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Welcome to here’s the thing, your source for practical tips, advice, and how-tos about the gadgets you use each day. Even the most basic of cell phones can be typically programmed to check an email account, including Gmail.
In practical terms, any changes you make to your phone’s email inbox using IMAP will be synced to your online Gmail account.
You should zap instantly to the mobile web version of Gmail, the look of which will vary considerably depending on the capabilities of your phone’s browser.
If you have a older prepaid cell phone, for example, don’t be surprised if you end up with a pared-down, text-only version of Gmail. But even the all-text Gmail will still let you check your inbox, open and reply to messages, or archive messages you’ve already read. Not bad—and indeed, the overall look and feel of mobile Gmail may top the bare-bones email clients on many budget phones.
That said, you’ll need an Internet connection—and therefore, a wireless signal—to access Gmail on your mobile browser.

Most standard and prepaid carriers offer service bundles that include unlimited mobile web access, or you might opt for an inexpensive bucket of monthly data. A new IDC Research report, conducted online with data from 7,446 Android and iPhone users ages 18 to 44 during a week in March, reveals some eye-opening mobile social media intel. Four out of five smartphone users check their phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up.
79% of smartphone users have their phone on or near them for all but two hours of their waking day; 63% keep it with them for all but one hour.
Friday through Sunday, smartphone users spend 163 minutes communicating and using social media on their phones. So weekends are more social than ever, probably because social media is just that – social, connecting people in person and from afar online. That connectedness engendered by smartphone use is followed closely by excitement, curiosity, and productivity. If you move or delete a message on your phone, it won’t be moved or deleted in Gmail on the web.

Well, if your phone doesn’t support IMAP, you may be forced to go with POP—and indeed, there are plenty of bare-bones phones out there that only have POP configuration settings.
No Internet, no Gmail, nor will you be able to review the messages you’ve previously received. A full quarter of respondents couldn’t recall a single time of the day when their phone wasn’t in the same room as them. And as Shea shared recently, another study showed that smartphone owners are considerably more social than their desktop counterparts.

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