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In this circumstance, as a rule, your phone provider will either advise you to completely change your number, thus creating a world of annoyance in distributing it to everyone in your contact list, or they will offer to block one specific number, of course for a small monthly charge. One of the many benefits of the Google Voice app is that it allows you 3 options for unlimited unwanted calls.
Send the caller directly to voicemail - Your phone will not ring but they will be able to leave you a message. One other feature definitely worth a mention is the option when listening to a voicemail to mark it as spam as you're listening to it. If you're getting harassed, spammed, stalked, or otherwise subjected to unwanted phone calls, FaceTime calls, or iMessages, you can block the person and preventing them from contacting you again.
Note: To use this specific method, you must have the person you want to block in your Contacts app.
Your iPhone or iPad will automatically add every phone number and email address you have listed for that contact to your blocked list. Tap into the message thread of the person you're trying to block and tap Contact at the top.
I don't think that's possible to anything but a landline as far as I know, through carrier or OS. Updated 01-13-2016 by Kyle Wiggers: Added methods for blocking calls using iBlacklist and Do Not Disturb Mode. Here’s our how-to guide about how to block calls with an Apple iPhone regardless of your OS version.
It’s been a long time coming, but Apple has finally built an OS with built-in blocking utilities (and we are better for it). Step 2: Navigate to Blocked menu — Tap the main Settings icon when viewing the home screen, select the Phone option from the resulting menu and tap the Blocked option beneath the Calls section.
Step 3: Block the number — Tap the blue Add New button and select the desired number you wish to block from the resulting contact list. Alternative blocking method — Tap the Phone icon while viewing the home screen, select either all calls or missed calls and tap the information icon to the right of the number you wish to block. Blocking nuisance telemarketing calls on your iPhone used to be difficult but in iOS 7 Apple has made blocking calls dead simple. We thank Apple for this handy update – one where the company has actually thought about the device as an actual phone rather than just an app mobile.

But you still have to take the nuisance call and then block, and often telemarketers will bombard you with calls from ever-changing numbers. A new app called Call Block from Valiant Rock seeks to cut out telemarketing calls before they bother you. Call Block is a crowd-sourced, proactive firewall against telemarketers, and it’s currently free on the App Store.
It also allows users to send the app makers new telemarketer numbers that are not on its system so that they can update all other users.
Once contacts are created upon installation, users can stop the contacts from ringing or vibrating. With this app your Contacts is regularly updated with a set of numbers of active telemarketers. Tech Advisor has teamed up with OSOMount to offer ten lucky readers the chance to win an NFC mount for your smartphone worth A?20.
Tech Advisor is part of IDG, the world's leading technology media, events and research company. Below steps of blocking calls on iPhone running iOS 7 apply only to numbers that are already in your contact list. Below steps of blocking calls on iPhone running iOS 7 apply to the numbers called you but aren't on the contact list.
Below steps of blocking calls on iPhone running iOS 7 apply to the numbers that have recently sent you an SMS. Generally, you can't block a person from calling or messaging in all pre-iOS 7 versions including iOS 6. Though using third party software can make blocking calls available in iOS 6, iOS 7 makes blocking calls easier.
It's surprising how few options are available for this problem, but what is available is worth its weight in gold. Mark the caller as spam - Again, your phone will not ring and they will be prompted to leave you a message, however, this message is placed in a 'spam' folder set aside from your inbox and you are not notified of a new voice message. If you don't, or don't want to have to add them, try any of the other methods below instead. For many of us, those unwanted calls come in the form of persistent ex-lovers trying to rekindle what has been lost or telemarketers offering an all-expenses-paid luxury cruise to a tropical island off the southern tip of Costa Rica.

The feature, coupled with all versions of iOS since the release of iOS 7, allows users to quickly block calls, messages, and Facetime requests sans any unnecessary external software or third-party apps.
There will be no indication a call, text, or FaceTime request has been received on your end, but send receipts and other indications will still appear on the sender’s device as they would normally — meaning the sender will not be alerted of your decision to block them.
To do so using the latter option, tap the main Settings icon from your smartphone’s home screen, select the General option near the top of the resulting menu, and then tap Software Update. Alternatively, select either the Messages or FaceTime option from the main Settings menu to access the same Blocked menu offered through the Phone settings.
To unblock a user, simply tap the blue Edit option in the top-right corner of the Blocked menu, followed by the red subtraction sign directly beside the user you wish to unblock.
Now, scroll to the bottom of the resulting info panel, and tap the blue Block this Caller option, followed by Block Contact to confirm the request.
More on how to block calls on an iPhone via PC Advisor and Blocking numbers on an iPhone via Macworld. This helps you recognize that the never-before-seen number calling you is indeed a telemarketer.
But in iOS 7 call blocking is a separate entity thus you can block calls, text messages or iMessages from unknown people. Block the caller - With this option the caller will be met with the message "This number is not in service" and they will appear on your missed list as 'Blocked'.
Press the number 8 and hang up and that number will be marked as spam for any future calls.
Thankfully, Apple’s most-recent mobile operating system and the iBlacklist app have finally supplied a workaround method for blocking pesky callers. Call blocking is a one way street when using iOS 7 – 9, so you can still contact blocked numbers via phone call, text, and FaceTime with no hindrance, if you should decide that you want to. It allows users to update the contacts with the latest set of annoying numbers by contacting the app’s servers, which constantly update.

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