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How many times are you in a situation where you would like to block a phone number or not accept any call from any specific mobile phone?
To get started you need to tap on the contacts application and then select the specific contact which you would like to block. This does not work for the Samsung Galaxy Y, so I was wondering if you can actually block numbers on this phone or just delete the calls.
I have tried this (with my home phone number) and the call still goes through to the mobile phone (S2). What Is The Point Of Telling People How To Block A Telephone Number If It Wont Work, What A Load Of Rubbish And Waste Of My Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have LG Optimus V and I do not have option of ‘BlackList’ just have a re-direct to Vmail, how can I block a number?
Even if you declined their offers, do you continue to receive calls from companies that offer you the purchase of any kind of product or service? If you’re interested to know how to block a number on Android , you should try Calls Blacklist. To install Calls Blacklist on your smartphone, launch the Google Play Store and search for it in this or linked to this web page from your PC and click on the Install button to send the application to the phone ( once it is connected to the Internet ). When installation is completed, you can block a number on your Android smartphone simply by starting Calls Blacklist and pressing the Add button.
At this point, every time you receive a call from the number entered in the blacklist, you will not hear ringing smartphone and who is on the other side will receive a busy signal.
To unblock a number after it has been blacklisted, starts Calls Blacklist, select the address to be removed from the blacklist and presses the Delete button. Another great app through which you can block a number on Android is WhosCall, which in addition to blocking calls and text messages from unwanted numbers can also view the identity of the unknown numbers that call you (if they are included in a public directory from which the app draws information ).
First, download it on your phone by opening the Google Play Store, and looking inside of the latter, or linked from this web page from your PC and click on the Install button to send the application to the phone (once connected to Internet ). When the download is completed, start WhosCall and follow the brief initial setup procedure by selecting the style of notifications app and confirming your email address (for free registration). At this point, when you receive a call from the number entered in the blacklist, you will not hear ringing smartphone. To unlock a previously entered number in the blacklist, start WhosCall, go to the blocklist select the contact you want to remove and press it before the ban on the icon located at the bottom of the screen and then click Yes to complete the operation. Whether you mean Hangouts or Messenger, the next time you receive an SMS from ETISALAT tap to view it, then tap the three-dot menu icon at top right and tap People & options.
Originally Posted by N4Newbie Whether you mean Hangouts or Messenger, the next time you receive an SMS from ETISALAT tap to view it, then tap the three-dot menu icon at top right and tap People & options. Most of the time you will get lots of Unwanted calls or text on your mobile number, some of them are cold call, Spam messages, call from telemarketers or any other unwanted call. Mr Number is free app for all android mobile users, which helps you to do this easily on your smartphone. Depending on what smartphone you have, you can block specific numbers via the Settings menu. Obviously the best way to block a number is through your phone’s internal settings if that option is available to you.
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Business VoIP Services For Free For 30 Days Oct 20, 15 03:52 PMI have discovered a wonderful business VoIP service that I can recommend to anyone. Want to discover some brilliant Android apps and Android games?Want to be up to date with the hottest stuff for Android?Subscribe to our NEWSLETTER and receive two GIFTS! May be you would like to block a telemarketers number or a friends number for a selected time frame to ensure that you don’t get disturbed during your important meeting. Do make a note that this video was made using the Samsung Galaxy S2 while these options may or may not be available for your android mobile.
I’ve been messing around for ages trying to block some persons number and an Indian woman from Vodafone tells me I have to download something from the Android marketplace, the thing is Android phones also have a tendency to develop a problem with their WiFi as well so I can’t do f*** all! Do you have any tips or know of any sites where I might be able to get any tips about blacklisting people?
Using them, all calls and text messages from numbers added to the blacklist will be blocked in the bud.
It is a free application that allows you to create a black list of numbers to be blocked preventing the reception of calls and text messages from the past.
