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Dave Hakkens, designer neerlandais ecolo-geek a imaginer un nouveau concept, celui du Phone Block. Google’s Phonebloks-inspired Project Ara is a totally unique re-imagination of the smartphone industry, and one that would allow consumers to hold on to phones for much longer, only swapping out different parts when necessary. Ahead of its first Project Ara conference next week, Google released a Module Developers Kit (MDK) on Thursday for developers hoping to create pieces for the modular smartphone.
Motorola claims to be making steady progress in its quest to release the first major modular smartphone, but it looks like Xiaomi may be jumping into the race as well. Project Ara, under the Advanced Technology and Projects group left behind by Motorola, will be detailed to developers by Google this April. Todd Haselton has been writing professionally since 2006 during his undergraduate days at Lehigh University. How many times are you in a situation where you would like to block a phone number or not accept any call from any specific mobile phone? To get started you need to tap on the contacts application and then select the specific contact which you would like to block. This does not work for the Samsung Galaxy Y, so I was wondering if you can actually block numbers on this phone or just delete the calls.

I have tried this (with my home phone number) and the call still goes through to the mobile phone (S2).
What Is The Point Of Telling People How To Block A Telephone Number If It Wont Work, What A Load Of Rubbish And Waste Of My Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have LG Optimus V and I do not have option of ‘BlackList’ just have a re-direct to Vmail, how can I block a number? Netherlands-based designer Dave Hakkens has created Phonebloks, a concept phone made of modular blocks for each component — the screen, battery, antennae, processor, storage, etc. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day.
We’re fascinated by the idea, and Google has been pushing forward with the moonshot project with the hopes of actually getting it off the ground in the coming years. That’s an aggressive target, but Google already has partners who are interested in helping to supply some of the parts, and it certainly has plenty of interest among potential developers and smartphone enthusiasts like ourselves. May be you would like to block a telemarketers number or a friends number for a selected time frame to ensure that you don’t get disturbed during your important meeting. Do make a note that this video was made using the Samsung Galaxy S2 while these options may or may not be available for your android mobile.

I’ve been messing around for ages trying to block some persons number and an Indian woman from Vodafone tells me I have to download something from the Android marketplace, the thing is Android phones also have a tendency to develop a problem with their WiFi as well so I can’t do f*** all! Do you have any tips or know of any sites where I might be able to get any tips about blacklisting people? Here is a quick tip using which you can easily black list any contact from your phone for a selected period of time. Chaque cube¬†adopte une couleur de base grise et chaque fonctionnalite ¬†est personnalisable. Next time that specific contact tries to contact you, they would not be able to connect with you but if you try to contact that person you would be able to do that. For example, if you do everything using cloud-based services, you can swap out your storage block for a larger battery block.
Phonebloks is currently still in the concept stage, but Hakkens is working to drum up support for the idea at the Phonebloks website and Thunderclap.

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