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The question we get asked most often by our clients, is exactly what content should they include on their business card. Using our business card as an example, you will find the majority of the elements from the list above on our card. One More Quick Note: If your Facebook url has a long string of digits at the end, this means you have not yet gotten your vanity url from Facebook. Another common question is whether or not you should print on just one side of your card or both.
Cramming too much on one side of a card can make the card difficult to read, and is often an eyesore.
Smart Blogging For Business Learn the #1 fear bloggers have, how to discover your blog voice, and more. 320 executives nationwide select design firm from over 3,200 entries; Stevie Awards founder cites the inspiration shown by One Lily’s achievement. Design firm places in Top 3 of nationwide competition; to be presented with Stevie® Award trophy this Fall in San Francisco. Make sure you hide delivery costs on your website, have over-complex return policies, and charge surprise fees.
His fiction is complemented by recognized works in design and visual art arising from his early formal training. We do not include our mailing address since we do not have a physical office for our clients. Instead, we have highlighted our website address in red on the same line as our email address. Splitting your content between the two sides will help give your card whitespace and better balance. Since it is expected that you have an email address that also ends in your domain name, having both lines is no longer necessary. In the past, printing 2 sided cards was extremely expensive, but with the number of digital printers out there, you can usually get 2 sided cards printed for only 10-15% more than the cost of a single sided card. Do NOT be available on social mediaSocialbakers reports that, in average, companies respond to only around 30% of the questions they receive on Twitter. You can call out the domain by bolding the text, setting it off in another color, or just leaving it as the other text.

At the same time, 7 out of 10 customers expect a response from brands they reach out to on Twitter.
Business cards are still an essential staple in any business, and there is still no better way to provide a prospect with your information than leaving behind a business card. 54 Image: Why You Should Pay Attention to Indirect Competitors Why You Should Pay Attention to Indirect Competitors 46 Want to Achieve Business Success? Of those users, 53% want that response within an hour.That means that companies in average upset and fail to satisfy at least half of the people who reach out to them on social media. When you do not respond to inquiries or complaints on social media, all your customers see it – not just those who inquired. This is the great effect of social media.By the way, social media is the worst way to stay in touch with your audience, as communication is immediate, and it allows you to offer a more personalized, one-on-one brand experience. Rapid, personalized communication on social media has become a service benchmark, so leave your customers waiting or feeling ignored.A Rosetta Consulting study shows that people are seven times more likely to respond to promotional offers after a brand interacts with them in a meaningful way.
That means that you A) should not offer any promotional offers and B) should not interact with your customers in a meaningful way.4. Do NOT listen to feedbackWhen your customers send you suggestions, immediately discard them. Do NOT publish valuable contentValuable content only increases real engagement on social media, which is what you do not want. The worst you could do is sharing useful content, special incentives, exclusive information, or polls to influence your decisions.6. According to Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling something to an existing customer is 60 to 70 percent, while the probability of selling something to a new prospect is only 5 to 20 percent.
Make sure that the person selling your product does NOT understand your customerYou should be the only one understanding your customers, so that you can send the people selling your products in another direction. In addition, marketing to new customers costs more.You might not want new or existing customers, because you are completely done with them as well as your business. Alternatively, you might feel that a “real” entrepreneur does not take the easy route and does not focus on existing customers; you want to step up your game by focusing on new customers only. Do NOT train new team membersYour team members will only get one chance to make a first impression with a customer. Whatever the reason is you want to make life and business harder for yourself, I am here to help.In this blog, I will show you how to ruin your customer loyalty and customer retention.

Within the first 60 seconds of a meeting, a customer will figure out that the salesperson is not credible.8. Those wanting to make life and business a bit more difficult for themselves will find some tips in here.
Do NOT set up a customer loyalty programLoyalty programs are growing in popularity, and today’s technology makes them fairly simple to operate. To those recognizing things who do NOT want to end their business at all, please find a way to turn things around ASAP!1. Fundbox says that customers want an easy way to accumulate points as well as reward levels that are simple to understand.
Do NOT offer exceptional serviceConsulting firm Walker predicts that by the year 2020, customer experience will be the number one brand differentiator – ahead of price and product. As no one wants to carry around cardboard cards anymore, Fundbox suggests you make sure your program is mobile-friendly and can be accessed on any smartphone. The program could even be a win-win situation by using it to gather feedback.Nevertheless, you do not want customers to come back, you do not want to give customers a good feeling and you do not want to use feedback.
Swear, say the customer is out of one’s mind, do not respond to phone calls or emails, and do not look into their eyes.2.
Spread the word in your company about NOT wanting customer satisfactionHave you made ruining customer service your priority across your whole company, or do you believe that only the sales staff should worry about giving bad service?As LSRetail says: “Customer service must become an integral part of every aspect of your business – not just the marketing department or sales staff. Do NOT offer referral rewardsRewarding customers for giving referrals is a way to spread the word about your business, gain new customers and create loyalty.
As this is something you do not want, please do not ask customers to share the news about your company on their social media platforms and do not offer discounts for every referral.10.
Keep your distance, so they do not feel welcome.I hope that I have given you ample tips on how to ruin your business, if that is your aim, by not putting your customers first.
However, I would be even happier if I made you reflect on how you run your business and maybe even made you acknowledge a few things you did that you wish you did not do or did differently.

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