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5.- Enviar el mismo mensaje a varias personasSi necesitas comunicar algo a muchas personas pero quieres hacerlo de manera privada, puedes hacerlo utilizando la funciA?n 'Difundir mensaje'. 8.- Utilizar WhatsApp en tu PCEsta es la forma oficial de utilizar su aplicaciA?n en un ordenador.
11.- Marcar un mensaje como favoritoMuchas veces recibimos en un grupo una direcciA?n o un dato importante que va a quedar ahogado en un mar de comentarios y chistes. Solo tienes que pulsar sobre el comentario y en las opciones que aparecen arriba toca sobre la estrella. Whatsapp messenger is a cross-platform quick messaging or communication application & it is accessible for android mobile device, iphone, Windows phone.
Install whatsapp on your mobile device then it start a counter where it sends verification-message to its sever. Now it offers a method of verification then chooses or select ‘verify through SMS’ & fill in your email address.
You can hack Whatsapp account on any platform like Android, iphone, Windows phone almost all. Whatsapp provides users with a facility to send unlimited instant messaging, sharing of images & videos. In order to protect your device from an unauthorized access you can download the application like “whatsapp lock” which is the best app in order to lock your whatsapp with a password.
WhatsApp uses the phone numbers saved in your phone's address book to find your friends who are already using WhatsApp. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp lets you group message and send photos and videos via an easy-to-use interface--without having to pay texting fees to your carrier. The privacy of messaging apps has been in the spotlight recently, and it seems like encrypting messages is not enough. When talking about the privacy and security of messaging apps, some features tend to be ignored, even though they're just as important as the best encryption.
Personal information privacy: Can you hide your last connection, your picture, name, or the message?
Associating your phone number and email: Can you unlink your account from your phone number and email?
Prevent unauthorized access: For convenience, many people don’t block their phone, but that means anyone can access their messages. Downloading multimedia files: Unsolicited files could be a risk to the safety and privacy of others (and can get you into trouble). Self-destruction and secret chats: Does the app have a powerful encryption system and are messages self-destructing? Block unknown users: Can you stop people who aren't in your phone book from contacting you? The icons haven’t changed: when you send a message with WhatsApp, a green check means that its left your phone, while two checks means that the message was successfully received. Instead of having a user account, WhatsApp uses your phone number as an ID: if someone has your number, they can add you and immediately start chatting. WhatsApp is also missing a function to lock the app: if someone picks up your phone and opens WhatsApp, they’ll be able to see all your chats. Snapchat, the app that at one point was almost purchased by Facebook, is very popular among young people, who use it to share photos and videos that self-destruct after a few seconds. Associating your phone number and email address is completely optional, but if you want friends to find you, that’s the best way to do it.
Whoever sends a photo or video can see if it's been sent correctly, if it has been read, and even if they've taken a screenshot of it, something unique among messaging apps. The resemblance to WhatsApp starts with the check marks, which are identical, although the double checks have a different meaning: in Telegram, two checks mean that the message has been read. Telegram’s secret chats, even though they're optional, have survived the attacks of hackers worldwide. For now, Telegram has no options to hide your connection status or personal information, although the authors say they might add this feature soon.
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is the improved version of a classic app, and it has very important features regarding the protection of its users’ privacy. A BBM account is independent from any personal data such as your phone number: each account is associated with a BlackBerry ID.
Finally, BBM doesn’t offer options to modify the file download settings, but it’s protected: the configuration by default doesn’t save the chat history, and only previews of the images are downloaded. Threema is the only app that lets you block it with a PIN number, so it’s the only one that takes all the points in this category.

