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In all software or web site development projects you need some process to keep track of issues, i.e. Usually, the first step to organize up-coming tasks is to write them down in an Excel sheet. At the other extreme there are a lot on-premise issue tracking systems, such as JIRA, and even more complex Software change and configuration management (SCCM) tools.
Google Spreadsheets is an Excel-like program that comes as a part of Google Docs, a free web-based office suite. Its ease of use, configurability and online collaboration make it a perfect solution for small projects and dispersed virtual teams. Up in the header there are some statistics about the issues and below there's a long list of issues with their essential properties. The interesting part here is in the header: Completion rate and Billable hours per milestone and month. The formula sums estimated working hours in F column in case that milestone in E column matches given version.
This formula operates on arrays and consequently requires the calculations to be wrapped into an arrayformula function (comparable to Excel Ctrl+Shift+Enter function). The formula to calculate billable hours is similar to calculating completed hours, but with one trick: search function returns FALSE if there was no match and then isnumber turns this into either 0 or 1. Google Maps shows your current location and latitude (via My Place), navigate and direct driving, and it can even show real-time traffic. However, you need to turn Find My iPhone on if you own an iOS handset, or Android device manager on if you own any Android device, or any third-party mobile tracking apps on in order to track your phone.

As long as you have a GPS enabled mobile device (even without GPS can use GSM cell towers or WiFi hotspots to locate your handset), be it Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia s60 series or Windows mobile device, you can always find a version for your mobile phone; however the functions vary depending on your mobile phone OS. In order to learn more about GPS mobile tracing, you need to have some solid knowledge about Google Maps and Google Earth.
Google Maps for mobile now comes with built-in Google Latitude, so you can now share your location with your friends directly from your Google Maps.
Another thing worthies noting is that the latest version 5.2 of Google Maps for Android allows you to check-in, if you have an Android cell phone, you can share your location with your friends using Google Maps. But after having experienced lock-outs and lost macros when someone saved the file with Open Office I know that this system doesn't really scale for team work. Somewhere on the middle ground lie simple web-based tools like Basecamp and Pivotal Tracker. It's easy to customize for the needs of each project: sometimes you need only issue summary and status, and then sometimes you need to keep track of versions, milestones, hours and so on.
That's pretty primitive compared to the reports generated by a complex issue tracking software, but it should help you to report project status and send your invoices. There's no function to do that, but instead you can apply formatting rules by right-clicking a selected cell-range.
You can have a look at my Google Spreadsheet issue tracking sample (view only, no login required). Google Maps alone does not do that, it just shows the location on a map so you can better picture where your phone is. By collecting data from enough users running Google Maps, Google will be able to provide real-time traffic information in US, so drivers could escape from the traffic jam in advance.

Often it happens by email, but since the amount of issues in a small project already can be overwhelming, it'll be close to impossible to remember what has been requested. It's easy to adapt for communicating with clients' project members, since it's easy to introduce also to clients' non-technical personnel. Naturally, all of the attributes can customized based on the needs of your project - you can see that the projects that I linked to above have other attributes, like Operating system, Browser version and What were you doing. Meanwhile, you will be able to post your reviews and ratings on places like restaurants to Twitter. Id property is important for ensuring that you talk about the same issue in emails or in more detail in Google Documents.
Anyway, there's a bit of work in getting those numbers out of the data, so let's have a closer look at the formulas.
If you want to open it for the public, you might want to consider keeping document itself private, and to build a web form enabling users to only commit issues without letting them to change them. Second, by sharing all the data in real time it makes collaboration extremely simple - all you need to do is to create a new document and invite people. No need to pass an Excel file around as an email attachment, or to worry about version compatibility.

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