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We’re still not sure what more surprises will the Amber update for the Nokia Lumia devices bring to the table.
One thing that Mark likes about working at CPR is that customers often say that they are hero’s. Each one of these are true to life examples of situations that CPR has come to the rescue in a very anxious situation. Phone+sms filter verizon wireless community, Version of the nokia software amber in our cases. Nokia adds call sms blocking part lumia, Nokia adds call sms blocking part lumia windows phone 8 lineup.
Calling your cable service provider is usually a headache, but tech journalist Ryan Block's experience was far worse than your typical support call. When Block and his wife, Veronica Belmont, attempted to cancel their Comcast service over the phone, the representative incessantly demanded to know why. Even after Block said he didn't want to say why he chose to leave Comcast, the customer service rep kept pushing. Block patiently and calmly asked if it was possible for the representative to disconnect his service by phone, asking for a simple yes or no answer. Block eventually got his service disconnected over the phone, but still went to the store anyway to double-check, according to his Twitter. Now you can control any electrical gadget from any part of the world through your cell phone, that too without spending a penny for the individual commands. All domestic electrical appliances like, lights, fans, motors, TV sets, refrigerators, Air conditioners, washing machine, porch lights, garage door, house gate, basement gate or entrance, car ignition, car doors, water heater etc.
The concept has been already discussed in one of my previous articles – How to make a GSM car security system, and the going about is unbelievably simple.
However, the above article deals with a system that involves DC control features and therefore is not suited for controlling AC appliances. The unit discussed here is a universal device and can be used for operating all types of electrical gadgets from any part of the globe, just by making a single blank call to the systems number. The system will faithfully respond to every call made from your cell phone and will alternately switch the connected load ON and OFF as per your instructions.

The concept is impeccable, as it has been tested by me thoroughly since last three years with flying results. Basically the unit employs a very fundamental principle of converting the ringtone of a cell phone into a command output for operating a relay. This cell phone acts as a modem and is permanently attached with the internal control circuit of the unit.
For safety reasons more than one number is assigned to the modem so that in case one of your cell phones is out of order or has low battery, you always have the option of using the other cell phone for triggering the system.
The biggest advantage of the design is that, any cheap NOKIA cell phone can be used here as the modem and therefore there’s no fear of the modem becoming obsolete.
A simple yet effective cell phone remote control switch details has been discussed here with complete schematics and step by step tutorial. That means now you have switched OFF the default ringtone and no ringtone will be audible for any numbers other than the above assigned ones.
So you can be rest assured that the system will not respond to wrong numbers or any unknown numbers. WARNING AND DISCLAIMER – THE PROPOSED DEVICE MUST BE USED FOR OPERATING ONLY THE COMMON HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS AND PARAMETERS. We thought we had known it all, when Nokia just surprised us with a completely new feature, the ability to block SMS and calls from a certain number. The app not only allows one to block contacts, but users can also pin a Live Tile that lists the how many calls and SMS have been blocked already. Only recently, it was spotted that Microsoft had implemented new APIs in the recent GDR2 update for Windows Phone that allowed for this functionality. They are not miracle workers, but they do have solutions for important data before, and after, it has been lost. Rather than answering, the rep demanded to know why, clearly sounding agitated and a little angry. Whether it’s you vehicle, your basement door, your mansion gate or simply the air conditioner of your house, everything can now be switched by just a flick of your cell phone button. The modem cell phone is initially made ready by putting a SIM card inside it and by configuring the essential assigned numbers into its phone directory.

If you have sufficient prior knowledge of electronics, you should be making this complete unit within a days time. The modem cell phone NOKIA1280 is assigned with desired numbers, for example the owners cell number and a few other numbers of the owners family members. I would suggest not to make the Printed board initially, it would better to first test the working over a general board and if thing goes then you would want to transfer it over a well designed P-C-B.
It may be divided into two main stages, the lower stage consisting of the transistors is a simple audio amplifier, the upper stage consisting of IC is the flip flop triggering stage. The charger will keep the cell phone battery always charged so that it remains functional all the time. The load may be any electrical appliance like lights, fans, AC, fridge or anything that you may like to switch using this system.
THE PROPOSED CELL PHONE OPERATED SWITCH MUST NEVER BE USED FOR ANY OTHER INTENTIONS OR PURPOSE WHATSOEVER, AND THE AUTHOR TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY LOSSES THAT MIGHT OCCUR IN CASE THE UNIT IS USED FOR OPERATING ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN WHAT'S BEEN SPECIFIED IN THE ABOVE ARTICLE. While we were expecting a third party app in the future, the speed with which Nokia brought the feature to the ecosystem is commendable. A┬áThe way in which our representative communicated with him is unacceptable and not consistent with how we train our customer service representatives. And mind you, it’s completely fool proof, meaning no false triggering is possible through any other cell phone signals, it works only through the owners cell phone commands. Now, we only wish there was an orientation lock feature hidden somewhere in the GDR2 update as well (by the way, it is expected to be rolled out in the GDR3 update). Everyone records their lives with their cell phones, names, pictures, phone numbers, baby pictures, pets, the pictures and text messages that you need for the court case coming up, even the last time you were with mom before she passed away.
They can move the main board into a working phone, replace an LCD, or use their software to pull the data from the phone.

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