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A Virtual Landline is more often referred to as a virtual geographic number a€“ it’s a local area, town or city number from anywhere in the UK starting with 01 or 02 a€“ just like a telephone number you would expect to have at home or work. Virtual Landlines, however, are built insideA ourA network as opposed to being it is exactly the same as a standard landline number, but having the added bonus of not having the hassle of having to dig up your footpath to install it. Many new businesses need a more flexible approach to their telephony, when starting up you’re here, there and everywhere and need to ensure you can still (reliably) receive calls from your business phone number ensuring new opportunities are not missed. A Virtual Landline Number from Smart Numbers also comes packed full of handy features that allow you to not only manage your inbound calls, we can screen them and even answer them for you too a€“ but also, you can make and return calls to customers from the Virtual Landline service using your mobile.
Our telephone Numbers all start out as Virtual Landlines, mostly with call divert in to mobiles, but as your business grows so too do the options for your virtual landline number. For a start, we can provide multi-level menu system, secret call screening, live call answering and call processing a€“ all as a virtual landline. Divert to mobile, landline and international phones a€“ we only use BT or Cable & Wireless Tier 1 telecom networks for guaranteed quality. Bespoke Agreed Rates can be negotiated a€“ Call 0845 017 8181 (option 1) to discuss your needs. Handle and manage customer enquiries more effectively than a standard mobile or fixed line phone. Smart Numbers are for life, not tied to a physical line or premise a€“ you can move them to different destinations as often as you like. Port Numbers to us and they can be included on your discounted call plan for as little as 92 pence per month. Our latest product development allows you to make calls from your Mobile Landline Number as well as receive them. You selectively dial out from your mobile landline number, we overwrite or "Mask" your phones actual caller id with that of your Smart Number.
The calls you make to mobile or UK landlines are included free with in our discounted call plans. We don't ask you to change your mobile phone or network provider, you still keep your mobile number and we don't want you to change your sim either - Both your personal 07 mobile number and your Mobile Landline from Smart Numbers work seamlessly together.
It's simple and easy to use, no additional technology required a€“ simply press a key to activate the product before a call. Create contacts or speed dials on your existing handsets for calls you want to make regularly. By overwriting or "Masking" your mobile or home number with your "Business" Number as your caller ID, you are more likely to get answered, it is a more trusted number and hopefully familiar to those new or prospective clients that you are returning missed calls and messages from.
When calling someone's mobile, it is likely they will save your "Calling From" number to their contacts. Please note: a member of our team will be in touch to confirm details before any money is debited from your account.
This one required an extra element inside the content area (the ".push"), to ensure that the negative margin didnt pull the footer up and cover any content.
This technique did not require a push element, but instead, required an extra wrapping element around the content in which to apply matching bottom padding to. Kind of a wash between this technique and the previous one, as they both require extra otherwise unnecessary HTML elements. I had a little situation where I head a header with a span in it, and I wanted to make sure to put a line break before the span.
Rather than a , we could use a , and well get that break just by virtue of the div being a block-level element. Ive long been a fan of pseudo element trickery, but this feels slightly dangerous in that you may be hurting accessibility. In this final post of our series on CSS Modules, I’ll be taking a look at how to make a static React site with the thanks of Webpack. In the previous post we set up a quick project with Webpack that showed how dependencies can be imported into a file and how a build process can be used to make a unique class name that is generated in both CSS and HTML. To catch up, you can check out the css-modules-react repo I’ve made which is just a demo project that gets us up to where the last demo left off.

