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AndroidBlocking contacts and phone numbers in Android can be done in one of two ways: either with the help of an app made for the purpose, or from your device's Phone application. Windows PhoneTo be able to blacklist people on a Windows Phone 8 device you need to have the GDR2 software up and running on it.
Man u don't know how many apps i tried on Android too find a good quality app to block unwanted calls on my phone. They could, bit this is part of MS, and Nokia working together to bring features to WP in a way that they are more easily updated.. And this app comes pre installed, and shows up right along with native settings, and doesn't even show with the apps in the applist..
It technically is a separate app, but most users wouldn't know the difference in it, and other settings.. With all that our smartphones do, it's often easy to overlook some of the actual phone functions of the device. It's something we hope we'll never need, but you certainly want to have it — and more importantly, know how to use it — should the need ever arise. If someone calls you and you wish to add them to the list of blocked numbers, rather than tap in the center and drag towards the red phone, drag the red phone left towards the center.
In call settings, call blocking — called call reject here — will be the first item in the Incoming call section. If the mode is set to Reject calls on list, then you can click Reject calls from and start blocking numbers. It's important to remember the calls here are being blocked by the call reject list in Settings, and while it will work with the stock dialer it is not a sure thing with third-party dialers, as many implement their own app-based system for call blocking. Join Android Central for a unique photo tour of Google's biggest, most spectacular developer event yet.
Google is currently constructing a self-driving car development center in Novi, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, where many U.S. Google is positioning Duo to be the video messenger anyone can use, which is a lot harder than it sounds.
The great thing about owning one is that you can call friends and family at any time, from any place.
If it is a contact that you'd like to have blocked, go to your Phone app, open that contact's details, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit "Block this Caller".

The tricky part, however, is that not all Android devices have the latter feature built in. The call+SMS filter application is pre installed on all Lumia devices, even before the Black update.
The app can't be found in the marketplace, and is a permanent systems application that shows up in settings. Maybe you just need to block that one friend who hasn't quite taken the hint that you're not interested in their drunk dials anymore. If you accidentally add a number to the list using this method (and it's been known to happen), you can access the list through the following steps. The last option in the menu will be Call settings, which will take you into the Call subsection of the Settings app.
The Call reject settings may look sparse, but don't let that fool you, there's plenty here to choose from. If you're having issues with calls from private or withheld numbers, you can block all calls from private numbers with a handy little checkbox at the top of the list.
At either location, you can score a free gift card (amounts vary depending on what you buy) with your purchase. What's not so great, however, is that sometimes you might get bothered by people who you don't want to be bothered by.
If it is a specific number that you need blacklisted, find it in your recent calls list, tap on the "i" icon, scroll down and you'll see the "Block this Caller" option. The below apps has anti malware, privacy protection, junk files removal, call and sms blocker all in one with the smallest memory foot print. I know when haters like you ask questions like that you're not looking for a serious answer, which I gave you.. It's just easier to update these type apps without sending out a update for the entire OS, needing carrier approval.. Maybe someone sent your number to a list of trolls and you're getting crank called at all hours of the night.
If you're looking for call blocking without going into the dialer, you can find Call settings under the Wireless and networks section. First settings to set will be the Call reject mode, which by default is set to Reject calls on list.

Think old girlfriends, debt collectors, that guy offering you a "killer" deal on car insurance, you get the idea. If you own a Samsung device, open your Phone app, hit the "Menu" button, and choose "Call settings".
Whatever your needs, call blocking is here to help, and it hasn't changed much from the LG G3.
You can add a full number, or you can add a partial number such as an area code to all calls from a specific area. Of course, you can always give your carrier a call and ask them to block certain phone numbers for you. Hold your finger on the number you need blocked until the menu appears and it should be right there.
You can designate the rule as an exact match, a number that begins with the partial or ends with the partial number listed.
Rejected calls will, however, appear in your log with the blocked person's name or number in red. On an HTC phone running Sense UI version 5 and above, open your Phonebook and tap on the "Menu" button in the upper right corner. What is so bland in your life that you have decided to make it your mission to put down other peoples platform of choice? It will block the numbers you specify, or prevent anyone with a hidden phone number from disturbing you. Every comment you make, whether valid, or invalid, is not going to be taken seriously by any WP fan because you do it in a immature, biased, hateful, trolling type of way, and its obvious..
Your comments having affected they way I feel about WP a single bit, so why do you keep trying? Do you think one day you might "get through" to us WP fans, and we'll all switch to Android or something?

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