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Smartstones California company introduced a system,that allows you to read thoughts and turn them into speech.
The life of modern man is associated with the interface is so tight,that most did not even notices it. Engineers from Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with researchers from the Future Interfaces Group create intelligent management technology to smartwatch. At the time, many were waiting for the release of the Nintendo gaming grade smartphone in response to the Sony Xperia Play, but expectations were not justified.
Canadian engineers Human Media Lab at Queen's University in Kingston again decided to surprise and presented a prototype flexible smartphone HoloFlex with holographic display. United Arab Emirates has once again demonstrated to the world the scope of his imagination and truly royal ambitions. The year 2020, even if only a few years away, still sounds futuristic and in tech terms, it is. Mobile aficionados are always anticipating newer technology, especially when it comes to buying phones.

Flex Is Our Future Revolutionary Collapsible Tablet Computer As the name suggests, Flex is a revolutionary collapsible tablet computer, with flexible screen while still maintaining rigidity.
To combat them, the authorities sometimes go to extreme measures, such as introducing road fees for travel or limiting the amount entering the city limits of machinery. This time the Dubai leadership gave the go-ahead on good rather unusual project, the creation of which will require considerable effort and investment. With the exponential developments in technology, the world will look very different in 2020 with many exciting new innovations taking shape. With interesting technological changes, concept phones are hitting the mobile market with novel designs. However, the Chinese authorities intend to launch another element of the struggle,which is before them no one has yet applied.
The device is equipped with 512 GB of internal memory for storage of personal data and 6 GB.
The health sector will see incredible advancements such as printable organs, predictive healthcare and more.

I’m sure the arrival of this new concept phone, Flex Display Phone will make mobile fans quite happy.
This phone employs an innate interface and easy steps so that […]Key To Touch Cell Phone Can Transform Into A Full Fledged Keyboard If I were assigned to make the television commercial of Key to touch, I would have done it this way. It employs flexible display technology that allows this phone to be expanded into a netbook. A keyboard on the touch screen will make it easier for mobile enthusiasts to type lengthy emails as well as messages. Together with offering all basic functionalities of a cell phone, it also offers access to GPS, net, and videos.
Innovatively tailor-made, the new Flex Display Phone allows professionals to create presentations, stay connected anywhere, anytime.

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