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We always encourage our members to communicate with each other when there's a problem with a transaction.
To add a QuickOpinion request to your shopping cart, please fill out the form below and click the "Add to Cart" button. To submit an item to the QuickOpinion™ service, you must supply the Item Number of the eBay lot in question. To help our authenticators review your request as quickly as possible, we request that you provide the auction lot's web site address. If you have any questions on your order or an item, please feel free to contact Customer Service at (800) 325-1121. The item number is on the far right, beneath the "Description" and "Shipping and payments" tabs.
To choose the correct side for an axle you should pick the side as you are sitting on the vehicle. A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is an unique 17 digit number made out of letters and numbers that contains a lot of information about that vehicle such as where and when it was made. Vehicles made at the end of the year are often labeled as being manufactured in the upcoming year even though the two years use different parts. If you cannot find the VIN, try searching online for the location of the VIN on your particular vehicle or contact the manufacturer and ask them for it's location.
The shipping fee is determined by the carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS) and is dependant on the shipping address and weight of the package. While we do carry some small parts, most of the parts such as complete CV axles are awkwardly shaped and therefore do not fit into flat rate packaging. Shipping fees also tend to double when special services such as overnight delivery are needed.
Orders placed over the phone Monday - Friday before 4pm EST are processed and shipped out on the same day. An unique tracking number is generated by our shipping carriers to track your package's status from the warehouse to your shipping address. If you have not received the tracking number after the package has shipped, feel free to contact us. A CV axle is located between the wheel and differential, sometimes it is incorrectly called a halfshaft.
Compare this to a complete CV axle which has both the outer and inner joints fully assembled. A Constant Velocity joint (CV Joint) is one of the types of joints used on a vehicle's axle.
A U-Joint axle has one CV joint on the outboard and a universal joint and yoke assembly on the inboard. ATV Parts Connection proudly stands behind our products with an fair, brief, and easy to understand, warranty policy. Our returns policy can be found with our easy to understand warranty policy on the store policies page. We use a variety of different manufacturers who sometimes use different color schemes (typically brown or black) for products. Often a part will be a different color if the part was not in stock and was automatically upgraded to a better grade part that was in stock. Sales Number - the sales number will allow us to quickly pull up your order from our computer system. Year, Make, Model - The fitment information will allow us to confirm what is the correct part for your vehicle.
Packaging - Most packaging we use have a part number on one of the ends that can be compared to the actual part ordered.
VIN - The Vehicle Identification Number can provide useful information that can help in determining the correct part.
Pictures - We might need to see a comparison of the part received versus the original to determine the correct part. When installing your new pinch type bands, you will need either a tile snipper or a band crimping tool. The last thing you want to do is grab a small tac hammer and just tap down the mushroomed tab till its flat, just in case there are clearence issues. Insert the tail of the clamp into the head of the banding tool and slide it through the slot of the winding mandrel. After sufficient tension has been applied (the clamp is tight enough to hold the boot from turning on the joint but not too tight that the boot is damaged), lever the tool back over the buckle to put a bend in the clamp to hold the tension (you may want to tap it with a hammer to put a good crease). Complete clamp installation by tapping down the tail of the clamp against the buckle and then tapping down the buckle ears to hold the clamp tail.
Make small cut on corner of grease bag and squeeze as much grease as possible on large end of joint around the cage, race, and balls avoiding any on the sealing surface of the joint. On early GM applications with metal retaining ring you will need to assemble boot, then place metal ring over new boot.