In the menu, select the entry from the call log if you want to block a number you just called, or from contacts if you want to block a contact in your address book or manually, if you want to block a number by typing it manually. On the other hand, you will see a notification of Android that will warn you of the call blocked. If you want to block only calls but not text messages from blocked addresses, go into the Settings app and remove the check mark from the Lock SMS . Now, select the icon of the ban which is located in the upper left and presses the button first and then on Blocklist+. Who is on the other side will receive a busy signal and on the screen of your smartphone you will see a notification about the call blocked. If you want to block only calls but not text messages from blocked addresses, go to the blocklist WhosCall, select the three dots placed next to the blocked number and select the Block voice call only from the menu that appears. However, depending on your specific device manufacturer or your version of Android, the way to go about setting it up can be completely different. The feature is included in the actual Phone app, where you can browse your contacts and make calls, and integrates directly with your data. Of course, there are a variety of reasons why you might be interested in blocking a number, from something as simple as a telemarketer to an annoying ex, and it’s definitely nice to finally get some peace and quiet when you need it. With this app you can block lots of phone numbers that you don’t want to receive on your mobile.
With this app you can block unwanted phone number on your smartphone, the app is most powerful call blocker and text blocker on the Google play store.
Good There are plenty of ways to block a phone number on Android, though it can be different for different types of devices. Verizon and Sprint offer the service for free but put limitations on it in that you can only block up to five numbers. On the other hand, if you need to block thirty numbers, it might be time to just get a new number.
However, it might be worth getting on the phone with customer service and seeing if they handle it similar to Verizon or AT&T. The other steps get the job done but can potentially be time-consuming and frustrating to get setup. This time you have a chance to show your shooting skills during the war in Europe fighting waves of Axis planes and panzers. I just wanted to inform you about my new website - MobileGuruLOL where you will find everything about Android (and tons of tutorials). On this site, the Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
Here is a quick tip using which you can easily black list any contact from your phone for a selected period of time.

For example, certain devices may have the feature built-in, others may require a third-party app, like this one that we talked about before. This is by far the easiest method to block calls on Samsung devices, even if there are other methods available.
Today here we are sharing an android app with you which helps you to block phone numbers, unwanted call and sms on your mobile Phone. Apart from letting you block phone numbers it can also catch calls from telemarketers on the first hand. But only the first 20 Lookups are free after that you have to pay additional few to check the numbers, Lookups can be purchased through the app (20 for 99 cents).
With the use of this feature you can block texts and calls from any contacts or a business or any person you don’t know, or an entire area code. For instance, blocking a number on the Galaxy S6 Edge+ can be different than doing it on the Moto X Pure Edition. You can block both calls and texts from a single number, an area code, and even block all incoming calls entirely.
It allows you to manage a blacklist of numbers that you do not want to receive calls or texts from.
Additionally, you’ll have to re-add the numbers to that list every ninety days, a potentially serious annoyance.
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Next time that specific contact tries to contact you, they would not be able to connect with you but if you try to contact that person you would be able to do that. However, today we’ll show you how you can block unwanted calls on a Samsung phone (including Galaxy and Note), using the built-in method, which is something you may not know about.
Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central Cut down on data Review: The Opera Mini browser It's Time Should you try the Android N Beta on your phone? It also has automatic caller lookup, looking through your phone’s history helping you decide who to block.
You can add numbers from your contacts, recent calls, and you can add numbers to the list manually.
It's 2012 and our civilization has practically destroyed itself.There is quite a mess over there! You are a member of the "Block Ops" unit which will find itself in a number of different situations (e.g. Stunning graphics and a great number of missions as well as upgradable weapons will keep you entertained for hours. Unfortunately, for those of you running Android 4.4 on your device, text blocking does not seem to work. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s a whitelist you can add numbers to, which are numbers that will never be blocked. People suddenly started dying of a strange virus or turned into horrible zombie-like beasts-killers. If before entering the messages when I am on the main SMSs list I click on the 3 dotted icons, there is nothing called People & Options.

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