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Yesterday, someone at PA who's totally writing an article about it at this very moment, lost their beloved LG G3 on their way home from work.
First step, head to your device's Settings, Security, Phone administrators menu, and check whether ADM is ticked inside the list of active phone administrators. Wiping works the same - it performs a remote factory reset that renders your phone as if it were brand new. They can't do that easily without access, the most you could do is turn it off an pop sim if its locked.
If your Android device is missing or has been stolen, then need not worry, take a long breathe and just relax. If you had not install any theft tracking app to your Android before it gets stolen, then need not worry as in this case, Plan B will act as a life saver. 3- Android lost free:-This application is not only ideal for finding your missing phone but will also agony the thief. This application has all regular and can remote lock and wipe, SMS activation feature, ring alert even in silent mode, can hide from view mode and last but not the least GPS enable feature. This is a basic anti theft application which will locate your device with GPS and can also track changes that may are made to your Sim card. It do includes all influential features like remote alarm, GPS tracking, wipe off SD card and internal storage, remote or track lock of phone and last SIM alerts. With this application, you can locate your device on Google maps, ring your phone and lock it remotely with it. This is actually an award winning application software that will make your smartphone safe from being stolen and if stolen also, then also it will make you locate the exact distance of you and your device. So, these all are those amazing applications, install them now and provide anti theft protection to your Android. How to find a lost or stolen android phone, If you’ve fallen victim to a lost or stolen android phone – don’t worry! How to find stolen android phone’s imei – locate lost phones, All the mobile phones have an international mobile station equipment identity (imei) number which is unique for each single device.
How to back up your android phone - Your phone's on the pavement in pieces, completely dead. How to find a lost or stolen android phone - If you’ve fallen victim to a lost or stolen android phone – don’t worry!
How to find stolen android phone’s imei – locate lost phones - All the mobile phones have an international mobile station equipment identity (imei) number which is unique for each single device.
How to find your lost android, iphone, or other smartphone - How to find your android smartphone how to find your iphone how to find your windows phone how to find your not-so-smart cell phone smartphones if your lost phone happens to be a smartphone, all three of the major smartphone platform providers (apple.
How to find your lost or stolen android phone for free (smartphone tip) - No one ever plans on losing their phone, but when it inevitably happens, panic quickly sets in.

How to find a stolen or lost android phone [2015] - When it comes to protecting your smartphone from loss or theft there’s plenty of apps in the google play store, but like apple’s find my iphone, google has its own android device manager.
ANDROIDTODAY – We talked about it in our in depth review, but one of the best features of the Motorola Moto 360 was the fact that the smartwatch charges using the Qi wireless standard.
ANDROIDTODAY – Not many people are in need of a calculator more robust than that’s typically offered on their phones by default, but for those who do then this app should grab your attention.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Last week, we told you about the Android Device Manager, a website that Google developed to help find lost or stolen Android handsets.
First thing you need to do is to install the Google Apps Device Policy app on your handset, a free download from the Google Play Store. This only works if your phone still has your number in it and still active on your profile.
This is why everyone should lock their smartphones with any app lock that the phones come with!
At least this does not require you have another Android device in order to locate you device. For one, it looks like it can't ease the SD card, for two, you can't just lock the device down, instead of ease, and three, all someone has to do if they find your device is go immediately to settings and deselect Android Device Manager, and then you can't ease anything. Coolmuster Android Assistant also works great, we can use it to backup android file to computer, manage apps, contacts on computer, and some other functions, have a try! After an appropriate, medically-recommended amount of cursing, they looked up ways to find lost Android smartphones with a location-based approach.
You have two ways of accessing it - either use the web app, available here, or install ADM from the Google Play Store on another device you're using. The Ring option will make your device ring for five minutes, waiting for you to press the power button and shut it. As we got a broad range of applications which will surely help you get your smartphone back or will keep your important data safe from intruders. When your phone gets missing, sending a particular code will make your phone ring, even if you have kept that on silent mode and then you will receive a code from phone which got GPS which will correlate you with your phone. This app can easily locate your cell towers and GPS and will send its accurate location to your Gmail  inbox. You can activate the alarm to a ring along with a flashing screen which enable GPS, Wi-Fi connection and will wipe he Sd card as well and will provide you the thief’s latest call list. To locate your lost device, you need to activate Prey SMS by typing “GO PREY” in caps and then log into the control panel and mark your phone as Missing and you will start getting the SMS regarding the location of your android. If your battery has been lost, then in this case, they will make you know the last location of your device.

He loves to talk, discuss and spread awareness about anything interesting going on around us. Whether you’re a fan of the massive screen or not, the Nexus 6 is going to be one of the best Android phones of the year.
Android Lost from the Google Play store allows you to ease your SD card,lock your phone, and still track it, and now it even completely hides the app, so no one can uninstall it. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Some of the applications do have features which will help you track your missing phone. So, come and have a look over these 10 amazing apps.
New ideas hunter, average content writer, in love with Anime series, soccer, movies and specially want to succeed in his life. It’ll certainly put up a very good fight against our current reigning champ, the LG G3.
Not only do I have all of my smartphones with locked with a code but if for some reason a person is good enough to get into it, I also have each individual app locked with a code as well! And if your worried about information falling into the wrong hands, your device can be remotely wiped.There are even some tools for those who know that their Android phone is in the house somewhere, and has tried to escape along with the television remote and about 5 to 6 pairs of your socks. And while many of these features have been seen before for Android phones from security apps like Lookout, this is the first time that Google itself has offered this type of protection.Recently, law-enforcement officials have requested that handset manufacturers come up with a remote kill switch in order to reduce the staggering high number of smartphone robberies that have afflicted major metropolitan areas like New York City and San Francisco. Except for incoming calls, you will not be able to see my texts, pictures, emails, games, etc unless I provide the code! You can also sign in as a Guest, which is useful if you're using ADM on somebody else's device.
The difference is, using Device Manager, you can have your phone ring at full volume for as long as five minutes. We could see this being used as a form of torture, but we have to add that you probably have a great chance of finding your phone using this feature.
While criminals used to exclusively target the Apple iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S4 are now also being ripped off in record numbers.
And with the website, PIN numbers can be changed even if the phone is in the hands of some thief hundreds of miles away.

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