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Perfect for President’s Day, this free Printable US Presidents Word Search contains the hidden names of all 44 presidents of the United States. Everyone in our house has attempted to do this puzzle and we can only find 2 B’s in the whole puzzle and neither of them spells Bush or Obama. One of the links had the wrong puzzle, but now you should get to the correct one whether you print from the word link OR from the image.
When I was a kid, someone pointed out that the shape of the inside of your ear was similar to the shape of how you looked as a fetus.
Shortly after my design teacher pointed out the correlation between lemon leaves and the tree, I began to notice many more correlations. Over the years, I’ve noticed patterns within patterns within patterns—in how cycles of history continually repeat themselves, how the patterns in our minds reflect the patterns in our lives, and how the patterns in smaller objects relate to the bigger whole. The periodic table has always fascinated me in how all the elements that make up our world fit into this nice and neat categorization as opposed to being completely in disarray and random as our world appears to be. Perhaps even more fascinating for me, is that the man generally credited with the publication of the table is a guy by the name of Dmitri Mendeleev. As a quick review of eleventh grade chemistry, the periodic table is a tabular configuration of the basic elements that make up all the matter on our world…and beyond. The noble gasses remind me of the types of people who are more introverted and don’t need to interact with others to feel complete. While I enjoy interacting with interesting people, I actually fall into this more introverted category.
Besides not having this built-in urge to be social, like the independent noble gasses, I just so happen to be an air sign, which seems to relate pretty clearly to gasses since they’re invisible and light like air.
Dividing the zodiac elements into the periodic table groups, air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) could be the noble gasses, halogens, and other nonmetals groups. One particular halogen—fluorine— is so reactive that once it reacts with something it bonds so strongly that the resulting molecule is non-reactive to anything else. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those elements that have one electron that they need to give away to feel complete. The fiery lanthanoides are all very reactive, burn easily in air, and are used as catalysts for synthetic products. Another firey-type element group, the actinoides are all radioactive and release energy upon decay. Obviously, this article isn’t meant as a thorough exploration of each element and its properties, but a basic introduction as to how this could all work. I think the most interesting correlation for me is how some people seem to need energy, others seem to want to give some away, while others seem to prefer to just keep what they have. Marc Oromaner is a spiritual author and speaker who teaches how we can discover our destiny using clues found in the media and in our lives.
In kabbalah there is the belief that through challenges, sharing, and growth you can evolve to a different sign as you get older. To clarify what I wrote above, the introverted Noble Gasses from the periodic table relate to the zodiac air signs in that they are similar elements and likely share many characteristics. I think we all get somewhat less social as we get older because we have more responsibilities. Actually, Doppleganger, we start out with characteristics of our moon sign and as we get older we move toward the Ascendant and progress into the next sig, moving a degree a year. I must have something in common with you ?? I have played around with the correlation between The 64 hexagrams in the I’Ching and the periodic table. I am sure you would love Human Design and the Gene Keys, as the thoroughy explain how energy is exchanged on a personal level. If you send me your birth data, date, time and place (and e-mail address) I will send you your 4 special Gene Keys. Buy The Book And Totally GET LOSTThe Myth of Lost uncovers the hidden wisdom of LOST and how it can help us in real life!
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At the time, I chalked it up to one of those fantastical things kids say to exaggerate a correlation. More recently, I became aware of how the functions of an electron mirror our spiritual growth, which I wrote about in “The Science of Raising Your Vibration.”  Even more recently I noticed how the properties, organization, and categorization of the periodic table elements seem to relate to the different kinds of people in the world.

It makes the creator of this universe out to be pretty anal—whether that creator be God, some computer programmer, a higher version of myself, or plain old random mutations and science.
My Hebrew (really Yiddish) name is Mendel, and it means to heal—as in “mend.” I’ve discovered that throughout history, the name Mendel continually pops up for those who’ve managed to seemingly make sense out of chaos. Then there’s me, a Mendel who’s attempting to translate the complex workings of our universe into a way the average layman can understand. Each element is organized chronologically according to its atomic number and electron configurations and grouped according to its recurring chemical properties. I often wondered what makes some people more social—enjoying the feeling of striking up conversations with others and being around people, while others are perfectly content to be left alone and rarely initiate conversations.
Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) could correlate with the alkali and alkaline earth metals, fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) could be the equivalent of the lanthanoids and actinoids groups, and finally the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) could relate to the transition and post transition metals as well as the metalloids.
These include both the earth sign-esque materialistic alkali metals and much of the water sign-esque transition and post-transition metals.
Similarly, these personality types can act as catalysts to make things happen, or cause them to boil over. Those in this personality group would likely be prone to frequent meltdowns or temper tantrums. Those more familiar with chemistry could certainly weigh in on other correlations and how they relate to our personalities and how we interact and react with one another. And the interactions between these various types create for some very interesting group dynamics. His book, The Myth of Lost deciphers the hidden wisdom of the hit TV show and explains how we can use this wisdom to overcome our own challenges. PBS had a special on hidden dimensions that measured the branch of a tree and how it follows the same shape of the tree AND the forest.
So the patterns are within patterns within patterns–as I know you yourself believe as well!
Your moon sign relates more to your emotions so it’s a part of your overall personality. I appreciate your modesty but can see that you obviously hold tremendous wisdom and strength to even say something like that. I do also love your description of the atom and the way it gives off energy when it moves closer to the nucleus. Glad that this post gave you comfort, but at the same time, just because something is part of our chemical makeup, doesn’t mean we should resign ourselves to that personality. When I was your age, I had no idea this kind of thinking even existed, so you’re discovering it way before I did.
All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners, and are used here under the terms of Fair Use. These easy word search games are an excellent way for children and second language learners to acquire new words and improve their spelling.
Try these Sopa de letras, or Spanish language word search puzzles, for an entertaining way to discover new words and practice your spelling. These word search puzzles range from very easy for beginners to quite challenging for older children. Those with a sweet tooth will find vocabulary related to delectible delights such as candies, cakes and cookies and ice cream. These free word games relate to the countries of Europe and Africa, major cities and cultural centers such as London, Paris and New York, as well as landmarks found throughout the world. These free word search games can be played on your computer or printed and solved on paper.
The sites listed here offer free word search puzzle generators that you can use to create customized word search puzzles for educational purposes or just for fun. But years later in advertising school, one of my professors had us gather the leaves from a lemon tree and then look at how it compared to the shape of the tree itself. Then how maple leaves looked like spiky-topped maple trees and oak leaves had more rounded edges like an oak tree.
Just as the day that you are born relates to your horoscope, the definition, symbolism and numerological significance of your name relates to who you are—almost like a sort of programming code. Noble gasses have a complete outer shell, meaning that their last orbit of electrons around the atom’s nucleus is already complete, so they don’t need to combine with another atom for fulfillment. I’m usually surprised when people reach out to me—initiating a social connection—as it has usually never even crossed my mind to do the same for them.
If I fit into the noble gas archetype, does the periodic table represent all kinds of personalities?
That’s why they are so demanding and jealous of their women, but as long as they are secure in that bond they can usually keep their reactions towards others in check.
Like any other element, they can use their properties for constructive or deconstructive purposes, having both scientific and industrial uses.
Do certain element personalities or groups get along better with those that form the best molecules together—like hydrogen and oxygen? The various properties of each periodic table group also seem to have very similar correlations among peoples’ personality types. It’s almost as if I started off with the personality of my zodiac sun sign and somewhere along the line my moon sign took over. If you find yourself rarely seeking connections with others, than it would likely be beneficial to reach out more frequently.

