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The Yamal peninsula in the Russian Arctic is home to 15,000 reindeer herders such as Alexei Khudi.
The area boasts the world's biggest reindeer herds, with roughly 600,000 animals managed by 15,000 Nenets nomads.
Nenets women play an important role in the herders' migration across the region, as they steer reindeer to new pastures.
BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continents joined the herders as they begun their summer migration north. The reindeer provide the herders with their transport, clothing, food and their shelter in the Yamal peninsula.
The Russian birth rate has remained low despite government incentives but the Nenets buck the trend since most families have five or six children. Nenets children aged seven to 17 have to spend the autumn and winter months in boarding school for their compulsory education.
Nikolai Khudi's mother is 81-years-old and has been a nomad all her life and speaks almost no Russian.

17-year-old Kira Khudi likes helping her mother Nina chop wood, fetch water and prepare food in in the chum - although she says she dreams of going to college in Salekhard and training to be an accountant like her older sister. These young Nenets girls from Reindeer Brigade Number 4 learn to drive sledges at a young age, but the Arctic is changing fast. Their centuries-old way of life is now under threat because of increased gas drilling in the region. The 21st Century seems a world away at times, but many do have mobile phones, snowmobiles and generators. Now a new oil field at Bovanenkovo, halfway up the Yamal peninsula threatens the brigade's migration route. The reindeer hide is comfortable and warm to wear and here Nenets women trade on the street in the regional capital of Salekhard. She says the secret to longevity is eating raw reindeer meat and a white Siberian fish called muksun.
Rivers freeze later and thaw earlier making migration for the reindeer herders more difficult as it is harder to pull sledges on slushy ground.

Here a group of women from the Tazovsky district enjoy a well deserved break at the annual Day of the Reindeer spring festival. The herders are against development in the region because they are losing more of the pasture lands which feed the reindeer.
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