Install new clamps provided in kit, wrap them as tight as possible by hand and then use an end cutter, side cutter, or tile snips to crimp them tight. The hub will be able to swing out away allowing the outer CV joint to be slipped out through the back. Take a tac hammer and put it directly on the race, which is the part directly connected to the shaft. Once it is clean, you should be able to look inside the inner joint housing and see a "c" clip near the edge of the housing. This can be removed by putting an utility knife or an flat head screw driver under the clip and flicking it off. Once the clip is removed, you can pull off the inner joint housing, and whats left on your shaft should be: the race, the cage, and the ball bearings.
Once you have disassembled the CV joint from the axle shaft, place it in a vice with the splined end facing down. Degrease the old housing and then look for contact wear in the area where the ball moves back and forth in the grooves.
If you are reusing any part of the old race, cage, or ball bearings degrease them and also look for any wear, dimples, or pitting.
Now place one ball into the cage window and tap lightly on the cage while holding the race to keep it from moving out of position to make contact with the ball. Once the ball is down into the track tap lightly on the cage and race toward the side of that ball to expose the next window and repeat the process until all of the balls are installed. Rotate the axle shaft around (no more than a 30 angle) to check for the smoothness of operation in the CV joint. Press the cut corner of the grease packet tightly into the hole were the axle shaft will go. Squeeze until you see grease come up around the balls then set the packet aside for the next procedure.
Install the clip back on the axle shaft and place the boot for the CV joint onto the shaft.
Place the axle shaft back into the CV joint by lining up the splines of the shaft with the ones on the CV joint and press downward. Now give the shaft a light tap with a soft hammer and the shaft should slide in easily until you feel the clip catch. Take the remaining grease and make a bead around the top of the joint, similar to how an ice cream cone is shaped. Before you tighten the small clamp, put a screw driver in between the shaft and the boot to allow any trapped air to escape then remove it and install the small clamp. Use a small grinding wheel to smooth the staked ear hole on the driven side in order to make the removal of the opposite bearing cap easier.
Inspect the yoke and flange for damage, cleaning out the remaining staked tabs and any excessive burs.
Before we start, you need to quickly learn that there are special tags, or keywords that can be used in the eBay shops. This tag (or keyword) has several other attributes, I cover these in more depth later in the full article, but for now, rest assured you can have more control than this. You can elect to show or hide the left bar at the bottom, this is a choice I’ll leave for you (leave it shown!!!!).
We’re going for the maximum control option, which is specifying the item numbers that are to be shown in our daily and weekly deals section. We need 6 numbers, 2 are going to be our daily deals, the other four are going to be our weekly deals. So before we can do this, lets go and grab six items. We’re using two keywords, on that has two items specified for the daily deals and one that has four item numbers set for the weekly deals. Now this is clearly not going to be a one size fits all, but it’ll get you on the right track.
Welcome to ebay shop XYZ we have two amaizing deals for you, these are Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Take advanatge of our amazing weekly deals, thee only last for one week Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. This is the example code live on eBay, as you can see, it only needs the descriptions and you’re ready to roll! The Answer Center is your place to ask fellow eBay Community members questions about buying and selling on eBay, and for you to share your best information, tips, and insights to help other members get answers to their own questions.
Groups are a great place to connect with other community members who share similar interests. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. If any images that appear on the website are in violation of copyright law and do not agree with it being shown here, please contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible. Our service enables you to get the opinion of the autograph industry's leading experts on autographed auction lots throughout the industry.

However, QuickOpinions for eBay auctions are provided for a special low price of only $10.00 each! It should be a 12 digit number and is clearly labled "Item number:" In this photo the item number is 300826701813. For instance, if you are sitting on the vehicle and the left side axle needs to be replaced, you should order a left side, not a right. It is not unusual for a package to have shipping fees over $100 when some of these services are requested. To ensure the package arrives on or before a specific date, please place the order over the phone and specify the needed delivery date.
Shipping transit times vary depending on the country, customs, clearance, and local postal services. The user then has to assemble a inner joint that they already have onto the halfshaft to make a complete CV axle.
The inner joint is the side closest to the differential, whereas the outer joint is the one closest to the wheel.
The other type, called an U-Joint is different from a CV Joint, however most u-joint axles also have one CV joint (however a few axles use only u-joints). Depending on availability of the product, the color may be different from the one that is pictured in the listing. For example, an out of stock OE Type CV Axle might be substituted with a Heavy Duty CV Axle at no additional cost to the customer.
Hand tighten the band by squeezing the band and locking your tabs into your notches as tight as possible. Remove ring by sliding it off the CV joint using a pry bar or large screwdriver, use care to avoid damage to ring, re-use old rings. The inner CV joint is held in by a "c" clip, just pry it away from the differential and it will pop out, you may need to tap it from behind.
This will help line up the internal clip, and the heavier blows will help remove the joint.
You'll want to use a screwdriver to push the clip inward while pressing down to get it centered.
It's a good idea to try to pull the shaft out to make sure it securely seated correctly inside the CV joint. This may require considerable force, but be careful not to damage the ear holes or bend the yoke or flange ears. However this is the most immediate application for your eBay shop and can be implemented in minutes. These tags that allow you to dynamically show your listings and other data on your eBay shop. If you do not know what item numbers are you can find these by looking at your listings, using this listing as an example. In this example I’ve also set the attribute BACKFILL to on, so at least if you forget to update the listing or it ends, eBay will back fill for you. It is s a single column format that has titles, descriptions and the eBay shop tags in and will point you in a the right direction. Learning whata€™s allowed can help you avoid unintentionally breaking the rules and helps everyone in working with reliable, trustworthy members.
For instance, CV axles are almost entirely made out of steel and can weigh more than 10 pounds. Orders placed Friday after 4pm or any time Saturday are processed and shipped on the following Monday. Unfortunately, these factors are outside of our control; we cannot offer a guaranteed delivery date. If you provided an email address, this tracking number will automatically be emailed to you. For this reason, it is best to avoid using the term "driveshaft" to describe any vehicle part. Spread open the clip and remove it, that will allow you to remove the race, cage, and ball bearings off the shaft. Both these problems are typically not apparent, so a VIN can confirm the exact date of manufacture.
Instead, use more specific terms that tend not to be confused such as "complete CV axle" or "propshaft".

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