We set the libraryTarget because that’s a requirement for nodejs and the static site plugin to work properly. And if we check out our build directory then we should find an index.html file with our content.
Before we do that we should move our routes into a separate file just to keep things nice and tidy. We want to make lots of little bundles of HTML and CSS that we can then bundle into a template (like an About or Homepage). There are two things to note here: First, if you’re unfamiliar with the JSX syntax that React uses, then it’s helpful to know that the text inside the body element is a comment.
What this does is import all our markup from `Main.js` (which will subsequently import the Head React component) and then it’ll render all of this with React DOM.
We need to deliver certain bits of code to certain _routes_: on the About page we need content for the About page, and likewise on a Homepage, Blog or any other page we might want to have. Before we begin it’s worth noting that in this tutorial we’ll be using version 2.0 of React Router and there are a bevy of changes since the previous version.
If you’re unfamiliar with what’s going on here then it’s best to take a look at Brad Westfall’s intro to React Router.
There are certainly ways in which we could improve this project, for one we could add Browsersync to our Webpack workflow so we don’t have to keep npm installing all the time. By making a static site with React we’ve lost a great deal of the magical properties that React gives us out of the box, including managing state, yet it’s still possible to serve two kinds of website with this system: you can make a static site as I’ve shown you above and then progressively enhance everything with React superpowers after the fact.
This workflow is neat and tidy but there are many instances when this combination of CSS Modules, React and Webpack would be complete overkill.
However, if there are lots of people contributing CSS to the codebase everyday then it might be extraordinarily helpful if CSS Modules prevented any errors that are thanks to the cascade. The idea is that it should set all properties of an element to initial, removing all custom styling thus far applied.
We got to talking about easing in a recent episode of ShopTalk with Val Head and Sarah Drasner.
I put this CSS-based demo together based on the smart things Val and Sarah were talking about as well as recently seeing Googles design spec for this exact movement. Google is saying dont ease-out on the way out, presumably as it looks like its lagging getting the heck out of your way. During San Francisco’s Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas “Hackathon”, Glen Chiaccheri made a game where you have to literally scream your way through it.
Make sure to check it out in Firefox, as Chrome and Safari don’t support the getUserMedia API fully.
The app will be made available to everyone who has pre-registered interest in the bank through its launch website, and while it is initially only available to Apple users, an Android version is set to follow shortly. In addition to savings accounts, Atom will be offering secured lending to small and medium-sized businesses, available through a number of specialist business intermediaries, and throughout 2016, the bank will be unveiling a further range of products and expanding the functionality of its app. A phased roll-out of services throughout the year is planned, and by the end of 2016, customers will be able to access current accounts, overdrafts, debit and credit cards, instant access savings and residential mortgages, all serviced exclusively via the app.
The app uses face and voice biometrics to provide a secure log-in, and offers paper-free account opening in just a few taps. I spent yesterday afternoon at a fairly hardcore (as in, in-depth) video editing event organised by ad tech firm Celtra. It is compatible with any mobile carrier and we dona€™t need any special hardware or physical phone line to install, allowing you the freedom and flexibility of receiving calls directly to your mobile where ever you are. We can also install the number in to an office, home or premises a€“ so even if the worst (or best!) case scenario is that you grow to need an fixed line, you can convert your virtual landline number in to a fixed landline.
But not always, if there is enough content on the page to push the footer lower, it still does that. Then there is not any overlapping going on, just two elements stacked on top of each other totaling 100% height.
The trick here is to make the span block level, but then inject the text with a pseudo element and style it as an inline element.

I think some screen readers read pseudo elements, but I dont think all, nor are they supposed to. This static site will have two templates: a homepage and an about page with a couple of React components to explain how it works in practice. The following example relies heavily on that tutorial so it’s definitely worth working through those previous examples first. We depended on JavaScript to render our markup and it wasn’t entirely clear how we should structure a project. You also might have noticed that odd element—that’s not a standard HTML element—it’s a React component and what we’re doing here is passing it data via its title attribute. And although I’ll be sticking with Webpack’s CSS loader and what I used in the previous tutorial, there are alternatives.
We could also add Sass, PostCSS and a number of loaders and plugins to help out, but in the sake of brevity I’ve decided to leave those out of the project for now.
Well, although this looks like an awful lot of work we now have a modular environment to write code. Depending on the size and scope of the web project it would be borderline crazy to spend the time implementing this solution—if it was only a single web page, for instance. But this might lead to designers having less access to the codebase because they must now learn how to write Javascript, too.
I don’t think so, because—as with all front-end techniques— the solution depends on the problem and not all problems are the same. This is for large-scale WordPress sites that need the scaling and high-availability of AWS, all managed by the crack engineers at Media Temple. If you _could_ count on it being consistent, this is a powerful one-liner, alleviating some of motivation behind things like iframes, web components, or css modules. That is, the change happens slowly both at the beginning and end, and speeds up only in the middle somewhere. This changes the easing function depending on if the element in question is being shown or being hid, as well as the timing.
This is the API that allows web developers to request access to the user’s microphone, which you can find more info about on HTML5Rocks. The app is backed up by a 24-hour customer support team in Durham, but aims to provide complete banking functionality through the app alone.
But if the content on the page is short, a sticky footer will still hang to the bottom of the browser window. If it did, that would have to be factored into the negative margins, and having those two numbers not in sync doesnt look quite as nice. In this post we’ll be looking at a more realistic example whereby we try to make a few components with our new Webpack knowledge.
There are also a lot of dependencies that have to be supported for this method to work correctly.
The face you can force table layout from CSS is all about exploiting the unique layout properties of table layout -- not semantics. If youre taking animation seriously _as part of the brand_ on a project, you should define and consistently use easings.
Its that bottom margin plus the height of the footer that need to be added together to subtract from the viewport height.
And yeah, were using viewport units here as another little trick to avoid having to set 100% body height before you can set 100% wrapper height.
Using flexbox for a sticky footer not only doesnt require any extra elements, but allows for a variable height footer.
Although linear can be quite useful, Ive found, when the change is very small, like only moving a few pixels or a color changing shade.

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