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I had the opportunity to beta test this app for the past few days, and it does what it says. This had some unintentional consequences of choosing to sample during a random quiet moment, or a random loud one, and would then either play the sound way too loud or way too quiet. We are in a meeting, or a movie, or class, or some other place where an inopportune phone call or text message would immediately draw everyone’s attention to you, and not in a good way. One horrifying scenario that I imagine is my phone getting misplaced with Ring Dimming and Smart Vibrate on, and then trying to call it to locate it via the ringing. I didn't think anyone would want it and didn't want it stored in my house any more, but I just saw that one sold for $22 + shipping on eBay (after best offer).
Ring Dimmer is an app for Android that uses the ambient noise to intelligently adjust your phone’s ringer volume. In use, I tended to leave Smart Vibrate off, because it would tend to decide that it was always the best time to vibrate (when it is plugged in, for example).

There is no way to set thresholds for volume levels, adjust the sensitivity of the mic, or anything. I had imagined that this app would be a HUGE drain on the battery, seeing that it has to listen to the ambient noise to make a decision on the ringer volume. Granted, out of the box it does a pretty good job, it could be much better if you could customize it. Crazy professor doing experiments in his lab, knocks over a secret chemical (Chemical X) into his mixing tank, and BOOM.
This is also good for times where you are just by yourself at home, for instance, and full blast ringtones are way too loud. Using my best guess, I’d imagine that the app intercepts all notification sound requests, samples the ambient noise, adjusts the volume accordingly, and sends the notification request on its way. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.E-Mail Subscription Support Flipping A Dollar If you'd like to support Flipping A Dollar, feel free to do your Amazon shopping through this link (or the button below).

The original person gets some $$$ or at least de-clutters,  and someone else gets an item that they wanted or needed. You won't get any discounts, but I'd receive a small commission which helps keeps things up and running! I even sold my old phones on eBay to cover the costs!Check out their new Moto G 3rd Generation. 2,236 views Preparation – a little goes a long way 435 views April 2016 Profits – Still Hanging On 396 views Ralph Lauren Polo – eBay Clothing Series #2 370 views How I appealed a PayPal dispute and won!

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