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Find the Best Cell Phone and Plan for You PhoneDog's innovative comparison tool can help you save on cell phones and plans. If for some reason, every number in my long list of messy contacts were to inexplicably disappear, I would be totally out of luck.
For years now, many have been saying the current number system is outdated, that since calling is no longer the main communication method for most numbers should be replaced with something more relevant, relatable and memorable.
This morning, Sprint initiated phase one of the death of the old number system – or so we hope.
The real question is: how many of those 134 million possibilities are actually vanity numbers? Once all the cream of the crop numbers are taken, Zoove – or whatever revolutionary startup comes along next – will have to devise another system for vanity numbers. Aside from my own cell phone numbers (which I admittedly forget sometimes), I can count the telephone numbers I know by heart on one hand. I only know her cell phone number because it's the login to our shared Verizon account – she had it changed a few years back and I never would have remembered the new one otherwise. I may recognize the sequence of numbers and, if I'm lucky, I may be able to link those to a face and name. For most, a short name – like my personal Twitter handle CasperTek – is easier to remember than a random, 10-digit number.

Partnering with Zoove, a company that offers once offered vanity numbers only to businesses, the service is called StarStar Me, which allows customers to link up to two vanity lines to their existing number for $2.99 per month per vanity number. Like Aaron, I have a knack for remembering numbers through an unusual memory pattern my mother taught me when I was younger. But for a little contrast, there would be 5.4 trillion possible combinations if the 9-character combinations were made using only letters, not numbers that correlate to small groups of letters.
Of those, three are ones I've been dialing since I was a kid – both my grandparents' numbers and my dad's land line. And I only know the land line number because it's the password to the wireless network at her house. But if my life or well being ever depended on me getting in touch with someone outside of my immediate family without the aid of my ever-growing address book, I would likely find myself in a body bag. Even though the Twitter username, at nine letters, is almost as long as a standard 10-digit number, it's easier to remember because it's pronounceable, you can remember it phonetically. For example, I could pay $5.98 per month to have people call **TAYLOR (**829567) or **CASPERTEK (**227737835) instead of dialing my actual number.
For $2.99 per month, it's a great deal, especially if you're always giving your number out and need one that's easily remembered. The user can also use the Android app (or forthcoming iOS app) to set automatic text replies to calls or block specific numbers.

Unless the letters translate to a number somehow, people with a basic phone or land line wouldn't be able to call anyone with a StarStar Me number. There is a point where people will be forced to use words and letter combinations that don't use standard spelling – the same problem we all run into with trying to find an online username that isn't already taken. I guess the eventual flaw of this method will be a problem Zoove and Sprint take on in due time.
Or do you think it's more logical to just add contacts and their numbers and forget about the numbers altogether? It's Caitlynn – two Ns.) This could cause quite the confusion when placing calls to people with names or nicknames with nontraditional spelling, which might lead to even more calls to and from wrong numbers.
By the standard, there are no letters that correlate to the 1 and 0 buttons, which means there are 134,217,728 different possible combinations of numbers. In other words, we are tragically nailed to the 0-9 numeric system and will be for the foreseeable future.

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