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With all that our smartphones do, it’s often easy to overlook some of the actual phone functions of the device. If someone calls you and you wish to add them to the list of blocked numbers, rather than tap in the center and drag towards the red phone, drag the red phone left towards the center. In call settings, call blocking — called call reject here — will be the first item in the Incoming call section. If the mode is set to Reject calls on list, then you can click Reject calls from and start blocking numbers.
It’s important to remember the calls here are being blocked by the call reject list in Settings, and while it will work with the stock dialer it is not a sure thing with third-party dialers, as many implement their own app-based system for call blocking. If you accidentally add a number to the list using this method (and it’s been known to happen), you can access the list through the following steps. The last option in the menu will be Call settings, which will take you into the Call subsection of the Settings app.
If you’re having issues with calls from private or withheld numbers, you can block all calls from private numbers with a handy little checkbox at the top of the list.
If you’re using a third-party dialer app, your directions will vary based on your app. Yes, it can be very annoying to take out your phone just to see a telemarketer offering unneeded services, but you always have the option to block calls.You can block calls on any Android phone using different methods, however, the method might be limited by the devices. Maybe someone sent your number to a list of trolls and you’re getting crank called at all hours of the night.
If you’re looking for call blocking without going into the dialer, you can find Call settings under the Wireless and networks section. First settings to set will be the Call reject mode, which by default is set to Reject calls on list. Google hasn’t incorporated Call blocking feature in Android, but some manufacturers add this feature to their Android phones.

Whatever your needs, call blocking is here to help, and it hasn’t changed much from the LG G3.
You can add a full number, or you can add a partial number such as an area code to all calls from a specific area. Although, the process to access the feature will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.Even if your phone doesn’t support the call blocking feature, you can still block calls via other means.
You can designate the rule as an exact match, a number that begins with the partial or ends with the partial number listed. In this tutorial, we will show you different methods to block calls, so it will be easier for you to select the right one according to your requirement. For non-Android phone, we have a broader number blocking article.Use Call BarringCall barring is not actually a standard call blocking feature, it will block all the calls of a selected type.
However, it can be handy in certain situations when you don’t want calls from certain types of numbers, For example, you can block all calls from international numbers.To access call barring option, tap on Settings and from there tap on Call. You will either find the “Call barring” option there or you will have to go further inside. If you don’t find Call barring option, then tap on “Additional settings” and you will find Call barring option in there.
Tap on “Call barring” and select which calls you would like to block, Voice calls or Video calls. Once selected, you will see all the options, which you can use to block both incoming and outgoing calls of a selected type.
If nothing works, then you will have to contact the manufacturer of your phone to provide the Pincode.Block Calls from Phone’s built-in featuresLike mentioned above, call blocking feature is not built-in Stock Android, only manufacturers add it in their specific phones (mostly flagship phones).
So, in most android phones this feature will not be available, but you can always check your Phone’s “Phone app” to see if the feature is available or not.On Galaxy S4, you can open “Phone app” and tap on the menu.
To add numbers directly to “Auto reject list”, open the contact number and tap on the Menu button.

Use a Dedicated AppIf your Android phone doesn’t come with Call blocking feature, you can always get it using Third-party apps (may be even better than built-in feature). There are tons of apps on Google Play Store that will let you block calls and even text messages. Most of them are completely free to use and provide all necessary features to block calls easily.In this tutorial, we are going to use the app Call Blocker Free, but you can also try out other popular apps such as, Mr. The reason why we have selected Call Blocker Free is because of its simplicity, making it perfect for beginners.Using Call Blocker FreeJust download the app and launch it. In there, you will see the option of “Blacklist”, tap on it and from the next page, tap on “+” icon.
Now, you can just choose the option which you would like to use to add numbers, and add the numbers to block. There is also an option of “Blocking mode”, which you can use to specify what types of calls should be blocked.
This is handy if you would like to block all numbers except for a few which will be in the “Whitelist”.
To change how the calls will be blocked, tap on menu located at the top right corner of the screen (it’s the three vertical dots). You will see three different options inside, you can make the app hang up the call, mute it or hang up and send a text.

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