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Assets may be tracked globally using devices which combine the GPS global positioning systemi??mobile phone cellular network and satellite phone technology. Asset tracker relies upon satellites, GPS receiver and transmitter to relay information, cellular networks to convey the information, computer systems to interpret and display the information and you to understand and respond to the information. Active AntennaOur active antennas are widely used in devices with navigation and positioning functions, such as vehicles and handsets. You may not always be with your kids, but you can keep tracking of them using hereO, the GPS-enabled smart watch.
As shown in the images, the smart watch features an eye-catching cartoonish design along with an LED display in order to meet kids’ taste and tell them the time in an intuitive way.

As a standalone and portable wireless GPS locator, it can easily be mounted to equipment using its integrated magnet, or fastened with screws. Our main products include GPS antennas, cellular antennas, WIFI antennas, ISM antennas, satellite antennas, various combination antennas, connectors and cable assemblies. Most importantly, the smart watch comes with a built-in SIM card that can automatically connect to a local carrier in more than 140 countries without roaming fees, and using GPS technology the smart watch doubles as a wireless tracker in order to locate your child and show you the location directly on your smartphone via custom hereO app. Unlike other mobile asset protection systems that use radio frequency to locate stolen assets, our GPS asset tracking antenna features a GPS locator that can help users find stolen or lost assets in real time.
The antennas can be used as asset trackers the help customers tracking their valuables or commodities.

Moreover, the application receivers notifications and alerts when your child enters or leaves frequent visited places. When hereO is removed, it also send an alert with the child’s current location to all family members.

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