In fact, I’ve begun striking up more conversations with people at the gym (and elsewhere) and plan to do even more! Not sure what kind of homework assignment this article could’ve answered, unless you just used the periodic table image here. These free Spanish word search games cover basic vocabulary with themes such as sports, animals, clothing, family, holidays and more.En este juego de letras, a ver si puedes encontrar las palabras ocultas. Themes include holidays, the four seasons, animals, jobs and professions, the Bible and much more. Amazingly, the veins of the leaf seemed to match the branches of the tree, and the leaf’s shape was similar to the tree’s overall shape. It got me thinking about the science behind reflexology and if there was something to palm reading.
Science shows us that every element in this universe has a coded signature that relates to its properties and potential. Just as the halogens are harmful or even lethal in sufficient doses, people who are of this personality type are said to be toxic—they are the drama queens and haters always looking for a little energy to live off of. I would imagine that the lanthanoide personality would be similar—able to help bring about amazing inventions and start-ups but also able to destroy just as easily. Rock stars, divas, narcissistic politicians, and fame-feeding movie stars all fit into this group. Or would it take two hydrogen types to interact with an oxygen to make an emotionally balanced H2O relationship? Who knows, there may be a whole new metaphysical genre shaping up here—a whole new school of the occult.
It helps us to see why we act the way that we do and gives us the power to choose whether we want to be so easily manipulated by our particular energy signature.
These patterns are clues that are meant to guide us towards a life full of love, light, and fulfillment. They like to talk to a lot of people at parties but usually don’t go very deep on an emotional level.
It requires effort and struggle to move out (contraction) and surrender (expansion) to let go. Cada sopa de letras trata de un tema diferente, que sea los deportes, los animales, la ropa, la familia y mucho mas. In kabbalah they say that just as an entire lake is reflected in one drop of its water, so too is all of reality reflected in ourselves.
Much like periodic table elements, I believe that we too can be broken down based on our birth date, name, and energy signature—the composition of who we are. The 1st shell can hold up to two, the 2nd up to eight, the 3rd up to 18, the 4th up to 32, etc. The less dramatic halogen types are energy vampires who talk and talk about themselves and their problems hoping to suck out the attention they need to feel fulfilled.
Perhaps one day people will speak of astrology, numerology, reflexology, palmology, and elementalism—or whatever they decide to call it.
While our personality types may initially be dictated by whatever element we are associated with, I actually think we gain the most energy by going against our set type. The difference is that they usually don’t feel compelled to socialize to complete themselves or get energy. And if so, how far back could we go to see similarities of ourselves as a society—to the lines in our palms, the DNA in our genes, or even the atoms in our bodies? I believe that this signature is shaped and reshaped by our soul, but it’s not even necessary to believe in the spirit to see patterns within peoples’ personalities that correlate to periodic table elements. Those who tend to prefer their alone time gravitate more towards solo careers as freelancers, writers, artists, accountants, scientists, designers, and various desk jockies and Mac monkeys. Twenty years from now when it starts getting popular you’ll swear it sounds like something you read about years earlier but for the life of you, you won’t be able to recall where. So those who are already fulfilled should force themselves to interact with others, those who need energy should instead give theirs away, and those who need to give should learn how to take which will be challenging for them. With the noble gasses however, since their last shell is full, they don’t need to talk to anyone for fulfillment.
In the case of the noble gasses, they feel like they already are, so, they act just like nobility—they don’t interact with the mere common element. These people can be very successful at what they do, but usually rely purely on raw talent, intelligence, and skill rather than who they know. Going outside our comfort zone would give us the most growth, cause our spiritual electrons to jump orbits, and result in light.
I put that together for me since I fit both the air sign and Noble Gas introverted archetype. The only thing that happens is that the cuss word gets long (but that too is not done convincingly).3. But as mentioned above, air signs can also fit into other periodic table groups including the Halogens, and Other Nonmetals group.

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