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Besides having an excellent battery life, doubling as a mobile hotspot, and having great app management abilities, it also gives you the ability to use your phone as a TV remote, take pictures with a command, block calls from specific numbers, reject text message spam and find your phone when you lose it. The first time you spin up WatchON, it’ll prompt you for your country, zip code, and content provider. Next you’ll see a few personalization screens that will let you choose your top picks and favorite genres. When the setup finishes you’ll see options to select your television brand, pick your channel source and then execute a test to make sure the App is communicating with your TV. The first time through, it’ll ask you to enter your country code then it presents a brief tutorial.
You can either manually enter the phone number using the keypad or touch the people icon to select a hapless person from your Contacts. Just make sure after you setup the phone number block you tap the save button in the upper right corner. Enable Voice Controls for the Camera – that way you can prop your phone up against a wall or fix it to a stand and take a picture by screen cheese or shoot.
Swipe down from the screen top, touch the gear in the upper right corner, choose the My Device tab and flick down to Voice Control.

As long as the phones you’re trying to track are powered on and have location services enabled you can find the general vicinity of the phone within a hundred feet.  You get three locations for free so choose wisely! The Galaxy S4 has a bevy of features like letting you use the phone with ordinary gloves and typing on a floating keyboard.  Today we learned about five cool tricks to help you get more out of this superstar phone. Which Galaxy S4 features do you love the most?  Have you had any issues with the TV remote or blocking text messages? My old flip-open phone had no problem with either of those — but then it had software that actually looked at the contact list instead of going to a dictionary first. Samsung galaxy s5 voicemail problem: calls , One voicemail issues encountered users galaxy s5 smartphone calls straight voicemail ' .
Samsung galaxy s5 voicemail problem: calls , One of the voicemail issues encountered by some users of the galaxy s5 smartphone is when all or some of their calls go straight to voicemail when they're not. Mysterious World: by the way i just tried your tips and it worked thanks a lOOOOTTTTTTTTGod bless youi»?Mysterious World: if you block their number from texting messages , the will disturb you by calling !!then how can you block them from calling you even you have their number in your contact ? The Samsung Galaxy S3 call blocking and SMS blocking features will surely come in handy if you are trying to avoid the people who are bothering you in your phone such as ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, ex-husband, ex-wife, stalker, telemarketers and others. Users who have something to contribute on the subject can also share their views and suggestions via email or in the comment box below.

Text messaging has become an important form of communication between friends ever since the mobile phone appeared in the market.
When you go to Settings you just scroll straight down to SYSTEM and right below you’ll see VOICE CONTROL and you can turn it on or off.
One thing i would like help with is when i send a text i don’t know if the person has received it anyone able to help with this?? Key in the number of the person you wish to block or tap Contacts and search for the name and number of the person there.
I want an app that lets them knowi»?Omarr Ghafoor: Hi Bonnie, it work the same way as blocked calls so you can text blocked numbers they will recieve the text but you wont be able to receive any text from them, thanks for watchingbonnie nguyen: what if you text the number when they are blocked from your phone can they still receive your text message?

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