The notifications settings can be changed and partly hidden, but not entirely, although you can disable the preview.
In the end, you’ll have to ask yourself what information you are going to share on your phone and what level of security you really need.
Con esta nueva funciA?n es posible bloquear y denunciar a un usuario como spam si recibimos un nuevo mensaje de un nA?mero que no tengamos registrado en la agenda. La aplicaciA?n es bastante sencilla, es muy parecido ha enviar un mensaje normal y corriente, pero ademA?s tienes que ponerle una fecha y una hora. Para conservar toda esta informaciA?n importante podemos marcar el comentario como favorito.
Hasta Kitkat solo se podA­a tener un usuario del sistema, pero con Lollipop se introdujo la posibilidad de tener varias cuentas de usuario con perfiles separados. Para compartir un contacto o tu propia localizaciA?n solo tienes que elegir un contacto o un grupo y pulsar sobre 'adjuntar', ese sA­mbolo que representa un clip para unir papeles.
Once you click to send the SMS then click ‘cancel’ to terminate the call for authorization to the whatsapp server. You can hack whatsapp account by using victim’s phone number in several ways or by using “Spy Software” & “Whatsapp Hack tool”. Once the installation is complete then the record process oractivity is begin & the recorded logs are uploaded to your Spy account. To learn more about why WhatsApp uses your phone number and address book, please read this article. If anyone who has access to your phone or PIN can see your profile, or if the app can be opened without any additional code, your data is at risk. It’s not possible to know if the message has been read, which usually leads to misunderstandings. There are no options to stop unsolicited messages from people who are not in your phone book.
Take into account that in Snapchat, your personal information can’t be hidden from those who have your number in their phone book.
The app's security is robust, and although it has been criticized by more than one expert, no one has managed to break its complex encryption code. Telegram and WhatsApp are also similar in how files are downloaded, which is automatic, but this feature can be disabled. Telegram also has messages that self-destruct, and is the only app that combines both functions.
Telegram doesn’t block unauthorized access to the app, and just like WhatsApp, you have to use your phone number as ID for your Telegram account. It has an advanced check system, which let’s you know if the message has been successfully sent (one check), correctly delivered (a white D on blue background), and if it's been read (a white R on a green background).
The advantage of this system is that, if you want somebody to add you, you don’t have to give them your phone number or e-mail, simply your PIN code. Among the most secure and private messaging apps, it’s the easiest to use and has the most comprehensive functions (we're still waiting for to be released, which promises to have a sleek design while being very secure). Not only that, but the backup of the chats is encrypted and stored in a ZIP with a password. It also lets you hide when you're writing, something that the other messaging apps in this article don’t do.
Others have significant drawbacks when it comes to protecting the privacy of your messages.
If you want full control of your privacy and you don’t mind having less contacts, BBM and Threema are the apps for you.
To talk with friends, Snapchat and Telegram offer a reasonable level of privacy, but for professional communications you might be interested in going up to the next level, where you’ll find Threema and BBM. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
Nos ha ahorrado mucho dinero en llamadas o mensajes de texto y lo cierto es que lo agradecemos enormemente.
SA?lo tienes que mantener pulsado sobre una conversaciA?n y hacer click en "Marcar como no leA­do". Entra en la ventana de informaciA?n de grupo y haz clic sobre el miembro al que quieras hacer administrador. Para silenciar un contacto debemos entrar en la informaciA?n del mismo y en el apartado de notificaciones marcamos 'Silenciar'.
Este programa se salta esa restricciA?n.Aunque quizA? tienes una vena creativa y te apetece pintar o dibujar. El archivo comenzarA? por "msgstore" seguidos de una fecha, dependiendo del dA­a y la hora que se haya guardado.

You can use it or access it to hack Whatsapp & operate it without accessing the mobile phone of the user. In order to view the recorded logs you can login to your online account to see the messages or texts, & other activities of victim. Here, we compare WhatsApp, Telegram, BlackBerry Messenger, Snapchat, and Threema to see which is better at protecting the privacy of your instant messages. In the latest version, for example, you can hide your last connection, something that was only possible before using tricks or WhatsApp Plus. All notifications can be customized and deactivated, and if you receive a message from a secret chat, the text won't show up.
On the other hand, while BBM doesn’t offer a lock system to prevent others from accessing the app, you can use auxiliary apps like Lock (Android) or Chat Lock (BB). It's completely optional to associate your email or phone number, and the ID is independent from both, although you can add them to help you find new contacts. Finally, Threema has an option to block unknown users, which are those who aren't in your phone book.
If, on the other hand, you prefer a more popular option, Telegram or Snapchat are okay on a day-to-day basis, but you’ll have to face risks with little defenses. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
PHP based Whatsapp API hackers can get access the whatsapp account whether you using iphone,Android device.
It can take the photo or image of those who tried to access or get your whatsapp messages with invalid-pin. Hackers may need or requires the phone number & MAC-address or IMEI into a script in order to easily send whatsapp message from your account. With all these users downloading the messaging app to group chat and send photos and videos--without incurring texting fees--is WhatsApp worth the hype? Es decir, en cualquier conversaciA?n pulsa sobre los tres puntos arriba a la derecha y elige 'Fondo'. If you want to know your IMEI number just dial *#06 # & press the “call” key then you will get this number on your mobile device.
Yes, and here's why.article continued below Setup After installation, WhatsApp accesses your Contacts and sends you push notifications with your consent. Para el que no lo sepa cambiarlo es muy sencillo, solo tienes que ir a los tres puntos arriba a la derecha y elegir 'Estado'. Favorites displays your Contacts who use WhatsApp and offers the ability to invite contacts via mail, message or Twitter. You can start a new conversation within Chats by tapping the Compose button in the upper right. Settings is where you can tweak everything from font size and message timestamp to notifications. Features In addition to texts, WhatsApp users can send photos, videos, audio notes, contacts and locations.
WhatsApp also lets you send and receive phone calls; however, calls are placed through your mobile carrier. WhatsApp uses green arrows to indicate whether your message was delivered and read, and you can see when your friend is typing. Performance In our testing of WhatsApp, text messages were sent and arrived quickly and seamlessly. Group chat was as simple as picking a subject (the app supports up to 30 participants, which is 10 less than Viber's 40 participants). Calls went through quickly, and the audio quality (as expected) was as clear as placing a call through our iPhone's dialer. On Viber, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger, calling is free to other users of those services.
Even though it's 99 cents on iOS and 99 cents annually on Android, it's well worth the dollar to text friends on the cheap. However, we give a slight edge to Viber, which lets you make domestic and international calls for free to other Viber users instead of having to use up your minutes.

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