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Please find below summaries of GST requirements, the background, the impact and how SkyBiz is handling these requirements.
The list is not exhaustive and will continue to be enhanced as more features are made available to our users and changes continue to be made in consultation with the Royal Malaysian Customs.
The Tax Invoice issued contains the proper details of the customer and this is important from the business perspective as the customer may need to claim his or her tax on the invoice and therefore requires that all details are complete. The start of the taxable period is determined by beginning of the month when the taxable person has breached the threshold of RM 500,000 for mandatory GST registration.
Based on the requirements from the Royal Malaysian Customs, (RMC) there are a set of GST Codes and the corresponding properties, i.e. The more important issue is that history has shown us that over time, the tax codes can be modified, or new tax codes introduced as laws continue to mature and get fine-tuned by policy making and changes.
Fill up System Tax Code, GST Tax Code, Description, Tax Rate, Transaction Type, Date Created. Our system has the function to show the tax code audit log in order to ease the job during GST report auditing. The Tax Invoice is an important document that contains details on the supply that has been made.
It triggers the time of supply, basically determines when  the tax is payable by you.
It is the document or evidence to the supply, important for your customer to claim input tax if they are not an end consumer. Contains information on the supply, tax applied and the necessary amounts and details.
Without proper documentation and control, you will not be able to manage your transactions and invoices efficiently. You will require these invoices to tie back to your financial accounting entries and thereafter the returns. Any registered person who fails to issue a tax invoice or does not contain the prescribed particulars, commits an offence.
This is to ensure that all our customers automatically have the option to generate proper tax invoices and have the ease to be compliant to GST.
A Debit or Credit Note is issued against a Tax Invoice to adjust for any discrepancies or change in supply. Triggers the time of supply, basically determines when  the adjustment of tax is payable by or refundable to you. Document or evidence to the change in supply, important for all parties to adjust their tax liability. The supplier and recipient agree that the supplier will not issue an invoice in respect to the said supply.
Additional condition is that RMCD approval is required, and RMCD approval number must be listed on the self-billed invoice. Any person who contravenes this section commits an offence and shall be on conviction liable to a fine not exceeding RM 50,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or both. Upon clicking the GST03 button, the filling information will be displayed in GST03 Form and you can print out these forms for submission to the Kastam.
User has the option to print the tax code listing report in summary and details for auditing purpose.
If I were the owner or end responsible for a business, and all transactions are recorded through my accounting software, I would clearly want a detailed audit trail to ensure that I am aware of what is happening with my business transactions. For the authorities, it is clarity and transparency in the dealings of your business and the audit trail as the name suggests provide a clear trail to verify your transactions.
It is a condition from the Royal Malaysian Customs for accounting software that finalized transactions (posted) cannot be edited in any form and any information to be changed as this can lead to fraudulent activities.
The GAF file is a file which tracks all of the transactions in an electronic accounting system. The accounting system will also ensure that the relief amount is correctly stated in the GST-03 return.
Therefore a method called the reverse charge mechanism creates a transaction whereby the recipient charges the output tax and then claims the input tax.

