama-favored contractor to supply phones and service that they otherwise couldn’t sell. Unless things have changed over the last couple of years, any cell phone, even if not activated by a provider, must be able to dial, and connect to, 911. Whatever liberal things Romney cooks up with the mixed Congress, Obama will still be there hollering that it was his idea first. I may be way off base (seriously doubt it), but we should not be looking for new things to hand out free.
The first phone they sent her did not work and we had to package it up and send it back then they sent her another one. Other calls (besides the legally mandated 911) would be possible but there would be a severe monthly quota upon them, or require the recipient to kick payments in. If a person were homeless, you might have a case, but even then there are places where a person could have an ombudsman work for them. The WEA system is rolling out in Minnesota this week via the National Weather Service and Department of Homeland Security.
People in need will go to social workers or churches who will direct them to the appropriate help if they can’t themselves help.
2Th 3:11 For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.
It takes your stuff and sometimes gives it to other people after skimming some for operational expenses and well-connected lobbying interests. The alert tone which precedes and follows the actual emergency message hijacks your volume control.
Like any good consumer goods company, the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) took a close look at what its customers want, need, and request most often.
Over the course of the last eight years the program has gained momentum and customers and partner companies and it now serves 44 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.
As a result, this remarkably successful program has earned more than its fair share of critics who demanded reform, and enemies who demand an end tothe program. They announced that they would redirect those dollars to test the concept of evolving the government cell phone program for needy Americans into a government internet program. There’s nothing they want more than to bring high-speed broadband internet service to the masses. Programs such as Internet Essentials from Comcast, Internet Basics from CenturyLink, and Connect2Compete from an association of public, private and non-profit organizations, has been up and running for more than a year now. But we have no doubt that the program will offer limited-use, high-speed internet plan at no cost, but also offer higher speeds and higher usage plans at additional, affordable rates.
The FCC and it’s privately-owned partners are taking a close look at 14 different projects in 21 states and and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
Both companies match up with the criteria we outlined in the previous paragraph, so we expect both of them to come up aces in the pilot program.
It doesn’t take Nostradamus to see that this is a cost efficient evolution of the current LifeLine Assistance government cell phone program.
If we had to guess, we’d bet that the first mobile internet package will include a no-cost smartphone (probably an Android) with unlimited talk and text and, a usage limit of 1-2 GB of data per month either for free or under $10 a month. National companies like Tracfone, Nexus and Virgin will be the biggest names, but smaller companies will prosper regionally.
You should contact the company through which you applied and ask for the status of your phone.
However, virtually all the companies will allow you to upgrade for a relatively small additional fee. Four companies offer free government cell phones in Massachusetts and they all offer smart phone upgrades. I’d hate to know I was that miserable within myself that I cudnt be happy for anyone else. A lot of us used to get up and go to work but that suddenly changed for us and it will for you too someday.
If so who can I contact if I am currently working with safelink to get one and switch so I can use the Internet for daily activities for my daughter and apps for her school etc…? In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! It offers a discounted package deal for wireless phone services for all those who are in need.
It is probably the biggest out of existing equivalent service programs and is present in the greatest number of US states today.
The phones offered to the applicants for free are usually pretty simple in terms of their functionality and they can not be categorized as smartphones.. The aim of this program is to help low income people and stay in touch with the outside world. Offers for phone service like minutes and other benefits in your cellphone area are just a click away.
And while the privileged have a moral responsibility to show mercy and voluntarily help true victims, this is not to be forced.
She pays $10 a month for unlimited calls through ATT and they sent her a Samsung smart phone. And they CAN serve that way, but faceless welfare programs have a way of waving bye-bye to accountability and hello to fraud and laziness. The government is contracting with the carriers for this and the people applying don’t know which phone or carrier they will receive til they get it. 2Th 3:12 Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread.
No matter if you turned down the TV volume to sleep yourself or allow your partner or child to sleep, that tone bypasses the control you set and issues at ear-splitting volume. Because instead of giving its customers basic cell phones, Lifeline companies will soon begin offering internet-capable smartphones. They analyzed the results and voted that the Lifeline program should begin offering internet-capable smartphones and mobile internet plans. All three programs (not to mention numerous other regional and local programs) has been similar to this new FCC initiative ???????????– to bring high-speed internet to low-income Americans. Of course, if you need more gigs per month, we assume that users will be able to purchase additional gigs at a very reasonable costs. However, even if you don’t get a smartphone, most companies allow you to upgrade to one for a small upgrade fee (which may be as high as $70). Since phones depend on availability, we cannot guarantee you’ll get the phone requested, but we do our best to honor customers’ requests. We paved the road for what people like the so called fed up have and enjoy today, and we did it on. Why would you be or bother to spend time insulting others about a phone you have no use for?
If you want data and Internet access through, True Wireless (the company that sets up the booth here in Woonsocket), has it, but you’ll either need to upgrade to the Vooz Vapor, or an IPhone 4 to take advantage of it. Under this program, all subscribers who qualify get absolutely free government cell phonesA with free airtime given on a monthly basis.

By the way, the tariffs for prepaid cell phone plans by Reachout Wireless are very liberal and convenient.
Next to that tab is the Enroll tab, this is where you start giving information to qualify. The Lifeline program was actually created decades ago to help low income families have access to land lines. It is evil enough that you promote the welfare victim-entitlement mentality, which is from Hell, (Is.
