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The format of business letters has slowly changed over time with the culture of business getting less and less formal. Here are the components of a traditional full block business letters -- shown in picture form and with explanations.
The format shown here is just a guide -- variations and customizations are common -- and not all elements are needed in every type of letter such as job application cover letters or thank-you letters. If your stationery includes a letterhead, type the date from 2 to 6 lines under the letterhead. If the letter exceeds one page, repeat the recipient's name, the date, the reference or subject line and show the current page number.
If someone else has typed the letter for you, it is common for them to indicate so with initials.
If you are including other things with the letter such as brochures, this line tells the reader how many to expect. You have some freedom in how many blank lines to use between blocks and in the margin sizes in order to fit a letter onto a single page. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.
Shanghai was probably the city I've visited which filled the biggest gap between what I knew about the city before visiting and what I took away with me after leaving.

This place is in every guide, every website and pretty much every mention of xiaolongbao in Shanghai.
Jia Jia Tangbao is difficult to find just because (i) there's no English signage, (ii) the address numbers in Shanghai are not always readily visible and (iii) Apple maps placed the restaurant in the middle of the Huangpu river. Worried about seeming inexperienced in the correct way of eating xiaolongbao in the place where it was conceived, I intently watched the tourist channel at my hotel for an entire morning waiting for the excerpt on soup dumpling etiquette. Now accustomed to such processes, we opted to dine on the second floor where only one type of dumpling, pork, is served at a cost of about $3.50 for 12 pieces. But Nanxiang is about dumplings and the pork dumplings we ordered were, frankly, disappointing.
Wait a minute, a Taiwanese restaurant expanded to Shanghai and had the audacity to serve its denizens the very food that is most associated with their city? Din Tai Fung also gives you a handy guide on how to eat soup dumplings which, to my horror, differed from the tourism video lady (I knew I shouldn't have trusted her, her English was way too good). When an MBA with a limited attention span writes a food blog you get this: no fluff and lots of bullet points. Type your name and address along with other relevant contact information such as e-mail or fax number. If you have less than three lines on the second page, consider rewriting your letter or adjusting margins to fit on a single page.

Can vary from the very formal "Respectfully yours" to the typical "Sincerely" to the friendly "Cordially yours". The Taiwanese chain has expanded worldwide to build an empire spanning mainland China, Japan, Australia, the U.S. The restaurant is cramped, dingy and incredibly humid, which I guess are the ideal conditions for dumpling-making. Coming from Beijing, probably the only city in the world that can compete with Shanghai in terms of new construction activity, it was like a slap in the face. Beijing was modern, but incredibly stoic, whether you're talking about its people or architecture. Then when adults started getting suspicious as to why you were all of a sudden slurring, would fall in line with the rest of the adults and give you an stern look.
But The Bund, Yuyuan Garden and xiaolongbao would make Shanghai the prime destination of any other country in the world.

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