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Yesterday, someone at PA who's totally writing an article about it at this very moment, lost their beloved LG G3 on their way home from work. First step, head to your device's Settings, Security, Phone administrators menu, and check whether ADM is ticked inside the list of active phone administrators. Wiping works the same - it performs a remote factory reset that renders your phone as if it were brand new.
They can't do that easily without access, the most you could do is turn it off an pop sim if its locked. Before you can use Android Device manager to locate your Lost or stolen Android Phone or Tablet. Now Go to this site Android Device manager.(ADM) Make sure that you are logged on to your Google Account. The best thing about this option is, even if your stolen device is offline, this action will be performed as soon as it goes online. After an appropriate, medically-recommended amount of cursing, they looked up ways to find lost Android smartphones with a location-based approach.

You have two ways of accessing it - either use the web app, available here, or install ADM from the Google Play Store on another device you're using. The Ring option will make your device ring for five minutes, waiting for you to press the power button and shut it. Have you ever lost, I mean misplaced your Android phone, without any tracking app installed on it? For safety and precaution, on any new phone or in your existing phone, first go to to Google’s play store, download and install Android Device manger.
Once that’s done, you can fire up the app and get it activated, by logging with your Google account.
Even with this and for that matter with any other tracking app you may not be able to find lost or stolen Android phone, for the following reasons. If stolen, a smart thief may simply disconnect your android device from your Google account. ADM will take a few minutes to locate your phone and display information’s like, Last located at (time), Location, and also accuracy of location in meters.

ADM (Android device manager) sends a push message to Google, ready to go, as soon as the phone is powered on and connected to internet.
If this is the case, no other tracking tool will be able to find lost or stolen Android phone. Which means that Android device manger will also be wiped out and you will not be able to track or locate the phone.
You can also sign in as a Guest, which is useful if you're using ADM on somebody else's device.

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