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Facebook is using a mobile phone verification system, the same system as Google or many other important websites. When creating a new account on Facebook, a mobile phone number will be required along with the e-mail address. If the phone number was lost and Facebook is making this verification, contact your mobile phone operator and request another SIM card with the same phone number that you lost. A good idea is to change the phone number that is attached to your Facebook account every time anything happens like losing the phone, changing the phone number etc.
The best way is to try to recover your phone number, I was lucky and found the old SIM that was connected to my Facebook account. Even tough you don’t have a subscription to them, they will give you the number back at least after some time. Also you can try to use another mobile phone, change the SIM card, check if the issue is from your mobile phone.
You can’t do much except trying to get back the lost number from the mobile phone operator. Usually they are Orange, Vodafone, Mobile T, depends from country to country but where they sell the prepaid SIMs should also offer support. The best thing to do is to get a mobile phone subscription, if you lose the phone or number, you can get access to the same number easily.
I also lost my sim and can’t contact the operator because the lost sim card was from other country and I already migrated here. Theres no option to put another new number in case if the number you put there was not in use.

I’m waiting Since last week for the code , do you know why the code didn’t sent to me ? THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME ASWELL, BUT ITS SENDING IT TO 61438572261 BUT MY NUMBER IS 0438572261, THE OTHER NUMBER IS IN THE AUSTRALIAN REGION BUT IT DOESNT HAVE THE PLUS SIGN AT THE FRONT, PLEASE HELP!!
I have my cellphone number and all the stuff right but I never got my confirmation code,.like some of you said. Also there Is a way to contact them, but I never got any email or reply ticket back, their customer support Is really bad and It sucks.
I haven’t got round to change my phone number and the security code was sent to my old phone.
So i think when i used my boyfriends phone to post a picture on my facebook it took his number off his site and used it on mine everytime he loged in with his # it would open my page so i deleted his number off my contact info (i dont even know how it got put on it ive never even put a number on there before)we were hoping by deleting it off mine it would reopen his when signing back on and now it says theres no aCCount on the mobile number we use but its his right number and he didnt ever put a email account or any other link on his facebook is there any thing we can do to fix this ive been trying all day and feel awful!?!?! I have the code with me but the error is coming which is mentioned.Can anyone throw some light ? She had to send them a copy of some documents with a picture, name and birtday (like identity card, driving license,…). It took them about two weeks to activate her accout again and the first thing she did was to change the settings and deleted the phone number. Can’t get into my face book account because the code is being sent to a number I no longer have,I never went into my face book settings and changed the number.
Well, I have the same problem!i am not getting securty code to my mobile number my mobile number is correct it is working if i click on Resend code Evey time , it says!
This phone number is very important, losing it, it might lead to losing also the access to the Facebook account.

They will send a verification code by SMS to the phone number that was used for registration. How do i get to my facebook account so that i can change my phone number and other details that Ihaven’t changed yet. Even after entering it multiple times I havent been able to access my facebook and also I havent received any code on my mobile. The SMS service is not available in Kashmir due to some security reasons and i need to verify my account via phone but i cant recieve the confirmation code.
I haven’t been able to log into it in months because my cell phone was stolen and I have a new number. I changed my email address and pass word because I was hong problems with someone hacking into it.
Who wouldn't love some stock in a customized designed box?  You should be able to fit two (2) completed designed wrappers on one 8.5 x 11 sheet. Your phone number will only be used to verify your account and will not be shared with anyone without your consent. You may use my “Printable Craft Template” to create your own design and use it for your personal use or sell your completed designs for others to print and use.

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