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With the increase in mobile device usage and the decrease in landline use, telemarketers have started calling cell phones with increased intensity. Call Block Unlimited is a popular app that allows you to block calls from known spammers from a list that is updated daily. As you can see above, the blocked calls and SMSes are displayed and you can view the blocked numbers too. Bharadwaj is obsessed with technology and is a self taught designer who covers news, writes features, reviews, loves to take photos and produces videos. Got a phone call from a new number you want to “block” and not be notified of again? This is very much a workaround obviously, but until a true block feature is either implemented at the iOS level or universally allowed from cell providers, it’s really the only choice we have.
Again, all modern versions of iOS support contact blocking natively so you won’t need to do use this list method, but for older devices, the block list works just fine. Samsung have signed up to an anti-bullying pledge which sees them add this feature as default.
But I use Google Voice with my iPhone, which does allow me to block phone numbers that I choose to ignore.

Google voice also allows me to selectively route specific callers to voicemail when the rest will ring my phone.
Will this approach work with incoming “blocked” calls where the caller has blocked its number? If you have a plan with limited calling minutes, then you could be wasting those minutes on calls you don’t want. Nokia has added one of the most wanted features to Windows Phone through a simple Extras+info update on Lumia devices running on the Amber update. Additionally, you can add live tiles to your start screen that displays the number of blocked calls and SMS. It is currently available only for the Lumia 925 and the Nokia Lumia 1020, both of which haven’t released in India yet. Keep in mind that inbound calls and texts from these numbers are still going to come through to the phone, they just won’t alert you or bother you in any way, making them easy to ignore. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I have my txt display when phone is locked, easier to read a txt, but is there a way to not allow certain txts to be displayed?

It was previously revealed that Microsoft had added hooks to its Windows Phone GDR2 release for developers to latch on, and those were of the call and SMS blocking features that didn’t exist before. Good news is that it actually integrates with the dialer app, and lets you block a number right from the call log, which is much needed if OS features are to be concerned. The Nokia Amber update is expected to go live in the coming weeks for all devices, so we do hope that all the devices get this update soon. While we were hoping for some third party developer to do it, Nokia itself has come to the fore and added these much requested features to Windows Phone, which is much welcome. If you stop sending me text messages , I will get rid of my habit of checking my phone all day.The more you stay away from me , the more I will adapt to staying away from you. Yet another indication that Nokia is doing the work for Microsoft when it should be the other way in an ideal world.

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