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Only licensed investigators and members of law enforcement organizations can gain access to cell phone directories as they are not available for public scrutiny. In order to find someones cell phone number, many people hired the services of a private investigator in the past.
Users can also try searching their state’s judicial website and locate a person’s cell number. This is by far the best and most practical method of locating the cell phone number of a person. However, cell phone numbers cannot be released to the public quickly as they are still protected in some way. Another effective and sensible way of locating someones cell phone number is through the reverse cell phone directory. It is better for users to take up further research to know about the best ways of locating someones cell phone number easily. It pays to tread away from the scam or fraudulent companies while selecting cell phone databases as there are quite a few out there. If the database has the number the user is looking for there will be an alert saying that the number you have requested on the directory is available. Many parents struggle with deciding when it is appropriate for their children to get their own cell phone.
More and more kids are getting cell phones at what would have been considered a very early age just a few years ago. Online surveys show a significant percentage of parents think that their children should get a phone when the child can afford to pay for it by themselves.
So if you acknowledge that you will be getting a cell phone for your kid, the next logical question is simply, “when?”. A consumer report released in February 2006 indicated that one out of every 3 children in the 11-14 age groups owns a phone. Of course age alone should not be the only criteria for determining when your child is ready for a cell phone. Some parents are concerned that phones may expose their children to diseases such as brain tumors when they grow up. One last consideration for parents who are deciding when their child should get their first cell phone. Sign up for our newsletter and get Free Instant Access to a comprehensive list of rules for children with cell phones.
Many Parents have had success enforcing the rules included on this agreement and receive an occasional newsletter with exclusive information related to cell phones and children. Much like on the Nexus 10, these accessories will require that a part be entirely replaced in favor of an always-attached case. The Samsung Protective Flip Cover is a one-piece folding design with a stylish front cover and glossy snap-on back. In addition to protecting the screen when closed, there is no need to remove the Protective Flip Cover to access the phone’s side buttons or jacks, since the cover was designed never to interfere with normal phone functions.
Additionally, the fold over design of the Flip Cover offers privacy for users wanting to text or email discretely without the risk of wandering eyes nearby, while also improving screen viewing quality in bright sunlight by conveniently offering shade at a variety of angles. Samsung, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S and HD Super AMOLED are all trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
I have the Note II and was considering a flip cover but read reviews and the #1 complaint was how difficult it made using the camera.
I have one, and whilst I appreciate the protection, the flapping cover does get on my nerves. Samsung's press release was a bit misleading, Eric has updated the title and the post with what's actually new now.
I got this with my Galaxy Note 2 that I got a few days ago and it works fairly well so far.
However, this became a very costly affair with private investigators charging as much as $200 for just finding one person’s cell phone number. They may be lucky if the person’s number whom they are searching has been a witness or has had any type of criminal or court proceedings against him.

