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Free high resolution close up photo of sky blue, light blue or azure colored speckled paper. Material AspectsSky is the most common element of our existence that we see every day in our lives.
Our photographs have all been released into the public domain, which means you can use them for any purpose. If you see yourself flying or floating in the sky, it could mean that you are trying to explore a new area of life but it could also mean that you are trying to break free from the ordinary.
It tells you that your efforts will not suffice and that the thing you desire most will remain unattainable.

This is the reason why people in ancient civilizations attached so much importance to their sky gods. If you find yourself looking up at the sky in your dreams, it is indicative of future success. It means there is someone in the higher echelons of the authority who will sow favor to you. This is an indication that the heaven is communicating with you and your stars will shine brightly in the near future. Thus you can consider yourself lucky if you see the skies in your dreams as it signifies future success for you.Original MeaningSky is a very common dream symbol seen by millions of people in their dreams.

However, sky also expresses your bad terms with the women in your life and also of broken promises. If you find yourself floating under the sky in the company of animals and other weird creatures, it is a sign of disbelief and bewilderment. This jealousy will somehow seep into your love life and your partner will see you with suspicion.

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