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Sometimes it is difficult for customers who want to purchase wireless routers to get the right information on the devices. Step 2: Type the username and password in the login page, the default username and password both are admin, then click OK to log into the device.
To use wireless broadband, your device whether it is a Laptop, Desktop, PSP, PDA, or cell phone must have Wi-Fi facility. You can find Wi-Fi routers and DSL routers for different prices in Pakistan; Ranging from ASUS RT-N10 WIFI N Router price in Pakistan for Rs. PTCL recently launched its CharJi EVO LTE TAB bundled with a car mount, car charger, and Sygic Navigation app to cater to the needs of motorists. The tablet comes equipped with an 8-megapixel primary camera that works decently in good and natural lights but in artificial and low light conditions, it starts to show its true nature. The front camera is a 2-megapixel unit and in good lighting conditions it gives you pretty decent photos, however in low light conditions, using it is out of the question. The PTCL CharJi EVO LTE Tab is Pakistan’s first tab that offers LTE connectivity at a reasonable price. If you are a Ufone customer or looking to switch your network to Ufone then you will be pleased to know this tablet comes with 15,000 free on-net Ufone minutes for you to use in any Ufone SIM. For the screen size, the tab has a relatively smaller 3300 mAh power source and it goes a long way only if you don’t use LTE and GPS navigation.
PTCL is providing the tab with a car mount and a portable charger that plugs into your car cigarette lighter switch. You will need a sweet spot for mounting the tab from where not only will it be possible to look and access the tab at your convenience but also from where you will get less reflection. It was very hard to enter the destination in Sygic while driving as it is never recommended. Until a few years ago, having a TV in the car was unheard of, but with introduction of 3G and 4G services in the country, it is now possible.
PTCL CharJi EVO LTE Tab comes with a free 1-year subscription of PTCL SmartTV that offers 150+ channels.
The SmartTV app controls stay in portrait mode and you will have to either tilt your head to read the text and icons right or use it as is. If your car didn’t come equipped with SatNav and you are looking to get yourself one at an affordable price, then I would say this is the tab for you as it comes with the required car kit to go along and the required apps pre-installed. Many people will argue that you can get generic Chinese tablets at a much cheaper price in the market than this tablet, but let me tell you where it excels.
It’s a complete package for the people looking to get navigation for their cars easily from the ease of your home, which itself is priceless.
It’ll be mainly used for Navigation purposes in the car as my car has no navigation neither a place for it. I will use this tablet in my car for navigation and to get connected with my social life…. Main purpose of a tablet for me would be to carry my ebooks around so I don’t have to take laptop to uni everyday. I will use it as a GPS in my car for road directions or play games when sitting beside someone driving,also when my family goes for shopping and I have to wait in car parking,oh…those long hours.
So that my passenger is engaged in playing with the tablet rather than commenting on my driving style! Plus i have a Ufone connection so i’ll use those free minutes to call Honda Atlas and beg them to release the new model of city!
Also, so i can stream The Fast and the Furious on the go, if in case i ever need to use my car to catch a missed yacht, or jump from a building into another one if i get late for a dentists appointment. The navigation would be nice to find the shortest path from point A to B because sometimes a few seconds matter.
While waiting for green light at traffic signal, I will take selfies with its camera and post on Facebook and Twitter. On entering office I will sport and show off by holding this tab in my hand while greeting the colleagues and not looking at them, but just tapping the screen here and there. Also update my status on FB that having lunch at an expensive restaurant with so and so people and post a selfie with it. Before hitting the bed leave some nasty comments on others Facebook statuses, so that they remain awake all night. Pakistan has Asia’s Highest Railway Station, Kan MehtarZai Railway Station near Quetta (2240m above sea level). Silk Route (Karakoram Highway) is World’s Highest Man Paved International Road- 8th wonder of the world. Pakistan Telephone Directory you can see name and address by entering any telephone number. Here we will reveal this secret of finding telephone number and address of any person of Pakistan.