They can just enquire family members and friends about the details of the particular person. Another popular and traditional method available that can help users find someones cell phone number is hiring a private investigator. Using the cell phone registry users can find the cell phone numbers of people in both Canada and U.S. They can read through reviews and compare costs before making use of cell phone or reverse cell phone directories. This stance may work for some parents, but the potential consequence of this attitude may turn out to be a big mistake.
The report added that the figure is rapidly increasing with more phones being marketed to kids every month.
Modern cell phones also have a GPS tracker that will enable you track your child’s movement hence locate their whereabouts.
Print and display this agreement in your home so your child clearly understands your expectations and the responsibility that comes with cell phone ownership. You could remove the part and replace it with a smart cover that remains physically attached to your device. Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III users the ability to customize Samsung’s newest iconic smartphones with its Protective Flip Cover, a unique case solution available in an array of vibrant colors.
Now, just in time for holiday shopping, the launch of the Galaxy Note II on five major carriers brings this premium accessory to users in seven stylish color options – Titanium Gray, Marble White, Light Blue, Pink, Mint, Lime Green, and Orange.
With the Flip Cover attached to the Galaxy Note II, all ports, buttons, and microphones are easily accessible, allowing the user to make phone calls and use the speaker phone even when the Flip Cover is closed. Other company names, product names and marks mentioned herein are property of their respective owners and may be trademarks or registered trademarks. Unless you're captain hook, holding the cover while taking pictures should actually help stabilize it in any orientation.
Wouldn't be an issue if apps fully rotated so the cover could sit on the other side of the screen.
I've had one on my note 2 that was available for purchase even before the device was released.
The previous ones had a glossy back whereas these have a soft touch back, same as the flap. The flip covers for the SIII have been out for a while, they are only adding the color bundle option for them now. I was afraid that normal screen protectors might affect the precision of the pen (no idea if it does or not, haven't seen any reviews testing it) so I decided to try this flip cover for now. The hole for the speaker means you can have it closed while speaking on the phone (but of course you need to open it when making or answering a call since you need to use the touchscreen.
From what I could gather the flip cover case (at least for the SGSIII) doesn't have a magnet and doesn't protect much at all. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't use my 50% off accessories coupon on these bundles. When my family got their S III's, we lasted a month before they started to fray at the edges, and were soon torn apart. The only catch lies in the fact that users may have to provide their personal information also before being able to access the other person’s cell phone number.
Court records are posted online by many states and this is a way to find the contact information of the person also. Hiring a private investigator may not be the most practical method and is definitely more expensive, but until a few years ago, this was the widely used method to locate a person’s cell phone number. The cell phone directory service is used largely by private investigators and law enforcement agencies. On one hand, you have the safety and convenience benefits, on the other a significant financial commitment and potential for misuse. While parental rules and financial situations will vary, no kid wants to be the one without the cool gadget. When left at home, your child may be faced with an emergency and he or she may not be in a position to get aid from anywhere else.

This practice has proved to be paying off with the fact that many parents have received distress calls from their kids reporting that something bad has happened or is due to happen. As a parent, I instruct my child to limit talk time to emergencies only and to use a headset – just in case.
As a parent, this feature alone makes it worth the investment, even at what some may consider an early age. Well, if you've wanted that same action on your Galaxy S III or Note II, now's your chance. As you can see in the pictures above, this flip cover is embedded in the rear of the phone and folds over to cover the screen. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III owners will be able to purchase bundles of Protective Flip Covers in multiple colors at a discounted price. With the option to purchase a bundle of Flip Covers in a variety pack of colors, Galaxy Note II customers can change Flip Covers to match any occasion or outfit, just like jewelry, hats, and other fashion accessories.
This distinctive design provides additional protection to the screen while retaining the slim profile of the Galaxy Note II. This makes more sense as the glossy back of the previous flip cover would get scratched just as easily as the standard back cover. Read on to learn some of the common methods for finding a person’s cell phone number online and then be sure to use our free cell phone finder! Users can make use of networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, message boards and online classified ad sites that can display the cell phone owner’s name and other details.
Although these databases are not fully complete, this method is gradually gaining the acceptance of cell phone users all over the world. If the person were a land or homeowner, government agencies would have posted the property tax information online.
If he or she had a phone, instead of being helpless, the child would simply dial your number and alert you to his or her situation.
Since cell phones are so commonly available, it is normal to find a 7 year old who knows how to perform simple tasks such as making or receiving a call.
Additionally, studies indicate that children use their cell phones as a tool for text messaging much more than voice based communications – thus limiting potential close range exposure even further.
The Protective Flip Cover also enhances the overall look and feel of the Galaxy Note II with a design that perfectly complements the smartphone’s narrow form factor. Bad quality and taking pictures with them is NOT fun so this is not a case for everyone and it's STILL overpriced! The volume buttons can't be pressed with the cover closed which might be annoying if you want to change the volume during a call and you have the cover closed during the call. However, users must pay a fee to access the cell phone records, as it is not public information. In this respect, The National Cell phone number registry is the most popular cell phone directory that is widely used by a majority of people, mainly law enforcement and private investigators. Most of these concerns can be mitigated by using parental controls and establishing firm rules for cell phone use with your child. On the other hand, you'll have to commit to having a flappy piece of plastic around whenever you use your phone. I'd just hate pulling my phone out of my pocket when it's ringing and having to flip the cover forward before I could answer. You can find these for as cheap as 20 dollars, it's quite protective, and honestly I've found it as a conversation piece. With the changes made recently in privacy laws, cell phone records that were once restricted can now be used by public to locate someones cell phone number.
There are valid reasons for not getting your child a cell phone but resisting technological progress should not be one of them.

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