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At the Cafe Russe, Ridge tries to get into the call log on Andy's cell phone, but the phone is locked. Ridge and Ed sit down at a table and start to cross-check the unidentified phone numbers on Andy's phone with a list of phone numbers for gardeners, landscapers and workmen who did any recent work at Brooke's home. In pursuit of providing qualityA accommodation in WayanadA at affordable rates, we have established 'BLOOMS GREEN FARM RESORT & SERVICED VILLAS'. Guests interested in organic farming will be taken on a tour of the organic farm by our supervisors and explained every crops, plants and trees. Late diners can have their dinner at any time but help themselves using the microwave oven and self serving.
After some chit-chat about Thorne's throwing himself into his work after his aborted wedding, Eric thanks Ashley for coming to the wedding, even though Ridge wasn't there. Felicia explains that she was worried that her mother was headed here to tear into Brooke again.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. This facility is located within a 15 Acre organic farm at Kenichira, A almost the centre point of Wayanad. Ashley concedes that Ridge needed some time with Brooke and the kids, which brings her to the reason she's here. Brooke says it's nothing, but Felicia presses her to talk about it after the way Brooke got upset at the mere thought of moving on. When Ed reads out the next phone number, 310-555-0117, Ridge recognizes that number as his mother's! In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Ashley admits that Ridge has and asks Eric if a relationship between her and Ridge is hopeless. Felicia admits that her mother has been hard on Brooke over the custody issue, who finds the concern to be too little, too later.
Brooke can't believe that Felicia came here to Ridge's home, where he invited Brooke and the kids to stay, to tell her that her backing away from Ridge will end the war between their families.
Ed says that he already did something, since he got the name of Andy's personal secretary at the law firm while driving over here.

When Ridge confirms that the friend was a woman, Eileen realizes what Ridge is telling her and gets upset.
Eric points out that he and his wife don't see eye to eye on that subject, since he thinks Ridge and Brooke still love each other.
Eric says that's it's not impossible for her to be with Ridge, since he's learned that nothing is impossible regarding matters of the heart. She again assumes that Felicia wants Ridge with Ashley, but Felicia tells her that it has nothing to do with Ashley and everything to do with Brooke and Ridge letting go of their pasts after numerous failed attempts to make their relationship work.
Guests can pat them and take photographs with them but advised to stay away from the Rottweilers as their behavior is unpredictable.A  There's also a small rabbit farm with 20-25 rabbits, a poultry farm with 50-60 chicken.
Ashley understands from her own experience what it's like to love someone she couldn't get out of her heart, but she also knows from their talks that Ridge wants a future with her. Felicia remarks that Ridge again came to Brooke's rescue, leading Brooke to surmise that Felicia, like her mother, prefers Ridge with Ashley. Ridge tells Andy to call the woman, because he won't rest until they find the person who helped Andy. Eric assures Ashley that Ridge is trustworthy and isn't taking her for a ride, but he has to be candid with her; he truly believes that Ridge and Brooke are destined for each each other, especially after all of Stephanie's failed attempts to keep those two apart over the years. Eric tells her that she doesn't need him in her corner, since she already has Stephanie on her side. Moved by Ridge's plea, Eileen unlocks the phone and even tells Ridge who some of the phone numbers belong to.
Felicia asks what she means by "what happened," so Brooke blurts out that she was raped!
After going through all the logs and contact lists, Ridge thanks Eileen again for her help. Eric tells her that he didn't say these things to hurt her, and he even admits that he might be wrong about Brooke and Ridge.
Felicia tells Brooke to stop showing her claws, so Brooke asks Felicia to tell Stephanie to back off.
Ed thanks her for coming over, since he knows this is a terrible time for her, and he informs her that Ridge was there when Andy died. Still upset by the notion that her boss was a rapist, Eileen wishes Ridge luck in finding out who helped Andy and leaves.

He doesn't think he is given the toll the recent custody battle took on Brooke, but he also sees that something is still very off with Brooke, even after Ridge brought the kids back to her. And despite the fact that Ridge and Brooke always seemed like they were meant for each other, Eric has also seen those two try time and again to keep their relationship together. That's just what Katie wanted, Felicia answers, telling Brooke about how she ran into Katie earlier at the mansion. Brooke tells Felicia the whole story, including how Ridge has helped her since he found out about the rape. So maybe it's not as impossible as Ashley thinks, he confesses, wondering if the time has finally come for Ridge to move on. Felicia explains how Katie asked for her help in ending the war between their families, and she thought it was a good idea - and she thought that the best way to make that happen is for Brooke to back away from Ridge! Felicia asks if Brooke reported the rape to the police, but Brooke sees no point now that the rapist is dead. Simpson admits that she wasn't surprised that it happened here, since Andy always liked coming here.
Brooke assumes that Felicia has been brainwashed by her mother into keeping her and Ridge apart, but Felicia truly thinks it's best for both Brooke and Ridge to move on with their lives. After Brooke explains how that sick, evil person died, Felicia feels really bad for Brooke. The worst part, Brooke explains, is that Andy had help from someone who knew all about her life, which is why Ridge is trying to find that person for her. Ridge and Ed start asking her questions about Andy and inquire what it was like to work for the guy.
He used to offer her overtime, but she turned it down, since she was afraid to be alone with her.
She goes on to tell them how backing away from Andy backfired on her, since she got turned down for two promotions because she refused to work late with her boss.

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