SkyBiz Accounting will clearly distinguish non-refundable deposit vs refundable deposit by clicking the checkbox during issuing Sales Order. The logic of behind using Sales Order is because a non-refundable deposit should be clearly documented with stock or service items define and also terms and conditions clearly stated.
SkyBiz Accounting will first automatically generate a GST tax based on Sales Order deposit if there are no within 21 days.
When the 3 GST tax from 1 Sales Order and 2 Invoices are added together it will be same as the exact whole GST tax value of the original Sales Order. Goods delivered to customer and non-refundable deposits from customer become taxable income in 21 days even if invoice is not issued. Option : SkyBiz Accounting generate Delivery Order listing to be converted to invoice automatically. Certain taxable persons may be making negligible exempt supplies and it would be inconvenient and impractical for such persons to apportion their input tax.
This part of the Act clearly states a comprehensive list of requirements (documents) to keep and make available (if required) relating to GST transactions by the taxable person. Electronic documentation is being enabled in our products to handle the following 2 scenarios. All source documents (tax invoices) created by a SkyBiz accounting software will be stored electronically in the database for safekeeping, therefore ensuring that you have a copy of everything generated from your business. Creating a facility for you to upload and keep source documents that are received by you for example supplier invoices etc.
SkyBiz backup system allows user to schedule their daily backup with specific time assigned. Businesses can incur GST while acquiring such goods and service but no credit is avaialble in respect of the tax, hence theA GST incurred becomes an expense to the business. It is important to note that entertainment of employees or existing customers is not blocked (but you must posses a valid tax invoice to claim). This refers to GST incurred by a business but GST registered trader is not allowed to claim input tax incurred.
Entertainment expenses to a person other than employee and existing customer except entertainment expenses incurred by a person who is in the business of providing entertainment.
I have been searching the net for the IWC GST Chrono 3707 but then a special one as shown below. The price isn't only because its rare, the original rep only cost $285 but with Asian 7750 movement. I have been searching the net for the IWC GST Aquatimer but then a special one as shown below. The Aquatimers of the GST series are also good watches, but imo the only truly awesome Aquatimer to go for would be the ref. If you were eligible to claim the rebate on a past tax return, but did not, you can still file the GST370 application form for up to four years from the end of that taxation year. You can enter all the relevant details including the GST number of your customers or supplier into the master data and it will be kept for usage during the printing of the necessary documents such as invoices.
To be able to select the correct or proper tax code, a user will need to have the fundamental GST knowledge to apply the correct code. For SkyBiz customers, this is never a concern as our online update process will update all your tax codes to the correct properties as and when required.
Date Commerce & Date Expiry.According to Malaysian Government, the GST rate will change over time.
What if an unauthorized invoice from your business ends up in a GST claim from another company, and the invoice is fraudulent?
What if an unauthorized credit or debit from your business ends up in a GST claim from another company, and the invoice is fraudulent? It already sounds cumbersome if it is not managed in a proper process and invoices handled properly. This is especially so when there are changes, additions or omissions of transactions that I may not know about. The GAF file automatically records all relevant information and in the detail that is required by the authorities.

However, it is also required that if collections are made that the repayment of GST is required. However, entertainment incurred for potential customers, suppliers, business partners are blocked from claiming the credit. As life insurance is an exempt supply, the provider will not charge GST and thus there is no ground for the payer to claim any credit in respect of that. Does anybody know if this watch can be supplied by a certain dealer or maybe knows the exact type? I just took the description from the book, that is probably also the reason why I couldn't find the correct model on the internet. For example, if you claim a rebate on your tax return for 2014 and it is accepted in the calendar year 2015, you must report the rebate on your tax return for 2015.
Implementing GST without a system can be challenging as the government requires a lot of documentation to be supported. We have ensured that transaction entered picks the right GST rate for the respective period. Without the proper documentation you are again susceptible to not meeting the documentation requirements and will expose you to potential fines. In a business it is not practically possible to do everything, however from a security perspective it is better to know something else does keep track of it for me. It's a truly beautiful do-it-all watch, so do expect to pay a premium for the admission - goes for both gen and rep, I'm afraid. Just keep your product updated via our maintenance programs and you will keep your peace of mind. According to your feedback, the perfect smartphone needs to have a killer display, supreme performance with no overheating worries, a camera that rivals the best DSLRs and of course, a battery that can keep you going for days on end.Does such a phone exist? A phone with a screen that will keep most people happy, with unrivalled performance and stability, a camera that is by far the best on the market, and a battery that offers more than 10 timesa€™ the battery life of current flagships.
For me the perfect smartphone has to have loud speakers, premium build, multi window, and a theming engine. Oh yeah, and a removable back and battery with microsd expansion and apps stored on sd function.
A higher resolution wouldna€™t be beneficial, due to increased power consumption due to increased backlighting and the GPU running at a higher frequency.
When compared to OLED, LCD displays have lower power consumption when displaying lighter colours. The display wona€™t be pentile and the user wona€™t have to worry about display degradation or burn in. QD-LED displays are similar to OLED displays but use Quantum Dots instead of organic compounds for the subpixels. The Aluminium Alloy has better heat dissipation than plastics, allowing for better sustained performance. This means if Androida€™s UI changes to a gesture based UI or if the appearance of the onscreen buttons changes, the buttons can adapt. In its current form it’s both slower than Qualcomm Quick Charge, and requires contact with a plate. Dual front facing speakers with Nexus 6P quality but elegantly hidden like on the Xperia Z5.
Bezel-less on the sides and top and bottom just big enough to be symmetrical and fit those speakers and camera.
Matte black design on front and back, with crimson sides and highlights around the camera, fingerprint scanner, USB port, and speakers Vasudev Dubey specs are one thing, where is the software?

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