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Did you know that that the US government offers free government cell phones and free monthly cell phone service to millions of Americans at no charge?  Well, it is absolutely true!  This is one of those rare cases where free actually does mean free. The LifeLine Assistance program is a federally funded program that offers free phones and phone service to qualifying participants in government assistance programs and low income households.  Participants in LifeLine Assistance programs can choose to receive a free cell phone or a free land line and ongoing free phone service.
If you qualify for a free cell phone you will not be charged connection fees, have to sign an annual contract, make a deposit, or pay monthly service fees for the cell phone.  The only requirement that you must comply with is the annual certification requirement for ongoing service. The LifeLine Assistance program has been in existence for close to twenty years and has helped millions of Americans stay connected to loved ones, friends, and employers.  These dependable  programs are not going anywhere. At the present time, you can get a free government cell phone in close to 40 states and the program is being introduced into new states at a rapid pace. The most popular government cell phone used in these programs is the Kyocera Jax, which is a stylish and compact candy bar style cell phone complete with a color LCD.  It packs all the basic functionality most users need and is very easy to use. In addition to your free government phone, you can typically expect to receive from about 60-250 free long distance and local cell phone minutes per month depending on your state of residency and the program provider’s guidelines.
Text messages are generally not included in the basic packages.  However, users can opt to add text messaging services by paying a small monthly fee.
Assurance Wireless is a managed by Virgin Mobile, which is a subsidiary of Sprint.  It is a the fastest growing free government cell phone provider and is currently operating in close to 26 states.
Tracfone a prepaid wireless cell phone provider based in Miami manages SafeLink Wireless and it is the largest provider of free government cell phones.
Since all of the companies mentioned above have to comply with government standards and requirements, the qualifications required to get a free cell phone and the actual program .  If you do not know which program to apply to, we invite you to review the information we provide on this site, learn which if any of the free government cell phones providers are in your state, and choose a provider based on that information.
If you reached our Assurance Wireless page from a search, we recommend first reading our free government cell phone main page for helpful general information before reading this article.
Even if you do not purchase additional minutes, Assurance Wireless (and Virgin Mobile) is still compensated by the government that pays subsidies to them to cover the cost of the cell phone and monthly  cell service fees. So, if you were suspicious about why Assurance Wireless would give out free cell phones and minutes, you now know.
Even if you don’t currently participate in an eligible government assistance program, you may still be able to qualify for Assurance Wireless service under income eligibility guidelines.

To determine if you qualify for Assurance Wireless service under income guidelines, please visit your state of residence in the list of links below. If you want to go above and beyond the 250 free talk minutes and texts, here are your other options. Assurance Wireless is available currently in 33 states as well as the District of Columbia.
You can get more information on Assurance Wireless at their official Website or via the information provided below.
There are several companies that participate in the Lifeline Assistance Program that gives out free cell phones to people in need, but Assurance Wireless is one of the largest at this time.
I like this phone because those people having low-income and enrolled in assistance programs like Medicaid, Food Stamps, Social Security Income and other such programs have been decided to be given a free mobile phone with a certain number of free local and international free minutes and messages. If you presently receive Food Stamps, then you should qualify for the Lifeline Assistance program. Low-income New Hampshire residents can get free government cell phone assistance and service from two cell phone carriers.
New Hampshire residents will get great offers from Safe link Wireless for free government cell phone. New Hampshire residents will get great offers under the New Hampshire cell phone program from Assurance Wireless. To be a beneficiary of Lifeline’s free New Hampshire cell phone program, you need to qualify for program requirements first. If you’re not a member of any government assistance program you can still qualify if your total household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If you currently reside in a state where free government cell phones are not currently available, you can still qualify for a free land line under the same free government phone program.
250 minutes is not a huge amount of time, but it should be enough for important calls to family and potential employers, and for emergency use.  For users that need more time, additional minutes are available for an added fee (this is not mandatory). SafeLink Wireless is available in 34 states and there are plans to introduce the program in over a dozen other states in the near future.

To top it off, you can buy Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards from thousands of retail locations across the country as well as online with a credit card or even PayPal.
They receive $10 per subscriber from the government’s Universal Service Fund and YOU get a free cell phone and monthly minutes at no charge.
After this, if you think you are eligible, you simply fill out an application with supporting documentation and you will quickly find out if you can get a free cell phone from Assurance Wireless.
They can get free New Hampshire cell phone service from Assurance Wireless and Safe link Wireless. If you are qualified, then check out your states two providers, Assurance Wireless and Safe link Wireless. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Such as additional minutes at 10? each, 10? text messages, messaging Packs as low as $5 for 200 messages, 411 service at $1.75 per call plus air time and International calling to over 200 countries for cheap rates.
As a qualified resident, you must have a valid physical address to consider your application and PO box is not accepted. Their websites will provide you information about what services you’ll get and how you can apply for it. Choose among the two carriesr and send your application and get for your free New Hampshire cell phone service quickly.
Budget provides free wireless services and free cell phones to qualified customers under the California LifeLine Program — a state program that provides discounted home phone and cell phone services to eligible households. It is important to note that each household can only benefit from only one lifeline  cell phone.If you know someone who can benefit from this government phone program, please let them know about this site!

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