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The public perception of BSNL is of a poor old rustic government office where hardly ever a sweeper cleans it up, with loads of Betel leaf splash all over the wall. Someone among the crowd murmurs that BSNL IS CONNECTING INDIA but unfortunately the INDIA they are connecting exists in DELHI and MUMBAI where there is no BSNL and the Bharat is left out. If a person has health problems the person goes to a doctor and if the problem is not solved there the person may go to a religious healer or soothsayer. The same problem does not have any precedence and the solution at times is dubious and can be challenged in court. There is an interesting fact about unions and associations in BSNL that, there are n numbers of Unions and associations in BSNL ( a Union is representative of Non Executive employees whereas an Association is the representative of executive employees). In India where a person is burdened with problems of family, society, poor governance and degrading morality of humanity is further loaded with his future prospects.
From more than 10000 Crores profit in 2004-05 to a loss running around 10000 crores in 2012-13 the company has come a long way in its 13 year long life since its inception in October 2000. The real top brass of BSNL is not the part and parcel of BSNL and does not fit into the scheme of things when it comes to holding anyone responsible for the fiasco of the behemoth called BSNL.
Until April 2013 those ITS officers who were on deputation( even though many a times opposition was made for their stand as being on deputation and not getting either absorbed in BSNL or repatriated back to DOT for good) in BSNL for long 13 years(after court ordered them to be repatriated back to DOT) were deployed in BSNL since DOT was either in no condition to accommodate them or BSNL was in no condition to relinquish them, but in either way the decision makers were same bunch of people in BSNL or DOT (sic). ITS officers are selected through a prestigious Engineering Services Exam conducted by UPSC. In the current scenario when the world is moving towards managers BSNL is hell bent to behave as regulator when it comes to behavior of higher management (sic).
Add to it the people (sic) responsible for debacle are given all benefits( goods of both world that is DOT and BSNL) and the benefits of lower staff (or can say regular employees) are curtailed down to bare minimum. The handful of ITS officers have been running the show for BSNL from yesteryears of erstwhile DOT. This measure may help somewhat but without resolving ITS issue ( akin to absentee landlord) no other issue can help BSNL. We do not know the future of our destiny but we know our present and improving it always remains our priority. The apathetic officials who hardly ever listen to the outsiders (in this case customers) are generally busy in their own right. Most of the time when I am travelling I find people really interested in talking about BSNL which they feel is either a doll in the hands of a child or an antique piece ready for disposal in museum in either way they are right in their own right. Talking of problems associated within BSNL and the list never ends but I have tried to make a concise effort to highlight some core issues in the coming part of this column. If the problem is not resolved there then the person reaches out for temple, church or mosque in hope of solace.

Majority of problems in BSNL are related to the personal grievance of employees who are also not satisfied with its services either.
So even with more than 2.5 lakhs of Human resources the HR cell is not well equipped and behaves in a very pedantic manner.
The person goes to court as a last resort but the chances of success in this case is not very bright as well. Leadership crisis is the foremost issue which is not yet solved and is expected not to be solved till our TITANIC named BSNL sinks. Whether changing deputation for deployment has anything to do with the core question of accountability but to accommodate a cadre which has utterly failed to lead the so called over $100 billion company (government figure as of 2009-10), when the company was proposed to enter share market. There is nothing wrong with that, except that in broader sense BSNL is failing and if the captain of the ship is left scot free and the mere pawns are punished it will not do justice to very cause of creation of India's second biggest Public Sector Undertaking. Even though BSNL is having more than 30000 executives and among which around 10000 executives are Graduate Engineers (recruited through All India Competitive exams specifically for the purpose of accommodating to the current needs of technology) which is one of the highest technically skilled staff at any level by any company in India, taking all sorts of support from vendors shows the poor management intentional or unintentional. May be in modern democracy unlike in earlier monarchial system where a defeated king was either beheaded, prisoned or tortured, the bureaucrats are given so much of immunity that even after huge losses on part of their resume they are rewarded by benefits(akin to Geeta where fruit is completely dissociated with duty, but in Geeta duty holds importance unlike in current scenario where fruit holds importance). People working within BSNL are also human beings and they also like the ideologies like honesty, truthfulness, integrity, good customer care, high personal morale and a good society. VRS is a somewhat controversial measure, since it provides for staffs old enough to retire earlier than the standard retiring age. We strongly recommend that users exercise responsibility, sensitivity and caution over language while writing your opinions which will be seen and read by other users. BSNL OFFICE can sometimes be likened to a dentist's place where people seldom want to go and if by mistake they have to venture it the vicious cycle repeats. If the problem of an employee does not get solved at H R level then the person is bound to knock the door of Union or Association( As in most cases).
So the person accordingly touches that particular institution for resolution of his problem. The court which is already piled with more than 5 Crore cases pending in various courts all over India is sickened with BSNL cases coming to court every second day. In BSNL , Trickledown theory does not work but the information percolates at the top, fumes and vaporizes, bottom remains high and dry at most occasions.
The top management of BSNL is predominantly consisting of ITS officers(Indian Telecommunication Services). Deployment is commonly associated with army or defense system in war ravaged or disturbed area.
Instead of considering 2.5 lakh employees as boon the management has created a picture that this is a big burden and the management is not abl!

When the resources are limited one needs to control the flow of resources this system is called regulation, but when the resources are enormous and controlling the flow is either not important or not possible then one needs to coordinate and manage the flow of resource instead of restricting its flow.
The HR cell is the least equipped cell in BSNL in terms of the resources available at its disposal. With more than 2.5 lakh employees which should have been considered as valuable Human Resource is considered otherwise as huge burden as part of legacy of erstwhile DOT time.
The people who are customers of BSNL have nothing to do with the internal rift but since they are the unfortunate customers bearing the fruit at the last stage they are part and parcel of this legacy.
The prime purpose of a PSU is to create infrastructure, provide essential situation for growth of nation, improve the GDP, reduce the rural urban divide and to create employment. Elsewhere this much staff strength would have been utilized judiciously but unfortunately the extremely talented bunch has taken the help of outsourced vendors. It is really humiliating that there are more than 1300 vendors in BSNL providing services to BSNL at various levels. Hopefully all are working perfectly so that you can know your own mobile number without any issue. I love to blog about my daily life experiences, Insurance, Investment, Income tax, small business ideas & passive income tips, as "Sharing is Caring".
If you like my efforts, then follow me below.6 Comments Charles February 5, 2016 Its awesome kind of information which here i found it. Reply vikas November 22, 2015 Did not work for Aircel Mumbai Reply Vishal September 15, 2015 Really Helpful to know your Mob No. Reply Murali Peddaboodi April 3, 2015 really usefulinformation, thanks for sharing Reply santanu April 5, 2015 Thanks Murali. So today we are going to tell you the way by which you can know your Own (my) cellular mobile no and not just yours but also you can find mobile number of any SIM card.Dial Below codes to Know or Check Idea number, Airtel no, BSNL, Reliance, Vodafone, Aircel, Videocon, Virgin, Uninor, or Tata Docomo. When you dial below USSD codes on your mobile your official mobile number will display on mobile screen (inquiry).
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