It has quirks, like not being able to understand TracFone customer service when you call them (I mean garbledygook is all you hear). I don’t know if Tracfone would be willing to distribute through, say, the Salvation Army, though. They also ruled that the program should begin in 2014 (or as soon as practically possible).
The biggest difference is that those programs charge customers a nominal fee each month, but the LifeLine internet-capable smartphone and service has the very likely potential to be free. If you’ve had your account long enough, they may even provide you with a replacement phone for free. Well sweetie keep your hard working job and your pedestal in another Q&A and remember God don’t like ugly, and only he sits that high!
I have to have a lifeline due to heart,lung problems, what can I ,should I do to keep him safe an not be breaking laws? The following article is aimed to research the possibility of getting a free government smartphone for the residents of the United States of America.
This is a double benefit, since the procedure for receiving such a package deal is very simple, and the conditions are great.
However, now the new applicants have a chance to upgrade the first phone from a free Assurance Wireless Kyocera Jax to Assurance Wireless Kyocera Loft. Under a regular package deal, for the residents of selected states who qualify for free government phone program participation, the company offers relatively simple cellular device with only standard features and no-charge monthly minutes. With their coverage map and support services, Reachout is probably one of the best free government smartphones program to enroll in. The third tab is the Change tab, this is where you can change minutes on mobile phone minutes.
Over the years the cost of cell phones and cellular service has decreased and the program has been extended to cover cell phones.During the Bush administration, there was the introduction of a project that gave subsidies to those who could not afford a phone. 2Th 3:14 And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed. As a result, some people say that the free government cell phone program should be renamed the free government internet phone program.
And now we are not getting enough to live on and on top are called names, besides being discriminated against when we try to go back to work, despite debilitating physical problems and health conditions and because of sheer necessity!! No credit check is performed, no deposit is needed, and no contract needs to be signed for participation in this program.
One should check the possibility of upgrading the current free gadget to free government smart phone by contacting the service provider company. The latest one can be categorized as a smartphone for it has many functions typical for this kind of devices.
The basic principle of the program is that everyone should have access to emergency services like 911. The companies that do business in Massachusetts are Assurance Wireless, Safelink Wireless, Standup Wireless and Budget Mobile. Basically, a typical package for would give you a free cell phone with free monthly minutes to use for local and domestic calls.
The upgrading costs $29.99 at the moment, which is not too much for such a phone, hence you can still consider getting this phone and calling it one of free government smartphones.
Every user of the service can upgrade existing phone to a more sophisticated and up-to-date model.
There are a number of deaths that take place every year do to lack of proper communication, and access to emergency services should be a right for everyone.The free Obama phone is an important program, especially for low income families that would otherwise not have access to basic communications. This option is available for new subscribers to AssuranceWireless from Georgia, New Hampshire, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas and Kansas. ReachOut Wireless phones are available in a very big selection, and are represented by as basic models as Samsung A850, and as new and coolest ones as HTC Droid Incredible 2, Motorola Droid 2 and iPhone 4 smartphones. I am surprised that you even mentioned George Bush as introducing a subsidized phone project, but he did not promote such like this welfare president, and he certainly did not call it by his name. You brought your problem of us having them to the wrong place so just ride your high horse out of here and go whine to the ones who set this program up! However, it is possible to purchase additional minutes and messages for a low fee to use with your free government smartphones. Of course, these should not be considered free government smartphones, since there is an additionally charge of various value for upgrading a current cell phone to one of these. And paradoxically, the only way you provide to contact you is this combox!Therefore i am insisting that you at least stop calling it "the ObamaPhone, and until you do, i request an exemption from paying the USF, and a real phone number that i can talk to a real person about this misuse of public funds. Yet, it is a great way to have a modern gadget with all cool features and use it with a free monthly cell phone plan.
Thanks, and may you turn to Christ from sin, and follow Him, who provided salvation (for the contrite believers who take responsibility for their sins), on His own cost and merit, and who rewards those who obey Him.
Some people claim that the government is using taxpayer’s money to run this program, however, the claim is false.
We agree a free phone won’t stop financial difficulties, but help, deserving families who struggle.
As of early 2011, 15% of people lived in a household that received food stamps, 26% had someone enrolled in Medicaid and 2% had a member receiving unemployment benefits.
The Census data show that 16% of the population lives in a household where at least one member receives Social Security and 15% receive or live with someone who gets Medicare. Lifeline provides communications service for hard-working low-income families and those receiving government assistance. Since reaching 31.78 million in December 2008, enrollment in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has set a record each month. USDA estimates enrollment for fiscal year 2010, which ends Sept 30, is expected to average 40.5 million people, at a cost of up to $59 billion. You qualify for government subsidized phone, if you receive, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Disability, SSI, Section 8 Housing, WIC, help from National Free Lunch Program, etc.
During the recent economic boom, only 33 percent of applicants were claiming mental illness, but that figure has jumped to 43 percent, says Rutledge, citing preliminary results from his latest research. Post., Jobless disability claims soar to record $200B as of January, February 19, 2012,In just the first four months of 2012, 539,000 joined the disability rolls and more than 725,000 put in applications. If you receive government benefits, you may qualify for one of these plans. If you are working, check US Poverty Guideline to see if you are eligible.
From June 2009, the number of new enrollees to Social Security’s disability insurance [SSDI, financed with Social Security taxes paid] program is twice the job growth figure.
Senator David Vitter from Louisiana has introduced legislation to stop the Lifeline Assistance Program.

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