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This feature is currently in development, so you can't download a version of OmniROM that includes it just yet.
The new OmniROM dialer will also include the option to use the Google Places API, just for completeness sake.
Didn't you just basically imply above, and in your edited original post, that it was the wakelocks (Nlpcollector and Nlp) that caused the battery drain? Then let me correct myself: If you have Network Location already on (as most people do), this feature (the one the article is talking about) won't drain the battery any more than usual, since it's already on and already supplying data to other apps. Except for the fact that I have had it enabled on my Sprint Galaxy Nexus running the current version of CM 11 (still somewhat buggy) and can make it through the day with some battery left. Everything that Omni creates is open source and for the community - so any other project can take and use it for their own as long as they adhere to the open source licensing. Hopefully it's not too hard to get running on stock ROMs, because when I get my N5, I have no intention of flashing custom ROMs. For example the OMNI non-intrusive call UI will not work and all custom setting added to the phone settings will disappear. Ahh I wasn't aware of that, though I know I had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to make it work before the flashable zip (and playing around with TeleServices.apk was a big part of that trial-and-error). You shouldn't, google is walking down the path of evil with every new android version, and I'm scared of where this is going. My reasons might be a little personal, but google is slowly closing android down into another walled garden. There are a number of things that have recently made me squeamish about Google, but probably the thing that's made me most unhappy is that Android is slowly being gutted unless you're willing to use Google. We always accepted there were certain things tied to Google - Gmail, Maps, Android Market, etc. If you live in Asia (and probably elsewhere outside the West), Google Maps is a pathetic joke. So they decide to replace this super evil corporation(who's OS you are using by your own choice) search function with something that is less complete and does the same thing? And yes, you can say that they do not keep the personal data, but if you trust their word, why don't you trust Google's word? Both Gmail and Yahoo Mail have silently made phone numbers as a mandatory requirement to create new email accounts on their platform.
When a Google official was contacted by leading news daily to verify this requirement, he said that it’s optional to provide phone numbers.

However, if any new user tries to create a new gmail account without providing any phone number, his account would not be fully active.
Atleast Yahoo has been clearly forthright in this matter, as a spokesperson for Yahoo recently said, “At Yahoo, we are committed to the security of our users. On one hand such a step is certainly a positive one to tackle the menace of spamming and illegal activities, but on the other hand it can lead to some serious charges of invasion in privacy. Now, no longer a person can remain anonymous even in case he wishes to use email service provided by Google and Yahoo.
Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) has opposed this move and said that the email service providers have no right to demand phone numbers of end-users in-order to use their email platform.
As of end of 2012, there were total 425 million users of Gmail all over the world, out of which its maximum reach was within India as 62% of Indians who use email has opted for Gmail. With this enforced rule and arm-twisting methodology to extract emails from internet-savvy Indians, both of these email providers have chosen a very dangerous path, which can lead to large scale dissatisfaction and uproar.
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Whether you're talking about music playback, search, or even the dialer, Google's updated apps have features not included in the Android Open Source Project. Well, and there are still things Google is better at than any of the more open alternatives. The approximate location is nothing more than network triangulation, which your phone does anyway. If you keep it off, you might as well be using a dumphone, like the first comment on that Reddit thread pretty much states. How presumptuous of you to assume I've "never faced this problem before" simply because I realize that this feature will cause *slight* battery drain (I'm talking less than 5% over the course of a day). Well, Cyanogenmod is also an open-sourced ROM, but the main features and apps are pretty cumbersome to get on non-Cyanogenmod devices.
When I flashed the factory image on my Nexus 4, business search worked perfectly in the dialer.
When you flash the google dialer, it replaces any custom code added to telephony services as it comes with it's own telephony services. I'm not aware of any telephony-related features that have been affected on AOKP, but an open source alternative will certainly be nice for future-proofing. Call me paranoid, but I don't like my cell phone uploading thing to gdrive without my consent, and I also like to have lots of storage on my phone because I tend to record a lot of videos from my phone.
Before they started pushing everyone to cloud storage, the reason for removing SD card support was so they could have 1 unified memory solution as opposed to the crap on Samsung phones (my SII has internal memory for apps, internal memory for other stuff and SD for other stuff.), Plus developers were dumping their app data in folders along with the personal data of users, which was bound to confuse the average Joe.
I find it funny that people like the author write "This will probably come as a relief to those with a bad case of Google-phobia". On the other hand, if it gets to the point I'm replacing literally every stock thing to get to an experience I like, I'm on the wrong OS.
Why cant those fools hand over all their data to Google without complaining like the rest of us?

While Google asks for either a telephone number or mobile number, Yahoo specifically asks for mobile number to able to verify the email accounts. Although there has been no official announcement regarding this mandatory rule of providing phone number, it is clear to the end user that this requirement is a enforced way to extract their private information.
We ask our users to provide their mobile number at registration as a secondary means of authentication, in addition to their password. In fact, there is no government notification or order regarding this requirement of giving out phone numbers to create email id.
Comparatively, Yahoo Mail has 281 million users all over the world, out of which around 10 million are from India. Phone Number Now Mandatory To Open New Gmail and Yahoo Mail Accounts", 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. The developers of OmniROM are looking to make the handy features of the new Google Dialer available without the proprietary bits, so they're working on an integrated phone number directory without Google.
Google doesn't get any data, and you only need to make your approximate location available. The integrated phone number search will roll out in a future build of OmniROM, but the devs didn't offer any timeline.
This feature shouldn't drain battery any more than usual, if it were even available yet, which it's not. As a side note, you can use he PA gapps package of the Google Dialer with other ROMs, though it proved to be incompatible with future PA releases (I'm using it on AOKP just fine). I believe that's why there is this move to replace the Google version with this one that's being worked on. It started with the nexus devices, at first they where nice, cheap and fast, and running latest android version avaliable, but with one caveat, limited local storage (no microsd slot). Anyone without Google-phobia is blind, and if the author thinks that you need to have a "bad case of Google-phobia" to try keep Google out of your dialer, he is also stupid.
And that makes me sad, because the alternatives are even worse: no intents on iOS, no applications on WP, no support for FxOS, no release for Ubuntu Touch, etc.
Yes, you aren't sending this info to Google anymore, but instead are sending this to someone else. I guess I'm hoping it's as easily accessible as apps like Focal, which left CM for the Play Store. Browser for instance), I'm less than happy about Hangouts, the new dialer, the home screen, etc.

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