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UPDATE: to get your VM account number without having to call them, checkout this easy method. Thank you, with your help I was able to get my account number and port my phone number to a new carrier! Thank you for your nice comment, I am glad the Virgin Mobile account number request went well for you! This took 45 seconds, just said I wanted it for my records as I keep track of all of my account information.
Hi Charles, glad to hear the process was easy and that you were able to get your Virgin Mobile account number! If you don’t want to bother calling them, there is another way to get your account number!
7.) Tell everyone you know that Virgin Mobile is aware of this issue and still chooses to make it unnecessarily difficult for their paying customers to obtain their account numbers.
Thank you for your comment sreenath, I am very glad that Peter’s Virgin Mobile account number tip worked for you. Virgin Mobile was very polite in getting me the information I needed to port my number to another carrier. I am glad to hear that you had a good experience with Virgin Mobile I like them too, I only wish they had better coverage! Innjoo Fire is one of the latest android phone around which is very affordable and easy to use. Today i will show you a step by step tutorial how you can root your Injoo Fire android phone, change its IMEI number to a blackberry IMEI and then flex your Glo BIS subscription on it with ease. Rooting your android phone gives you many administrative privileges which gives you access to do anything on your phone.

I saw you has some Virgin Mobile posts on your site, I’m getting ready to port my number out to US Cellular and they want to know my virgin mobile account number (apparently not my phone number)… So how do I find my Virgin mobile account number?! I am very glad that the tip worked and that you were able to upgrade your mom’s phone and save her money at the same time! And I followed Emily’s advice and found a city out of the coverage area, easy as pie! I suggest that you don’t tell them you want to change carriers or they will give you a very hard time about it.
I switched to US Cellular and have been quite please with the coverage in our area, thought when we go to more urban areas it seems like Verizon and AT&T are hard to beat. After a lot of service issues, MetroPCS admitted that they had sent many customers bad SIM cards. I do not have access to your account number, however, with the instructions listed in the blog post above you should be able to get the account number from Virgin Mobile! The nine digit number you see assigned in the Value column next to that Name is your account number. I had tried the calling method but then realized it was after hours and hence I couldn’t speak to an employee.
I was kind of fearing this step as I had heard horror stories, but I experienced none of that. After downloading, simply Install Root Checker, run it and you should get a success message telling you that your phone has been rooted successfully.
Then, look for Radio Information, tap on it and you'll see something like: Phone1 - Phone2 -.
The person I spoke to at Virgin was very nice about it but they do ask why you need the account number, which left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

We got two Nokia Lumia 520 windows phones and unfortunately virgin mobile doesn’t work with them. But your suggestion worked, and taught me more about the types of information cookies can store! He makes money from blogging and other online business and also tutor his blog readers on Tow To Dos.
Seems they are holding it a bit hostage since they probably know your reason for wanting it is to switch carriers. AT&T has a nice $25 + $5 data prepaid plan though that is working well, so we did the porting in a store and it took less than 10 minutes (the store employee actually used this website to show us how to get our account numbers) thanks again for your helpful instructions! In fact, other than spotty service in many areas I find myself daily, VM has been a great carrier for me. If you have the Innjoo Fire and you are still not flexing the Glo BIS subscription on it, then you are missing big time.
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Or you can simply get your friends blackberry phone, dial *#06# to get the IMEI number to use. She wanted to troubleshoot, but I told her other Virgin customers had the same issue at our home. At the end, she said if I ever came back to Virgin, she would make sure the coverage was better.

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