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Your searches in the Search charm will be saved by default in Windows 8.1 or if turned on in Windows 8 and will be displayed as future search suggestions under the search box in the Search charm flyout.
This tutorial will show you how to delete and clear the search history you typed in the search box in the Search charm for apps, settings, files, web images, and web videos in your user account in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Deleting your Search charm history doesn?t delete the search history that particular apps themselves save.
If using Bing to search is turned off, then this will only clear your local search history. If using Bing to search is turned on, then this will clear your local search history and the search history stored by Bing that's used to personalize your Windows search experience. This tutorial will show you how to delete and clear the auto suggest list of items you opened from the Run dialog and was saved as future auto suggesions in only your user account in Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. I like to be able to search for a file quickly and efficiently, preferrably without involving third-party apps. The search feature in Windows 8 doesn’t function quite the same as it did in earlier Windows versions. Press the Windows logo and C keys or move the mouse pointer to the upper-right corner of the screen to open the Charms menu. Just like news feed and timeline, Facebook introduced another new technology just in March 2013 and they named it as Facebook Graph search.
Just like Google auto search, Facebook tracks all your activity logs and suggest the results based on your previous searches.
Facebook keeps every word that you type in search bar and this search history is private and can be seen only by you. View your profile timeline in Facebook and at the top right corner you will see Activity log that is just next to Update info. Now explore more option from the right hand side and you can see all your activity logs in category base.
Facebook opens a pop box when you select to clear history and that is to confirm clear cache.

You have erased all your search history and from now on the history page gets filled up again.
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For info about deleting search history in an app, look on the app developer's website or in help for that app. You will now notice a check mark to the right of the Clear button to indicate your search history has been cleared.
Now, in addition to searching the files and programs on your computer for the terms you enter, Windows allows you to click any application to search for that term within the app. Going forward, you’ll no longer see a list of your previous searches when you use the Search feature. How do you really feel when Facebook suggests awful, creepy and offensive results in search bar?
Facebook provides high security, but anyhow don’t risk yourself by leaving your mobile or PC without logging out from Facebook account. You can find all your posts, photos, likes, comments, photos of you, photos you are tagged in, groups, events and search history.

In case if you are worried about any likes or comments that you made then you can easily find out and remove it from activity logs.
Now click on search at the beneath and you will see all your search history from the beginning.
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This is a bit terrifying one, especially when you use Facebook in front of your co-worker or someone who is special. Clearing all your search history is a good action if you’re really concerned on someone who digs your search history. Now again at the top right corner you will see a box that says “include only me activity” which is unchecked by default.
So the main thing troubled you is the search bar history and we will now see on deleting your Facebook history. Again at the top right corner that is in search page you will see an option to clear search history.
Each time you complete a search, Windows 8 saves it in your history, allowing you to view a previous search again by selecting it from the list.
By checking this you are lining up your entire private activities and searches that are hidden from your timeline. On a shared computer, you may want to delete your search history to keep prying eyes away or simply to clear away junk data and keep the computer running fast.
Not just that, it shows all your activity logs and anything everything that you searched in Facebook.

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