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Starting out in the grocery business, it was as part of their enormous expansion over the last few years that Tesco launched their own network – and now the Tesco Mobile phone number is one of the most searched for on all of our website.
As with their main supermarket business, the majority of Tesco Mobile customers are happy with the level of service provided. Common issues dealt with by their contact staff often relate to billing, cancellation of contracts and general complaints. Along with our suggested Tesco mobile phone number, we have managed to find a number of local, national and freephone alternatives.
Bt mobile phone deals - compare tariffs payg, Bt mobile phone deals compared free online tool! We live in a well connected world these days where you can instantly draw upon the the great search engine in sky for the answer to any question, watch videos of Shetland Ponies moonwalking and other such delights that the Internet can bring. Quite simply TU Go is a method to make phone calls from your mobile phone number but route them thought a data connection be it WiFi or Mobile Data. So before he discovered TU Go he would have had to use his Landline to phone her and therefore he would incur a calling charge and Johnnies dad would not be happy about that.
Now I know that this is very simplified usage scenario but imagine that Little Johnny was abroad and he has access to WiFi, this was the real penny dropping moment for me.
TU Go will allow messages and phone calls to be sent from the customers phone number to be sent from their phone or tablet or even PC without using the standard voice networks.
Now this frankly groundbreaking app is only available to O2 customers in the UK as it is free for them to use it.
I have been lucky enough to test this out in various circumstances and it is great and very easy to use. Will this shake up the old reliables of using Femtocells or using alternative services well the jury is out on that but for this reviewer I am hooked.

I think this is unique, it is using an App on the PC or Tablet to emulate your mobile, google voice may well do it, but does it make calls and send texts as if it were your mobile phone? I work for a company that makes Next Gen telephone exchanges, we have a mobile app that emulates your landline number (only if your carrier uses our switch though), the good thing about this app is if you get a call on the mobile app you can push it back to your landline when you get home, and vice-versa, if you take a call and are just about to go out, you can push it to the app on your smartphone and take the call with you. Podcasts have exploded in popularity since they first came onto the scene in the early 2000’s. Although marketed as a standalone product, the service operates as a¬†virtual business – meaning that consumers are actually a part of the O2 network, with Tesco owning none of the infrastructure that the system is run through. This is somewhat helped by their relatively low charges – but many people have claimed that their savings on price are made through cutting back on their support staff. Alongside these more frequent requests, their customer service team should be able to deal with almost any question, and independent consumer reviews websites often rate their level of support above and beyond the likes of Virgin Mobile, EE and Vodafone, despite their relatively small size. Although we will always strive to ensure that each of these is as up-to-date as humanly possible, companies like Tesco are constantly changing their free numbers in order to make their support teams difficult to contact – which is why we always suggest using our recommended customer services numbers. Now while this is all wondrous and invigorating, but what happens when you want to make an actual phone call? However they do have WiFi in their house and Johnny has a smartphone so he downloads and signs up for TU Go and then finds Granny’s number on his phone, within moments he is connected to her and all is right with the world.
Due to the fact that Little Johnny is using a WiFi connection to make the call and not the foreign network he will not incur any international charges for his phone call and neither will Granny. It looks and feel like the native apps on the phones and turns anything with a data connection into a phone. At the moment is is only available for iOS devices and Android as well as your PC if it is Windows 7 or below. I am aware that there are some other apps out there that do similar things but the big problem with them is that they all require both parties to have a smartphone or tablet and generally the same OS though not always.

Now on that note I need to go and do my best Dom Jolly impression and call my mother from my desktop!
Despite this, Tesco Mobile is now one of the major players in the market – something aided by their aggressive marketing campaigns and ability to self-promote in their stores.
Indeed, through our own research, we have noted that many people have found the correct Tesco Mobile phone number difficult to find, with the company seemingly determined to bury their contact details.
This is a brilliant solution for those of us that are in the unfortunate position of not having a reliable network connection but open access to WiFi. However it is going to be released onto WP8 and BB10 in the near future and I believe that there is a OSX version in the works. TU Go’s system of allowing the phone call to be sent down the same connections used for normal voice is where it is unique.
At the moment this App is only available for those customers on Pay Monthly, Business and Pay and Go will be coming soon. It’s as simple as grabbing a 1p sim on Amazon, or even picking one up for free at an O2 store.
I also really like the fact that it uses my phone number instead of a username etc as it means I have one less to remember. Some have been cheap fixes, some have involved a lot of tinfoil and some have been very expensive however most of them have been largely ineffective. So is it not time that someone makes a change to this is a way that everyone can use and understand.

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