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This particular application, in a nightclub light sequencer, required only a byte of data at a slow rate. If you are in a physical store, you can give the card information to the retailer to pay for your purchase.
If you are shopping online, the masked card will show up as a credit card option when you're checking out. Some banks, including Bank of America and Discover, offer a similar one-time-use-only card for online purchases. Some consumers may have concerns about trusting Abine with their credit card info, however.

To protect against that possibility, Abine doesn't store consumers' real credit card info, Shavell says.
The noise is amplified by C1, R2, R3, and Q3, providing 1 or 2 V of noise at roughly 1 MHz.
Further testing was done by displaying six of the 74HC164 outputs as a pair of octal digits and analyzing sets of many readings for bit content as shown in Table 1, available in the online version of this article. The card is only authorized for the amount you specify and after a single use, it will be destroyed. The circuit was chilled or heated to cause a 10% compensating shift in the integrator output.

Both nodes are inputs to the A2 integrator, which has a long RC timing relative to the noise. If the application's 50-50 split is crucial, a more precise op amp or a different value of R6 can be used.
Now the feedback loop is complete: The integrator output will "find" the gate threshold, lock in a 50-50 balance of high and low logic timing, and compensate for variables like supply voltage, temperature, and IC variations.

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