Here is the World's Best photo collection of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, heir of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. Pay and Pension Committee of Pakistan is responsible of the revision of present Pay Scales and Pensions. Previously it was being said that the recommendations of PPC will be implemented from 01 January, 2010 but unfortunately it wouldn’t came into truth. Now, Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen said that the Summary of Pay and Pension Committee is still under process. PPC has arranged a number of meetings to discuss the issue but failed to summarize their solutions.
Huge collection of wedding photos of showbiz celebrities; actors, actresses, models and singers. Raiwind Palace is the residence of Sharif Family, located in Jati Umra near Raiwind, Lahore.
Get Interest Free Electronics Items on  Instalments USL (United Sales Ltd) is a company of Dawlance Group.
Those who have bought networking devices like routers haphazardly may regret later for their rash decisions. This is good option if you wish to connect more than one laptop, a WIFI enabled phone or your PSP all through this wireless router.
If you want to get WiFi Router for PTCL or are looking for a good TP-Link Wireless Router at an affordable range then can help you.
We posted a hands-on experience of the tab with the launch but now we are posting a complete detailed review of this tablet. Once you are done using it in your car, you can simply unmount it, put it in your pants or jacket pocket and start using it as a phablet.
The minutes are disbursed over a period of 3-months so you get to use 5,000 minutes every month absolutely free.
The power requirements of this tab are not so high due to its modest specifications and a 3300 mAh is ample if not more than enough.
You should always focus on the road while driving and not distract yourself with things like these.
We recommend against using the TV when you are driving the car and we test drove the SmartTV in the car for the purpose of this review only.
When it works, the reception and quality remains pretty darn good, but when it doesn’t, it starts jittering and buffering. You will either have to use AUX cable or pair it with the Bluetooth in your car stereo system (provided you have it).
Secondly as it has a CharJi Connectivity it might be also used for listening songs or streaming videos so it might prove handy on long travels. But in this way the result will be very long and you have to do some manual search after searching of this website.
Pictures of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari from his childhood to Chairmanship, with Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, Asif Ali Zardari, Asifa Bhutto, Bakhtawar Bhutto. The economic condition of employees of both the federal and provincial governments is weekend day by day. The prices of good Wi-Fi routers start from PKR 4000 onward and the PTCL WiFi router price in Pakistan is not more than Rs.
The review will cover different aspects of this tab which will help you decide whether you should buy it or not.
We twisted and turned it from both ends to see if we can hear some creaking or feel if there is any flex in the body. The tablet fits perfectly in the pocket of jeans with light reflection of the bezel peeking out from the top. We are confident you will not notice distorted pixels when you are driving in the first place.
Over Skype, the other party was pretty happy with the quality and results of the front camera in natural daylight and the Skype call was smooth and seamless.
The internet connectivity is smooth and you get consistent internet throughout the city even while driving. We used it on and off for four days; and by use we mean seldom Sygic app use, usual calls, a lot of 4G mobile internet, some video playback, Smart TV usage and it gave us a full day usage if not more with 4+ hours of screen on time. We were unable to tap in the address when the car was in motion, but the good thing is it has Google Voice Typing which helped us enter the address with voice command. These days, considering how bad traffic jams could be, having a TV in the car sounds very logical.
Next I will mount it on my washroom’s mirror and watch news while shaving and brushing and listen to music while taking shower. Ishrat Hussain, Head of National Commission on Government Reforms and Former Governor State Bank of Pakistan is the Chairman of Pay and Pension Committee.

The Karachi Marriott Hotel is located in the heart of the city, opposite Frere Hall and Park. Below you can find a overview of the most wanted top Wi-Fi routers in Pakistan: the TP-Link router and the PTCL WiFi Router.
You feel like it will disintegrate in your hands, but it is sturdy and will not break that easily. Finishing of the ring is very crude and it looks like they forgot to finish it with some polishing.
We were glad to know that the device didn’t show any signs of inferior structural integrity. The screen resolution of generic SatNav units is usually 480p, and in cheaper units, it’s worse. It would be interesting to see how long the fully charged battery would last you if you only use it for navigation on a long route. The tab easily picked voice instructions and we didn’t find the need to stop the vehicle for entering the destination.
In our experience, the SmartTV lags and buffers 4-5 times every 3 minutes, sometimes even more. On breakfast table I will continue to browse newspapers, check appointments and when leaving for office mount it on the car windshield and launch my favourite Sygic navigation or Waze. Prime Minister of Pakistan and Founder of PPP) is the grandfather of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.
But the router is rental and has to be returned back upon termination of PTCL broad band services. Opening and putting back cover back on the tab made us feel like the hinges that hold the cover in will soon wear out.
One-handed operations are obviously not possible in the tablet; however, you can hold the tablet comfortably in one hand without putting a lot of strain on your wrist. In our experience, we got an average speed of 4mbps at all times both while driving and while at office, and it touched 12mbps mark only once or twice that too for a moment. Sygic does not need an internet connection all the time and that’s the good part about the app.
There was least vibration even though our car was shaking a bit due to road conditions and faulty engine foundations. This behavior becomes a hindrance in normal use and can significantly affect your experience. The call quality was fair and we didn’t face any unnecessary distortion or bad reception.  There is one major limitation with that tab that it does not have a native landscape mode, which means the home screen remains in portrait mode more often than not while you mount the tablet in the car. If you open the back and look at the body of the device itself, it also looks like it’s made up of some cheap white plastic. Although, the size is very good for a phablet use, but we would strongly suggest using it as a phone without hands-free, otherwise you would come across as a smug to most people, unless you are 7’2”. That’s because wireless speeds are relative to conditions and are dependent upon various uncontrollable factors.
The charging cable is long enough for you to hook your tab up if the battery is getting low while navigating.
We are pretty sure that would easily last you more than 7 hours of continuous navigation use without LTE.
Sygic hardly took a couple of seconds to calculate the new route and laid it on the screen. For those times when you want to use everything, there’s a car charger bundled with the tablet so you don’t have to worry about that either. You will need to find a sweet spot in your car while mounting the tab where not only viewing angle is comfortable enough but access to the screen is also easier. It won’t shoot flash if there is ample light, but in slightly dark conditions, the flash will turn on and fire automatically. Keep in mind you get sunlight in the car from strange angles so looking at the screen and finding what you are looking for becomes increasingly harder if you don’t set it at the right angle.
You can put your finger in front of the flash if you are that desperate, but there is no way you can turn it off. The screen is very responsive to the touch and you don’t end up tapping an icon again and again for the screen to register your touch, which is always very important when you are driving from safety point of view. Normal daylight photos are good enough for a normal user, but if you want your tablet to take really good photos in all sorts of lighting conditions, the camera on the tab will disappoint you.

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